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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

 Sorry for the lack of beauty related posts at the moment girls, Im trying to get everything settled after moving and then I can get back on track with regular blogging. These kinda posts are great gap fillers, I dont  like the idea of having a massive gap of not posting anything on here for a while. 
 I asked on twitter if anyone would like to see the items I am watching at the moment and a few of you said yes, so below are literally just a few of the bags I am watching at the moment. I am always on ebay, I love using it when I have a specific item in mind and want to get it at a bargain price, its also great to find items that you cant get on the highstreet or are not available in the UK. My watchlist is always a good few pages long, browsing through it last night I realised I had a fair few bags saved on there! Enjoy! ebay-handbags-blog-post-blogger

Black Zip Shopper
I've seen a lot of bags like these in Zara and on the Romwe website but all are a bit on the pricey side! This one is under £20 which is an ABSOLUTE bargain! It's got zip detailing on the sides which I think is really cute too, come in a range of colours not just black, They all look lovely.

Tan padlock bag.
Originally I was looking at birkin inspired bags, but then came across this one. I like the shape and slouch look of it. Im also quite picky when it comes to the colour tan.. and this is the perfect tan shade for me. You know when it can sometimes be too orangey or too dark? Well this one isnt either, its perfect. It's not as cheap as the shopper but at under £40 its still not a bad price in my opinion.

Slouch 'Pippa-esque' Leather bag.
When I first saw this bag it reminded me of my Modalu Pippa handbag. When I saw it came in other colours (love the light grey one) I new I had to bookmark/watch it. Now it is on the pricey side as it is real leather. But still much cheaper than the pippa. Obviously its not as sturdy as the Modalu one and doesnt have the multiple pockets, however it still looks like you could fit a lot of stuff into it, so if youre anything like me and like to carry everything but the kitchen sink around with you it could be a little investment!


Marc Jacobs-esque purse/clutch
When i saw this I knew exactly which purse it reminded me of, the Marc Jacobs zip clutch wallet The one I have wanted ever since watching Laura (Lollipop26)'s first Whats in my bag video - Which has now been deleted :-( The price isnt too bad, it depends on how much you usually spend on a purse or wallet really. However I dislike how it is described as an across the body bag...its really too small to be that!

Leopard Slouchy Clutch
I am partial to a bit of leopardprint. I dont go on nights out often but when I do, I prefer to take a bigger clutch bag, I cant be dealing with those tiny ones some girls cart around! I love this clutch, its also apparently big enough for a 11"/13" macbook or your ipad.. As I have neither of those I will have to settle with filling it with receipts, loose change and makeup.


Coral Oversized Envelope Clutch
I love this clutch, its not too oversized, I've seen some really huge ones while browsing! I think this would be great for the spring and summer where you dont want to carry much around with you. I've always wanted to pull off using a clutch during the day and picking up on of these beauts may spur me on, just under £12 too! Bargain.

Pastel Satchel
Pastels are everywhere at the moment, so I couldnt resist 'watching' these cute satchels I love the pale pink and mint shades (waiting for it to come back in stock), I think they are gorgeous! Perfect for summer.

Studded Clutch
Now admitedly like the pippaesque bag this one is a bit on the pricey side and not totally 'bargainous' but I still love it. Like I previously said, I would love to use oversized clutches in the daytime and this lilac number would be great (and again on trend)

So there you go, some bags I'm currently eyeing up and debating about making a cheeky purchase! Yes theres a lot and yes I really do have all these listings saved on my account.. I'm sorry but I just like handbags! :-)
Have you had any good ebay finds recently, or maybe got a fab bargain?

Much love


  1. YOU ARE SO BAD FOR ME! I want all of them especially the leopard print clutch omg! x

  2. This post is going to cost me a fortune, love all of those bags!!

  3. I love the tan padlock bag! x

  4. GREAT post! I love finding some bargains and you have found some really pretty bags!
    Carissa xx
    Vanilla Crush Blog

  5. love the black zip shopper and the clutches! bag heaven!!!

  6.  There all gorgeous!!! Why did I ask to see this, now i just want them all  haha!xx

  7. Aspirationsofglam29 March 2012 at 00:15

    I love this! Since Ive had the ebay app my watch list has always been full. Some gorgeous bits here.


  8. Ooh I love the tan and coral ones especially! My eBay watch list is 3 pages long too...mostly full of bags! lol I'm on the hunt for a neon orange clutch atm and you're right, eBay is the best for finding specific items! xxx

  9.  Ha Im sorry! Let me know if you decide to get anything! They are all so lush! I cant pick just one! x

  10. haha Sorry Gemma! x 

  11. Its beautiful isnt it. And it comes in loads of other colours too! Is it wrong to get one in every colour? x 

  12. Bag heaven indeed. Just have to work out which I'll buy first! :-p x

  13. haha. Because you felt you needed to buy a new handbag! Thats why! x 

  14. I purposely havent downloaded the Ebay app for that sole reason! lol It would be dangerous! x 

  15. Ah if i see a neon orange one I will let you know! I have seen some orange clutches but id dont think they are neon. I wonder if ebay has a limit of how many items you can watch! lol x 

  16. your blog is amazing. new follower!

  17. This looks pretty !! Love your purse

    This looks pretty similar to the contents of my bag!! Love your purse (:


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