Currently Loving : Sequin Clutch from the LookBook Store.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012


Currently lusting after this sequin clutch from the LookBook Ebay store.

If you havent seen their store already I highly suggest you go check it out. There are just so many items on there that I want that were swiftly added to my watch list! Theres a range of products from jewellery, bags and items of clothing. This clutch caught my eye as it reminded me of the Zara one everyone went crazy over and now are being sold on said site for near to £100 when they only retailed at £30 I think! This roughly about the same price, around the £30 mark. So if you've been lusting the Zara one from afar and wouldnt dream of shelling out the near £100 for one, this could be a fab alternative.

Hope you're all having a fab evening! 

Much love