Currently Loving : Zara Messenger bag.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Ahh, the current 'It' bag. I'm sure if there was a mass blogger meet up around now there would be a fair few girls rocking up with this bag on their shoulders! At £19.99 it is a complete steal, for such a lovely bag, its clear it would be a firm fave amongst bloggers....or anyone for that matter! I actually saw this bag way back in March when Kat did a blog post on hers. I knew I had to have it.
I had actually been on the look out for a grey slouchy bag for a while. I nearly bought a suede one from Next, but then realised that paying £70 for a simple grey bag was a bit crazy for me, so when this twenty quid number made an appearance, I knew it wouldnt be long till I would be carrying my belongings around in it!

From what I have heard (well read) on twitter, some people have found that it loses its shape quite quickly, others have had a problem with dye from their jeans rubbing off and staining the bag. (This does annoy me when it happens!) Personally I dont have a problem with the bag losing its shape. I do feel that the image on  the Zara website doesnt really give the best impression of this particular bag. It makes it look a lot lighter than it is in person and a lot more structured. Has anyone else thought that too?


I think a lot of people also had a problem with the strap, it is pretty thin which means it may not be able to withstand a heavy bag. I havent come across this problem yet.. maybe I'm just not carrying enough stuff around with me! Another common comment is about the strap being too long. I never wanted to use this bag as a messenger bag and more of a 'handbag'. So when I saw that it had two buckles on the strap I knew I would be able to adapt it to my needs! All I did was simply undo one of the buckles and feed the strap through so it met with the other end. Then fastened it as normal using the furthest hole away (This is such a awful description but you can see what I mean from the photo I took above!) To 'hide' the extra bit of strap I just feed it through the ring at the bas and then leave the excess hanging in the bag. If you have the bag.. you will see what I mean! Oh actually if you look on the right of the first picture you can see where I thread it through!  

If you havent already gone and bought this bag then you can do so here. Yes you can completely blame me for making you spend money. :-)

Much love