Currently Loving: Dorothy Perkins for Work Wear.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012


This morning I realised I am really low on 'work clothes' Where I work it's pretty relaxed and I can wear what I want within reason. After quite literaly turning the bedroom upside down this morning attempting to find something to wear I realised, I really dont have that many 'work outfits' and I figured its about time I start to put some together! (meaning more sleep in the mornings, yes!)  In the past if I have wanted to get some work friendly clothes that are still fashionable, Dorothy Perkins has been my go to shop, unfortunately the independant store in my town shut down late last year and we only have a section in a store called Outfit now. Stock can sometimes be limited so I like to have a good ol' browse online and see if anything I fancy comes up. I like to keep it simple, black trousers/leggings/jeans/skirt and then some kind of top. At the moment I am really drawn to neutrals and these 4 tops caught my eye. All quite lightweight materials so are perfect for this early summer we are experiencing at the moment! If I could, I would snap them all up right now, but I may have to limit myself to just one... but which to choose!? 


Then browsing the shoes (as you do) I came across these two pairs of flats which I need (not really) in my life. I now walk 2 miles to work everyday so flats are my go to shoe! Again with the neutrals, but they are both so pretty. I havent seen any polka dot style smoking slippers anywhere before and the chiffon polkadot bwo on the other pair is so cute! 

Do you ever have moments where you just want to go buy a how load of new workwear? I think I want to start creating a seperate 'wardrobe' so that the clothes I wear for 'play' arent used as work wear. Do you know what I mean? I do think I need to clear out some old stuff before venturing down that route though! One or two new items will be okay though right?

Much Love