Pre Summer Lovin' : Let the sun shine.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012


I think we are all the same... the sun comes out and we instantly want to update our summer wardrobe no matter what time of the year it is! Unfortunately for us, the weather has become a bit rubbish the past few days compared to the weekend but I thought I would go ahead and still blog about these in hope it may bring the sunshine and warmer weather back? Wishfull thinking? Maybe....
When I was shopping with Miss Charli in Matalan I spotted these Beaded flip flops just by the tills. One of those 'oh look, i need those' and quickly grab purchases! I'm sure they were around last year and I'm sure Corrie had them! I was gutted I didnt manage to get hold of them, so I'm happy they have been brought out again this year. The best thing is that a) I was able to pick up a size 3 - Yes I have small feet - It's always such a problem for me to find any type of shoe, a lot of places just dont stock size 3's instore anymore (HIYA NEW LOOK) and b) They were only £8 which I think is a pretty good price! I personally think they look more expensive, perhaps something you would pick up in accessorize!

They are actually really comfy and didnt rub my feet at all when I actually had the chance to wear them over the weekend! I didnt get the dreaded uncomfortable-ness that you get between your toes when you first wear flip flops after a long time either! If they had them in tan with silver beading I would deffo pick up another pair!

So are you like me? A little bit of sun and you're straight down the shops picking up the 'summer essentials?' Also on a side note, Android users can now get Instragram! Woop! My username is LeanneMarie_xo if you would like to follow me... I promise I'll post some interesting pictures soon! lol

Much Love