Some cheeky purchases.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012


So this is what happens when you go into town to meet a friend...... your friend has to go and you decide to browse! I literally used my last £20 to buy all this , thankfully I get paid this Friday! I also blame reading blogs and watching Youtube videos for this little splurge (Can you call it a splurge when you spend £20?)

The other day I was watching Louises beauty haul video, while watching all I could think was 'Her makeup looks really nice in this video' Then she mentioned that the products she had been using were the new BB Cream and primer from Loreal. Now I hadnt delved into the BB Cream fad before but it was something that interested me and I dont have a primer at the moment so I thought why not! Boots had a deal on where you could both of them for £14 rather than paying the £9.99 each so I figured it was a decent deal and swiftly added them into my basket.

The 17 mirror shine lipsticks were not something I planned to get, however after picking up the Loreal products I headed over to the Advantage card machines to have a look if I had any coupons that I could use... I was offered one coupon where I would earn 200 extra advantage card points if I spent £20...(so I knew I needed to spend a little more cash) Clicking through the other offers, I found one which was buy one get one free on the mirror shine lipsticks... Beehive was a favourite of mine (its actually the only lipstick I have ever finished!) So I figured, why not pick it up again and try out another shade.... which in this case was Belle.
I was still under the £20 mark so I picked up a new hand sanatizer as I had run out and then a bottle of coke... Meaning that after all my coupons were put through the till and the offers validated my total came to £20.29. I saved myself £11ish according to my reciept which I was pretty happy about!

I always forget to check my offers with the advantage card machines. Thinking about it I have probably missed out on some really good deals in the past by not doing so! I will def be making sure I check my coupons on those machines before I shop next time!

Much Love


  1. A lady at the Boots counter told me off for not checking the advantage card machine haha! It's really good though :)
    I love those lipsticks and use the loreal primer almost daily, I love mixing it with my foundation :) 
    Hope you had a nice time with your friend :)

    Laura xoxo 

  2. hayley-youtube16 May 2012 at 10:28

    I never check the be honet Ive never really known what they did haha. I'll definately check them now though! I loveeeee Belle lipstick its so pretty. Hayley xxx

  3.  I really want to try out the 17 lipsticks. The Ilumi L'Oreal products is something that I want to try out. x

  4. othersideofcool16 May 2012 at 14:20

    Such a cute little haul, pretty jealous of all of it! And well done on using your deals and coupons! xx

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  5. I'm such a clean freak, I always carry hand gel with me, it's the best thing invented!

    Beth @

  6. TattooedTeaLady16 May 2012 at 16:56

    I am loving hand sanitizer at the minute! I have one in my bathroom, one on my desk, one in my bag, one in my make up bag, extras in the cupboard... :) xo

  7. I'm so gutted there isn't an advantage card machine in my local Boots store!

    The L'Oreal BB cream is great, it's been my go-to product ever since I got it, replacing my faithful No.7 BB cream! 

  8.  I'll have to try mixing it with my foundation. At the moment I am just applying it before it.
    I am going to be checking the Advantage card machine more often now! x

  9.  You should check them. You're probably missing out on some great deals! x

  10.  Yep I get that mag too, but often forget to use the coupons in the back to be honest. I will put a review up once I've used it a few times! x

  11.  The 17 lipsticks are so nice and glossy! You should try out the loreal products while they are on offer! x

  12.  Ha, it is pretty handy to have in your handbag x

  13.  Woah Hand sanitizer overload! :-) x

  14.  Are you sure there isnt one. Maybe its hidden in a really random place. You should ask a member of staff! x

  15. Belle is my all time favorite lipstick. Definitely my go to lipstick. I hope you like it as much as I do. Looks great with any neutral smokey eyes I create. ;) 


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