Review : Stila Convertable Colour 'Petunia'

Tuesday, 29 May 2012


This is one of my little bargains I picked up in TKMaxx a few weeks ago. This convertable color came in a set with two other lip products for the grand total of £7.99... I know right.. total bargain! I had heard a lot about this product but had just never got around to buying one to try out. This offer was one I couldnt miss so I had to snap it up!

I have it in the shade 'Petunia', on first glance I thought it would be a nice warm coral pink. This particular shade comes across as a very bright pink when swatched, which I was slightly worried about. However, that aside, I instantly fell in love with the consistancy, so that grabbed my attention for a bit (distracting me from the surprise colour) It is so creamy! I have a bit of a 'thing' for cream products at the moment. I am favouring them a little more than powders. Anyway.. back to the colour.. Petunia is quite a bright pink shade, however with it being slightly sheer it means you can build up the colour depending on how intense you want it, which is a bonus in my book, meaning it can be suitable for all skin shades. If you are super pale I would recommend being light handed with it though!


In the above photograph I wore it lightly on both my cheeks and lips. As you can see that with a light hand you can get that pretty flushed look, It's nice to know that if I wanted to, I could make a bigger statement by being a bit more heavy handed with the covertable color do make the pay off more intense. It's  a beautiful shade on the lips, however quite drying so I highly suggest that if you do use it as a lip colour, ensure your lips are exfoliated and well moisturised before hand. I found slapping on a little bit of lipbalm beforehand was helpful.

I did find that the colour faded ever so slightly throughout the day which was a bit of a shame as I had heard such great things about their staying power..however like I previously said, I didn't actually use that much product on my cheeks. Maybe if I had used a little more it would have lasted that little bit longer. It will be something I'll have to experiment with when I next wear it.

I would be interested in trying some of the other shades avaliable. If you have a different shade, would you recommend it? Let me know in the comments. And for those wanting to try it out, try browsing your local TKMaxx or you can buy them online here. Retailing at £16 each.

Much love