Over the past year, (I would say, ever since the launch of Glossybox back in May 2011) fragrance samples have become more and more talked about. There's the whole debate on whether they should be included in beauty boxes at all. I still stand by my point that I think they should be an extra in a box not classed as 1 of the 5 samples you receive but hey, that's my opinion and others may think there you go.

Regardless of that little debate I do actually like receiving them in general, whether it be in a beauty box, as an extra when I place an order online, or given out in a department store.  They are relatively easy to get hold of - Well I've found that to be the case for me anyway. I've never had a problem going in store and asking for samples. I simply explain that I am looking for a new perfume, tell them what I currently use, and ask if they can suggest anything I would possibly like. If there are any that appeal to me after listening to the advisers suggestions, I ask if they have a sample I can take away with me to try for a few days - You don't want to shell out for a brand new perfume only to find out a few days later is doesn't react well with your skin. No one wants dodgy rashes on their neck and wrists! I've never come across anyone that is rude about giving them out - I think this is the general concern when asking for samples of any kind -  If they have them most of the time they will give you one, if they don't have them or simply 'don't do samples' then you just have to accept that, and possibly go elsewhere to see if you can get hold of one.

In the past I have placed orders online with fragrance websites and received samples along with my order which is nice. A lot of the time they are perfumes by the same brand or have a similar scent which is a really nice touch. This doesn't happen all the time though, I guess its just pot luck?! I do think these little samples are handy, not only do you get to try out a new perfume over the course of a decent time period (rather than that one spritz on a piece of card in boots) to see if you like it. They are also great for your handbag for day to day use or nights out. It's even more handy when you get one in a beauty box or free with an order which is of a perfume you already love. USA have the rollerball perfume pens and yes we have the travelo doo dahs but the bonus with these are that they are free! :-) Who doesn't love a freebie! I think I will forever have a supply of these little beauts floating in various handbags and in my makeup storage.. it would feel a bit weird if I didn't.

So do you like receiving perfume samples? Were you scared about possibly asking for samples at a counter but now thinking.. actually I may just go do that. Seriously there is no harm in doing it. In all honesty I have gone ahead and purchased some full sized perfumes after having a sample because I was that impressed. They do serve a purpose!

Much love


Alien by Thierry Mulger is my current love. I do have a fair few perfumes in my collection...and admittedly I have some bottles that literally have drops left but I cant bare to get rid of them because I love the bottles...anyone else like that? At the moment this is the stand out one for me.  I lusted for this particular perfume for ages and always made some excuse not to buy it, but Im glad I finally did. I absolutely love it. It has quite a distinctive scent, so if you know it, you will instantly be able to turn to someone and say 'Are you wearing Alien' Which does sound a bit weird! I'm constantly buying new perfumes and always looking for some sort of good discount. Buyapowa contacted me a few weeks ago notifying me of a co buy that they are hosting where you can get a £50 gift card for the fragrance shop for as low as £35 in association with Which I think is an absolute bargain. How many of you have been unable to buy your fave perfume in a larger bottle because the price tag puts you off! I know thats something I always factor in when buying bottles, hence why the majority of my collection is full of 30ml bottles! haha.

If you'd like me to do a post on my perfumes, do let me know..but bare in mind I am awful at describing scents so it will be more of a 'look at the pretty bottles and this is how much they cost/where you can get them!'
Do you have a fave perfume, or one that you've always wanted to get but been put off by the price tag?

Much Love

instagramed a picture during the week whilst wearing this necklace and got a few nice comments on it so I thought I would do a quick little post about it.
I have a thing about tiny necklaces, I just think they look so cute and simple. There are occassions where a statement necklace is required but on a day to day basis this one is a great little piece to wear. I actually got this one from Topshop at the begining of the year, and you may be able to get it in store, unfortunately I cant find it online! I actually bought one of my besties the same necklace for her birthday so its a modern version of 'best friends' necklaces which I thought was pretty cool!
 I have been having a browse on Etsy and I have found a seller that does something really similar. She actually does it in silver which I am pretty tempted to snap up too!  After having a browse of her store, there are a a lot of other gorgeous necklaces I want to get! I love the feather necklace, horseshoe necklace, and the Lock and key necklace.  Hurry up payday!

Do you have any necklaces that you wear on a daily basis like this, or maybe one that has a special meaning to you?

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend so far. I spent ages this afternoon baking cupcakes and icing them, only to have my dog eat them... Not happy! ha Oh well! Now I'm to catch the last little bit of The voice!

Much Love


Currently lusting after this sequin clutch from the LookBook Ebay store.

If you havent seen their store already I highly suggest you go check it out. There are just so many items on there that I want that were swiftly added to my watch list! Theres a range of products from jewellery, bags and items of clothing. This clutch caught my eye as it reminded me of the Zara one everyone went crazy over and now are being sold on said site for near to £100 when they only retailed at £30 I think! This roughly about the same price, around the £30 mark. So if you've been lusting the Zara one from afar and wouldnt dream of shelling out the near £100 for one, this could be a fab alternative.

Hope you're all having a fab evening! 

Much love

Yes, that's right... I lost my Chanel virginity! Like many before me I decided to break it with the cult product Soleil Tan De Chanel. After hearing so many people rave about it I knew I wanted/needed it in my makeup collection. Admittedly, paying nearly £30 for a bronzer seemed absolutely absurd to me, meaning it was something I probably would just lust for from afar and never actually get around to purchasing..... So you are probably how come you have you bought it? Well girls, I bought it because I only had to pay....74p (79p if you count the carrier bag!)

I attended the St Davids Ladies night event when visiting Wales as a VIP Blogger, I was fortunate enough to receive a goody bag with lots of lovely treats in it (and a random roll of tin foil!) One of those treats was a £25 gift card to spend in the shopping centre. I decided to use mine on a makeup item that I had wanted for a while but couldn't justify the price tag! (I think thats what most of us girls did to be honest) So after the gift card plus 10% off at the counter I managed to bag it for an amazing price of 74p. (Admittedly I pinched 20p off Charli to save me having to pay by card! and paid the 5p extra so I could have a bag) But overall I am so chuffed with my purchase! Bargain of the year so far!

Now I will admit, I haven't used it yet.. It's too pretty! haha... but in all seriousness I'm not too sure what brush to use with it. I think most girls have this problem when they first get it? I was going to use the Real Techniques contour brush but I think it may be a bit small? Those of you that own it, what brush do you use? Suggestions welcome! And any tips on application would be nice.. I don't want to look muddy! 

Much Love

I think we are all the same... the sun comes out and we instantly want to update our summer wardrobe no matter what time of the year it is! Unfortunately for us, the weather has become a bit rubbish the past few days compared to the weekend but I thought I would go ahead and still blog about these in hope it may bring the sunshine and warmer weather back? Wishfull thinking? Maybe....
When I was shopping with Miss Charli in Matalan I spotted these Beaded flip flops just by the tills. One of those 'oh look, i need those' and quickly grab purchases! I'm sure they were around last year and I'm sure Corrie had them! I was gutted I didnt manage to get hold of them, so I'm happy they have been brought out again this year. The best thing is that a) I was able to pick up a size 3 - Yes I have small feet - It's always such a problem for me to find any type of shoe, a lot of places just dont stock size 3's instore anymore (HIYA NEW LOOK) and b) They were only £8 which I think is a pretty good price! I personally think they look more expensive, perhaps something you would pick up in accessorize!

They are actually really comfy and didnt rub my feet at all when I actually had the chance to wear them over the weekend! I didnt get the dreaded uncomfortable-ness that you get between your toes when you first wear flip flops after a long time either! If they had them in tan with silver beading I would deffo pick up another pair!

So are you like me? A little bit of sun and you're straight down the shops picking up the 'summer essentials?' Also on a side note, Android users can now get Instragram! Woop! My username is LeanneMarie_xo if you would like to follow me... I promise I'll post some interesting pictures soon! lol

Much Love


This morning I realised I am really low on 'work clothes' Where I work it's pretty relaxed and I can wear what I want within reason. After quite literaly turning the bedroom upside down this morning attempting to find something to wear I realised, I really dont have that many 'work outfits' and I figured its about time I start to put some together! (meaning more sleep in the mornings, yes!)  In the past if I have wanted to get some work friendly clothes that are still fashionable, Dorothy Perkins has been my go to shop, unfortunately the independant store in my town shut down late last year and we only have a section in a store called Outfit now. Stock can sometimes be limited so I like to have a good ol' browse online and see if anything I fancy comes up. I like to keep it simple, black trousers/leggings/jeans/skirt and then some kind of top. At the moment I am really drawn to neutrals and these 4 tops caught my eye. All quite lightweight materials so are perfect for this early summer we are experiencing at the moment! If I could, I would snap them all up right now, but I may have to limit myself to just one... but which to choose!? 


Then browsing the shoes (as you do) I came across these two pairs of flats which I need (not really) in my life. I now walk 2 miles to work everyday so flats are my go to shoe! Again with the neutrals, but they are both so pretty. I havent seen any polka dot style smoking slippers anywhere before and the chiffon polkadot bwo on the other pair is so cute! 

Do you ever have moments where you just want to go buy a how load of new workwear? I think I want to start creating a seperate 'wardrobe' so that the clothes I wear for 'play' arent used as work wear. Do you know what I mean? I do think I need to clear out some old stuff before venturing down that route though! One or two new items will be okay though right?

Much Love

As you are all fully aware (Because I dont think I've mentioned it enough times already), next year I will be getting married. Personally I want long gorgeous hair for my wedding day so I can feel just like a mermaid!(life long dream for mermaid hair, I blame Disneys Ariel!) I am currently on a mission to get my hair in better condition in order for it to grow a bit thicker and faster in time for the big day! (Post on this to come)  However we all know that wishes dont always come true so I may have to go down an alternative route to get my desired long locks. Thankfully I can turn to hair-extensions to achieve my mermaid hair if need be. 
I was kindly sent the 20" Chocolate Brown Deluxe set of clip in hair-extensions from Halo Hair.
In a deluxe set you get 12 pieces of hair.
3 wefts with 3  clips 
3 wefts with 2 clips
6 wefts with 1 clip on each.
The clips are 28mm long and have silicone tubing attached to ensure maximum grip when fastened in your hair. No need to backcomb your hair before clipping the wefts in. They really do stay in place well!

To some people, you could probably class my natural hair length as long but personally I dont! I really envy Corrie and Anna with their naturally mermaid-esque long hair! The 20" extensions have provided me with just the right amount of length which I desire, any longer and I'm not sure it would suit me. The doubled wefted wefts provide more volume and thickness to your hair than the standard clip in extensions also avaliable. So if you need length and thickness/volume. The deluxe set would be a safe bet!

The Halo hair extensions are Remy Hair, meaning you can style them just as you would your own hair. When I use heat tools (straighteners and curlers) I will still use a heat protectant on them to try to keep the extensions in good condition. Care for your extensions as you would your own hair girls! :-) Here are a few snaps of the styles I have rocked while wearing the clip in extensions.

Chillin' at home | Kardashian-esque curls for a night out | Making some daytime effort.

They are really easy to put in and style and are very secure. In the past I have had clip in extensions come loose and even unclip while wearing them but I had no trouble with these. I even managed to fool a few people who I hadnt seen for a long time that it was infact my real hair and it had grown a lot!

Halo hair are a great friendly company that will help you out the best they can. If you are unsure of what shade of extensions to purchase they have a very helpful 'Match your Hair' page on their website. If still cant work out what shade would be best for you, you can send them a quick email with a photo attached and they will get back with their recommendation. How great is that!

Not only do Halo hair sell extensions they have a Shampoo and Conditioner specificially for you to take care of your new long locks. Keeping your deluxe extensions in tip top condition! Both products are really reasonably priced too so its not going to pull at your purse strings. If in the case of a very unfortunate misshap and you lose the clips from your extensions (however I doubt this could happen as they are very securely sewed in, however, nights out.. alcohol... you never know what could happen. ) you can purchase replacements from their site to sew back into your extensions. Always better to be safe than sorry! They come in Black, Blonde and Brown.

Do you have halo hair extensions? If you are looking for some new ones to try I highly recommend them! :-)

Much Love