Discuss : Fragrance Samples, Love or hate?

Thursday, 26 April 2012


Over the past year, (I would say, ever since the launch of Glossybox back in May 2011) fragrance samples have become more and more talked about. There's the whole debate on whether they should be included in beauty boxes at all. I still stand by my point that I think they should be an extra in a box not classed as 1 of the 5 samples you receive but hey, that's my opinion and others may think differently..so there you go.

Regardless of that little debate I do actually like receiving them in general, whether it be in a beauty box, as an extra when I place an order online, or given out in a department store.  They are relatively easy to get hold of - Well I've found that to be the case for me anyway. I've never had a problem going in store and asking for samples. I simply explain that I am looking for a new perfume, tell them what I currently use, and ask if they can suggest anything I would possibly like. If there are any that appeal to me after listening to the advisers suggestions, I ask if they have a sample I can take away with me to try for a few days - You don't want to shell out for a brand new perfume only to find out a few days later is doesn't react well with your skin. No one wants dodgy rashes on their neck and wrists! I've never come across anyone that is rude about giving them out - I think this is the general concern when asking for samples of any kind -  If they have them most of the time they will give you one, if they don't have them or simply 'don't do samples' then you just have to accept that, and possibly go elsewhere to see if you can get hold of one.

In the past I have placed orders online with fragrance websites and received samples along with my order which is nice. A lot of the time they are perfumes by the same brand or have a similar scent which is a really nice touch. This doesn't happen all the time though, I guess its just pot luck?! I do think these little samples are handy, not only do you get to try out a new perfume over the course of a decent time period (rather than that one spritz on a piece of card in boots) to see if you like it. They are also great for your handbag for day to day use or nights out. It's even more handy when you get one in a beauty box or free with an order which is of a perfume you already love. USA have the rollerball perfume pens and yes we have the travelo doo dahs but the bonus with these are that they are free! :-) Who doesn't love a freebie! I think I will forever have a supply of these little beauts floating in various handbags and in my makeup storage.. it would feel a bit weird if I didn't.

So do you like receiving perfume samples? Were you scared about possibly asking for samples at a counter but now thinking.. actually I may just go do that. Seriously there is no harm in doing it. In all honesty I have gone ahead and purchased some full sized perfumes after having a sample because I was that impressed. They do serve a purpose!

Much love