What's in my Make-up bag : Berlin

Monday, 7 May 2012

As you are reading this, I will actually be in Berlin! Yay for being able to schedule posts! I figured I wouldnt leave you hanging on for a blog post as I've been a bit MIA for the past week! (My sister dropped her laptop and messed up her screen...had to sacrifice mine so she could complete GCSE work!) Anyways, I figured it would be nice for you guys to see what I am taking with me to Berlin makeup wise. As i mentioned in my current daily makeup post, I am starting to rotate what I use so items dont get neglected. So I had a bit of a switch up and these are the items I am going to be using on my face while I am away!

So what do we have....

Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel - This is now my 'go-to' bronzer. I honestly don't know how I lived without it! Blends beautifully and works really well for contouring. Obviously as I love it so much I'm keeping it in my routine.

Jemma Kidd Light as Air foundation (Shade 2, Light) - I stopped using this foundation for a while but have decided to return to it, after ELDW was feeling a bit too heavy. I love the finish it gives my skin - Quite dewy, so I decided to show it some love again!

Nars Multiple 'Copacabana' - I havent used this highlighter in a looooong time. More recently I have favoured my No 7 one, so felt it was time to switch it up a bit. I did get this in a set, but still Nars products are pricey so I am trying to use them a little more. It's also a little more travel friendly - Who else has arrived to their holiday destination and found their powders have smashed in transit?! *raises hand*

Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara - I received in one of my recent Glossy Boxes. I think it was the Harrods box. I put off using it for ages.. I dont know why.. I then decided to give it a whirl one day last week and instantly fell in love. It makes my lashes look slightly thicker but without a doubt provides me with more length which I love! I could even be tempted to buy it full size when this one is used up!

L'oreal Super Liner, Black Lacquer - I bought this after hearing so many other bloggers rave about it. (Although I think its the Carbon gloss one everyone loves?) At the moment I am trying to avoid liquid liner in the day time, and favour it for the evenings. I realised I can do my makeup for a 'special occassion' but half the time it doesnt look any different to my daytime look. By leaving it out in the day it means it will make more of an impact when I do use it... I'm taking it with me so I can do a more dramatic look if Tom and I decide to go out for dinner or something!

Bobbi Brown pot rouge for lips & cheeks in ' Fresh Melon' -  I bought this when I went to visit Charli in March. If you want to know how much it took to pursuade me to purchase just read the comments in her post. Its a beautiful natural shade and also give s dewy finish, so works well with my foundation.

Estee Lauder Double wear Shadow creme 'Golden Sands' - I got this little pot a couple of months ago and really havent shown it enough love. Its fab as a eyeshadow base to intensify other shadows and also fab on its own for an all over colour. Perfect for those days when you need to do your makeup in a rush...and our trip will be jam packed of touristy things to do, so Im sure I will be having to do my makeup in a rush! :-)

L'oreal Colour Appeal shadow 'Metal Plum' - I bought this on a whim in Superdrug one day after work. I havent used it yet, but I thought it was a really nice shimmerytaupe/plum shade that would be perfect for a dramatic smokey eye..So like I said if Tom and I go out for a nice meal or something I may give this a whirl.. and maybe even use it in my daytime routine, we shall see.  


L'oreal Rouge Caresse lipstick ' Dating Coral' - I havent used this as much since I bought it.. do we see a pattern emerging here? I buy things and then just put them away when I get home.. THIS NEEDS TO STOP! ha, anyways. I have used 'lovely rose' and I love the look it gives (once its worn off a little, is that weird?) But I need to show this one some love so it is in the handbag!

Mac 'Angel' Lipstick -  A lipstick that does get used often, as you can see! It's just a lovely pink shade to wear on a day to day basis without having to actually think about. Just whip it out of your bag and slap it on! haha.

Ciate lipgloss 'St Barts' - I got this lipgloss free in a magazine at some point last year I think? I remember somone describe it as the ligloss version of Mac Hue. I dont give it enough love..tbh I like the look of lipgloss but to actually wear it, it annoys me. I hate it when my hair blows in my face and it gets stuck! I do have a lot of lip glosses in my collection so Im going to start using them! You cant buy this on the Ciate website, however I have linked you to an ebay page full of them! Yay!

So they are all the makeup items I have with me in Berlin! I could get used to switching around my makeup! I might start making it a 2 or 3 weekly thing! :-)

Much Love


  1. The soleil tan de chanel looks amazing! I've been wanting to buy it for ages but slightly put off by the price, I'm even more tempted now though! xx


  2. I was tempted to buy the Chanel bronzer but I decided against it just because i'd have no idea what to apply it with.
    I really need to try the Jemma Kidd foundation, everyone raves about it!

    beth x

  3. Have a great time in Berlin!

  4. laurenbaker7787 May 2012 at 15:57

    Great picks! I have that Ciate lipgloss and always forget about it as well. I only wear lipgloss if I'm going to be indoors all day because I hate when it gets stuck in my hair too. xx

  5. Loved this post, you had great picks! Enjoy your time in Berlin, I loved it when I went last year! :)

  6. gorgeous products- i wish they sold the l'oreal rouge caresse lipsticks here in the us! new follower, can't wait to catch up on your posts :)

  7. Leannemariexo9 May 2012 at 22:00

    As you can get it from Debenhams, sign up for their beauty card and then when you make other beauty purchases you can earn money on your card to go towards it to lower the price...or save up your boots points (i realise it may take a while tho) the bigger boots stores stock chanel. You wont regret it if you buy it! x

  8. Leannemariexo9 May 2012 at 22:03

    I use the ELF powder brush from the Studio line. Cheap and does the job! :-) and yes, you do need to try the foundation! x

  9. Leannemariexo9 May 2012 at 22:04

    Thanks! I did! I may put a blog post together about it! x

  10. Leannemariexo9 May 2012 at 22:04

    Its annoying isnt it. I have so many though, I need to actually start using them all a bit more! x

  11. Leannemariexo9 May 2012 at 22:04

    Ah if I had known i would have asked for recs of places to go! Had a great time! I may put a post together about it. x

  12. Leannemariexo9 May 2012 at 22:06

    Oh do they not do them? Maybe they will eventually? You could always take part in a international make up swap with someone from here so you get a chance to try out products we have that you guys dont! and vice versa! x

  13. That's such a great idea, I never even thought to do that! Thanks! x


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