Review : The Body Shop Peppermint Cooling Foot Spray

Thursday, 31 May 2012


Firstly thank you for your lovely comments yesterday on my outfit post, I think judging by the response I will do some more! :-) The weather recently has been really nice and I'm currently still rocking my flip flops and bare legs to work.. however I've heard the sun is meant to fade soon which is a bit rubbish!! Luckily for now where I live I am still experiencing pretty nice weather so fingers crossed it stays like this for a while. Obviously with warm weather there are some things that happen to us that arent that nice.. for one I HATE getting hot feet. Even when I wear my flip flops my feet get a bit too warm and sometimes I even get heat rash on them.. gross and nasty I know! 
However I picked up this little gem which is the body shop peppermint cooling foot spray and oh em gee I do like it a lot! Everyone is raving about face mists at the moment but my focus is on this mist for your feet - Lovely! I have a 60ml bottle and I cant remember how much I paid for it but 100ml retails for a bargainous £5.00. The clue is in the name but this smells very strongly of peppermint (I scent I really like) So if you don't like minty scents then this may not be for you... although saying that the scent doesn't linger for too long on my feet personally (who knows it may stick around for you, hey ho), To be honest your feet are the furthest body part away from your nose so it shouldnt bother you really! 

As for the cooling properties... yes it does cool your feet but its a brief cooling sensation. It's not like you spray this on your feet and then your feet stay chilled for a long period of time. I would say this is more of a quick fix spray to make your feet feel a little nicer.  It does cool down your feet instantly (as soon as you spray) . I'm not sure if this is because the spray itself is cold or if its the menthol from the peppermint or whatever. But once the spray has settled your feet just feel a little more fresh rather than really cool. 

I cant complain, it's a great little spray, perfect to keep in your handbag during these hotter days, for times when your feet are screaming at you for a quick refresh! More people should try it out! You wont be dissapointed!

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Delivery is free on orders over £25. 

Much Love