Monday, 28 May 2012

Nails : French Manicure vs 'Nude' nails.

This is a debate I have in my head quite often. I love how classy and elegant a French Manicure on your nails looks. Whenever I have it on my nails I instantly feel very grown up and professional! It's the go to manicure for your wedding day.. which is something I have been thinking about a lot recently (I'm on a bit of a wedding planning overload at the moment!) But I am umming and ahhing about it as I also like a nicely painted nude nail too!

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With both styles you can play it safe or inject a bit of personality, which I think is really important at your wedding! You make an effort for your day to be 'totally you' so why stop there and continue further all the way to your nails!  By playing it safe you can go for a classic frenchie or choose a very pretty nude shade to paint on your nails. Both really simple styles which are both really easy to do yourself and take no time at all. They are also the 'done Manicure for your big day.  However there is that part of me that would love to edge away from the classic style and do something a bit different...

I could have the option to have some pretty patterns along with the classic french manicure as pictured above. I do think this can look quite pretty if done tastefully. Sometimes I see designs and just think 'Argh! You've ruined a perfect manicure right there!' But tiny little floral accents do look quite nice I admit! Then on the other hand with a basic nude base to play with you can add a bit of sparkle! Its your day to be a princess.... and just show me a princess that doesnt have something on her thats sparkling! I do like the use of glitter on top of a nude manicure. I think it looks really pretty! Theres just the little niggle in the back of my mind... is it tacky!? Argh I dont know!!

I know I have plenty of time to decide but I just thought I'd do this little post to see what you all think.  Maybe you think its a terrible idea to steer away from the norm, or perhaps you are staring at your screen saying 'SPARKLE! Leanne go for the sparkle!' haha. Who knows! Let me know your thoughts in the comments! :-)

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  1. I like nude nails best! French is pretty but you can work with nude nails a bit more i think! :) xx 

  2. Firmly in the 'SPARKLE' camp here! It's your day, wear whatever you like, don't be worrying about what the 'done thing' is! If you want sparkle then have sparkle.


  3. Shenley Gallimore28 May 2012 20:51

    I think I'm in the nude camp but I think your nails need to compliment your dress. Maybe a nude nail if your dress is quite busy or has a lot of embellishment while sparkle/nail art if it's simple. That's my opinion anyway, I'm sure you will gorgeous regardless.

  4. This-littlebird28 May 2012 20:53

    Love the sparkles!!

  5. I've not yet decided on weddingy nails yet but I can assure you now it will not be a plain and simple french manicure. It will probably be a fairly in your face colour, and will more than likely have some kind of sparkly element or six. Dont get me wrong, I do like simple nails, just not on me!
    I think something a bit different would be nice, as long as you wont regret getting all blinged up when you're old and grey and looking back on your pictures! ;)

  6. I saw a similar question in a forum recently, & I definitely think sparkle! If it's part of your personality, it should be expressed. As long as you won't regret it, I think you should go for what you would wear typically :) xo

  7. xteenage_kicksx28 May 2012 21:08

    Nude with a bit of sparkle looks lovely xx

  8. Leannemariexo29 May 2012 09:04

     True! x

  9. Leannemariexo29 May 2012 09:05

     You are right I shouldnt worry should I, I should just do what I want... but I dont know what I want to do yet! haha x

  10. Leannemariexo29 May 2012 09:05

     I never thought of looking that way. I guess youre right, a plain dress deserves a bit more on the nails or vice versa! x

  11. Leannemariexo29 May 2012 09:06

     I might attempt that look just for an everyday style as its so pretty! Not wait till the wedding! x

  12. Leannemariexo29 May 2012 09:06

     I never knew you could get the tips blended, the harsh line does put me off a little! x

  13. Leannemariexo29 May 2012 09:07

     Ha I love that you are breaking away from 'tradition!' Yes i was thinking about that, i dont want to regret it when im older!

  14. Leannemariexo29 May 2012 09:08

     Yeah, I've got plenty of time to think about it. I bet i dont even decide till the day before! haha x

  15. Leannemariexo29 May 2012 09:08

     It does doesnt it! :) x

  16. The glittery nude looks gorgeous!! xxx

  17. thebeautyreview31 May 2012 19:00

    I love the middle one! How many coats was that? Looks super subtle but gorgeous (there's no way I would go out without any nail varnish on) so this is a great nude look!! 

  18. Oh and what is the name of the middle OPI nail varnish?? thanks :) 


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