Cult Product : Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel

Monday, 9 April 2012


Yes, that's right... I lost my Chanel virginity! Like many before me I decided to break it with the cult product Soleil Tan De Chanel. After hearing so many people rave about it I knew I wanted/needed it in my makeup collection. Admittedly, paying nearly £30 for a bronzer seemed absolutely absurd to me, meaning it was something I probably would just lust for from afar and never actually get around to purchasing..... So you are probably how come you have you bought it? Well girls, I bought it because I only had to pay....74p (79p if you count the carrier bag!)

I attended the St Davids Ladies night event when visiting Wales as a VIP Blogger, I was fortunate enough to receive a goody bag with lots of lovely treats in it (and a random roll of tin foil!) One of those treats was a £25 gift card to spend in the shopping centre. I decided to use mine on a makeup item that I had wanted for a while but couldn't justify the price tag! (I think thats what most of us girls did to be honest) So after the gift card plus 10% off at the counter I managed to bag it for an amazing price of 74p. (Admittedly I pinched 20p off Charli to save me having to pay by card! and paid the 5p extra so I could have a bag) But overall I am so chuffed with my purchase! Bargain of the year so far!

Now I will admit, I haven't used it yet.. It's too pretty! haha... but in all seriousness I'm not too sure what brush to use with it. I think most girls have this problem when they first get it? I was going to use the Real Techniques contour brush but I think it may be a bit small? Those of you that own it, what brush do you use? Suggestions welcome! And any tips on application would be nice.. I don't want to look muddy! 

Much Love