Currently Loving : Alien by Thierry Mugler.

Monday, 16 April 2012


Alien by Thierry Mulger is my current love. I do have a fair few perfumes in my collection...and admittedly I have some bottles that literally have drops left but I cant bare to get rid of them because I love the bottles...anyone else like that? At the moment this is the stand out one for me.  I lusted for this particular perfume for ages and always made some excuse not to buy it, but Im glad I finally did. I absolutely love it. It has quite a distinctive scent, so if you know it, you will instantly be able to turn to someone and say 'Are you wearing Alien' Which does sound a bit weird! I'm constantly buying new perfumes and always looking for some sort of good discount. Buyapowa contacted me a few weeks ago notifying me of a co buy that they are hosting where you can get a £50 gift card for the fragrance shop for as low as £35 in association with Which I think is an absolute bargain. How many of you have been unable to buy your fave perfume in a larger bottle because the price tag puts you off! I know thats something I always factor in when buying bottles, hence why the majority of my collection is full of 30ml bottles! haha.

If you'd like me to do a post on my perfumes, do let me know..but bare in mind I am awful at describing scents so it will be more of a 'look at the pretty bottles and this is how much they cost/where you can get them!'
Do you have a fave perfume, or one that you've always wanted to get but been put off by the price tag?

Much Love