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Friday, 15 June 2012


By the end of this blog post you will be thinking to yourself.. 'I need to do this/That is me' After such an amazing response to my "Buy less and wear more" post (which by the way If I am honest I am struggling with - Not the buying part, I havent bought anymore lipsticks.. just the wearing part! Must nip that in the bud asap!) Anways... When I was having a sort out of my makeup and general beauty products, I realised I had accumilated so many samples! Whether they be mini versions of products to try out or the usual sachet style sample.. I have a fair few!

So it got me thinking.. why am I hoarding these and not doing what they are actually produced for... trying out something new!? So in my quest (?) to reduce my beauty collection down I figured (just like my lipstick obsession) that if I made it public that I hoard these things, then it would get me to start using them. (Its worked in regards to the lipsticks... I havent bought any since writting the post!) As I cant buy these samples it will indeed make me use them. I can keep track via my blog and let you guys know my thoughts on the samples when I've finished them. Sort of like an empties post, but I wouldnt class it as 'empties' as they are only tiny! I realise there will be some things where I can literally just tell you that they smell nice/sinks in fast or other comments along those lines but who knows.. that may be helpful to someone!  

Do you collect beauty samples but never use them? Do you want to join me on this little project of mine? If you do let me know via twitter or in the comments!

Much Love

Currently Loving : Pandora.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

With it being my birthday next month I'm starting to have a look around for ideas for birthday treats!  Earlier this year my sister got a Pandora bracelet for her birthday and my Mum received one as a leaving present from work. I'm now wondering if I should jump on the pandora bandwagon too. I do love that you can opt for a simple sterling silver style bracelet or if you're not into dainty looking jewellery you can opt for the leather braided versions. I personally think I prefer the leather braided ones!


What I am pleased about it the variety of charms available, all of which can vary from a reasonable £15 all the way up to £720! Now I wouldn't be one to ask for a £720 charm however I do like a few of the more lower priced charms. As I am not a massive jewellery wearer anyway, I don't think I would like to completely fill my bracelet with charms. Less is more in my eyes. So I would love to have a few choice charms on my bracelet that really mean something. I wouldn't necessarily want to get all the charms at once but that's the beauty of the Pandora brand, you can build up your collection as and when it suits you.

Above are just a few of the many Pandora charms available at House of Fraser. Admittedly I would like to receive some sort of heart or love inspired charm from Tom! The rose and hexagon charms were simply because I like how they look and finally, I'm sure everyone is aware of my love of handbags, so the bag charm was very fitting and a complete must have!

 Pandora are famous for their charm bracelets and stacking rings, but was anyone else aware they do earrings, necklaces and watches? I wasn't! I think these could be great gift ideas for someone who is already a big fan of the brand, and perhaps their bracelet is quite full of charms already! Maybe you are a fan of the brand and already own a charm bracelet? If so what charms do you have on it, do they have a purpose behind them? Let me know in the comments. :-)

Much Love

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I had a few comments asking me how I did my floral Cath Kidston-esque nails so I figured I would do a quick tutorial for you. Its a really easy design to do. The great thing about it is that you dont need to be precise or amazing at nail art. The whole point is that from afar your nails look as though they are adorned with lots of pretty flowers. It doesnt have to be really neat! - A bonus in my eyes!


You can use what ever colours you want or what is easily avaliable to you. I chose to go with a pink theme as they were the shades on the top of my box of polishes! 
The polishes I used for this design were..

Essie 'Fiji' | BM Strawberry Ice Cream | BM Pink Flamingo  | BM Mint Green | ELF Green | NC 'White'


  1. Prep your nails with a basecoat and then apply a light colour all over the nail.

  2. Take the lighter pink nail polish shade and a cotton bud. Dot the pink randomly over the nail for the main base for the flowers. Dont worry if these arent even or arent fully transfered to the nail, this adds to the effect.

  3. Take a cocktail stick or end of a kirby grip and randomly dot the darker pink nail polish shade around the lighter pink areas. At this point it kinda looks like leopard print! ha!

  4. Take the darker green polish and add small leaves around the flowers. It doesnt matter if these arent perfect leaf shapes. The whole point behind this look is that it doesnt need to be that neat!

  5. Repeat the above step but using the lighter green nail polish shade.

  6. Finally take a white polish and add tiny dots in the center of each flower. Finish off with a Topcoat.

So there you have it. A really quick an easy design that doesnt take that long at all! If you try this look out please link it in the comments or tweet me so I can see how your nails turned out!

If you would like to see some more nail art tutorials click here, here & here 

Much Love

Currently Loving....

Thursday, 7 June 2012


Pink &Rose Gold clutch : Aldo | Ted Baker Alum Bag : John Lewis |  Grey Marl  Tshirt : River Island.

Currently lusting over these three items. I say lusting... I have to admit right now that one of these three has been purchased... Of course it was the cheapest one too! The T-shirt is currently on its way to me! I spotted it at the weekend but unfortunately they didnt have the size I wanted in my local store. I bought it a lot bigger than I would normally wear so it was a looser/longer fit on me so can be worn with leggings. It reminds me of somethig Barbara would wear tbh! I did get the white version which I love. I always feel a bit Lauren Conrad-esque in tops like this plus leggings or skinnies! 

You will know from previous posts that I really wanted a bag from Zara but unfortunately it sold out online and isnt in my local store (Is anything ever going to  available in my local store?!?!) So yesterday there I was on the hunt for a new bag to lust over. I know we all love a bit of rose gold here and there so this clutch immediately caught my eye! I love that its pretty neutral so could go with a variety of outfits and be suitable for many different occassions.

On the other end of the spectrum is this bag from Ted Baker. While searching for handbags I actually came across this one in a tan colour and instantly fell in love.. unfortunately it was released July last year so now it isnt stocked anywhere ( sad face) When I saw the pink version online I kinda fell in love with that one too. Theres a smaller version of this bag online and the colour looks more blush than pastel pink which is what I would prefer.. Thats one thing that annoys me about shopping online, something may look a certain colour on the website and then you get it and its completely different! So annoying! It retails at £199 so I would have to be 100% certain I wanted it before handing over the cash! But it appears to be the perfect size for me and the slouchy leather is something I love!! If anyone has seen this in person, let me know if it's nice or not!! 

On a side note, where has summer gone? I woke up this morning and I thought we were back in February or something! Flip flops are being replaced with boots, bare legs replaced with tights. WHATS GOING ON! Bring back the summer please! :-) Tonight I am off to my local-ish Debenhams for their launch night. They recently had a refurb so it will be nice to have a mooch around. They have added some new counters in their beauty department so I will def be checking those out! 

Much Love

Favourites : May 2012.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012


I used to do these posts quite a lot and then I just stopped. I decided I would start doing them again as I know we are all nosey and like to see what others are loving each month! I know I do! I also think that in a way its helpful because you can see which products out of all of the ones you own are getting more attention.. meaning you can make more of an effort to try and use the other items that get neglected. Make sense? - Well it does in my head!

I got this from Buyapowa A few months ago now managing to snap it up about £9 cheaper than the retail price I think, I've used it every day since. The Elixir smells devine! I love it. Nothing worse than using a product in your hair daily and hating the scent! I use this on damp hair just before I brush it through. It ensures that my hair stays soft and the ends less dry. Whether its actually doing anything good to my hair deep down, I'm not sure but it does make my split ends a lot less apparent! So its a winner in my books!

I've heard mixed reviews on this brand and its products, however I love this particular spray. I'll be honest when I first got it I didnt like it, but in an attempt to clear out multiple drawers of products I started using it again & fell in love. As I have previously mentioned in other posts, I havent been blow drying my hair too often, but when I did I made sure I used this product. It adds a little bit of 'grit' to my hair (not literally but you get what I mean right?) so provides a little bit more volume to my hair than if I didnt use it at all. Dont get me wrong, it doesnt produce miracles and give you massively voluminous hair, but for the £4.99 price tag I cant complain. It gives me a little something extra!

3. Loreal Nude Magique BB Cream
I picked this up on a cheeky splurge in boots a few weeks ago now, and have used it pretty much everyday since (hence making it in the faves) When we were having that nice weather I didnt want to wear foundation so I decided to finally give a BB cream a go. I really like it. Surprisingly gives me pretty good coverage and lasts on my skin. I am actually wearing it in the photo in this post if you fancy seeing what it looks like! Oh and for reference I bought it in 'Light' (I wear shade 02 in Jemma Kidd, Fresco in ELDW and shade 52 Vanilla in bourjois HM)

4. No 7 Vital Enlightening Highlight powder.
I'll be honest... pretty much used this everyday since i bought it back in January. Its a lovely highlighter, my mac soft and gentle has gone neglected! If you want to read my thoughts on it you can do so here! Slightly annoyed its now half the price I bloody paid for it back at the begining of the year!

5. Stila Convertable color in Petunia
I looooove this product! I've been using it in my routine a lot since I first got it...well after I'd photographed it of course (blogger problems) It just gives the nicest flush to the cheeks and its fab that it can double up as a lip colour too. I love it and I think more people should have it in their collections! Read my full review here

So there you a go, a little selection of products that captured my eye throughout the month of May. I am going to be making notes throughout the month so I can get back with doing these monthly faves! So you have plenty more to look forward to! :-)

Much Love


July 2012 Magazine Freebies.

Saturday, 2 June 2012


I know I'm not the only one... I browse the newsagents shelves at all the magazines, taking my time deciding on which publication to purchase.. and then I see a freebie... A product that I need would like to try and I am sold..... This happened this week, Well Yesterday to be exact! Everyone loves a freebie lets be honest here and magazines seem to be pairing up with a lot more brands recently that I like the look of. Last month I picked up 'Red' magazine purely because of the Freebie (Travel sized Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish with cloth) I did read the magazine too and found it enjoyable.

This month Glamour have come up trumps again with their collab with Benefit. This time around you can pick up a mini porefessional, mini That Girl Primer or a Mini bad girl mascara. I picked up porefessional... even though my friend on the Benefit counter had already given me a free sample of it! I know quite a few girls have gone all out and purchased the magazine 3 times in order to get each of the freebies they had on offer. I was sensiable and only got one! As the magazine retails at £2 it doesnt add up to too much if you buy all three so its justified!

I also discovered that Marie Claire were giving away a free Ciate nail paint with their July issue. I am a big fan of their polishes, I think the little bow on the bottle seals the deal for me. I picked up the lilac shade they had to offer which is called ' Purple Sorbet'. In the bottle it looks similar to Barry M's Berry Ice cream (which I am a huge fan of) I havent used it yet, but going by my other polishes I have from the brand I highly recommend you pick one (or all) the shades up. Theres a nude/pale pink shade, a bright pink and this one I have here. Marie Claire retails at £3.70 so as these polishes usually retail at £9 you are making a decent saving! If you want to place an order online at Ciate, then use the code MARIE25  for 25% off your order(valid till the end of July)

Finally another magazine freebie which I think is a pretty good one this month! If you buy InStyle magazine you can either get 2 pencil Eyeliners or a Mascara from The Body Shop. I got the one which gave away the Big and Curvy mascara. I havent tried it yet, but have heard really good things about this mascara so once my current one runs out I will try it out! The magazine costs £3.80 (I think - I cant find my copy to check) the big and Curvy mascara retails at £10 so you are making a bit of a saving there!

These are just a few of the great freebies on offer this month. Some others that are avaliable this month are...

Jemma Kidd eyeliner or Mascara with RED MAGAZINE.
Free Riess tank top with ELLE MAGAZINE.
Rituals Body scrub or lotion with EASY LIVING MAGAZINE
Opi Nail polish with WEDDING MAGAZINE
Also from the 8th July I think TATLER MAGAZINE are offering essie polishes!

So next time you are in your local WHSmiths or local newsagents have a look around at all the magazine freebies, there's lots of good ones this month!

Much love


Following my post on the search for the prefect manicure for my wedding day I figured why not treat myself. Afterall it's the one special day in your life where you are allowed to treat yourself a little aren't you. As I am still undecided whether I want to go down the french manicure route or the nude nail route (well I have plenty of time to decide) I figured I would start having a browse for my higher end nail varnishes that could be contenders for my big day!

When I think high end, I automatically think of Harrods. The creme de la creme of department stores! Whilst having a browse, there were a lot of products which I mentally put on the wedding gift list my wishlist. But my main focus was to look at what nail polishes they had to offer. I was specifically looking for pretty nude or pink shades. I found that all the brands stocked online had what I was looking for, which means it when it comes down to it, It will be a nightmare to settle on a shade! 

I don't think I have ever paid more than £8 for a nail varnish, so looking at these polishes that were more high end was alien for me but its nice to have a browse! (lets play 'put everything in the basket and wish your bank account would allow you to press the checkout button') Being that these would be for my big day I don't mind the higher price tags. 
OPI(£11), Lancome (£12) and Laura Mercier (£13) are on the lower end of the price scale. I have used OPI before, Lancome and Laura Mercier are both brands that have a good reputation so I'm sure their nail polishes are no exception. Being that they are a little bit more in my price range they are high contenders.
On the other end of the spectrum if I REALLY wanted to treat myself, we have D&G (£18), YSL(£18) & Tom Ford (£25).  I admit I haven't really delved into these brands much in the past, but just like the other brands, they all have other products that are popular with beauty bloggers so I'm sure the quality is great. 

Have you tried any of these nail varnish brands? I'm quite tempted to pick up a Laura Mercier one to try out, now that I've had my big tax rebate transferred into my bank account! :-) What shade to go for though? I do like the pale pink one! 

Would you treat yourself to some high end makeup items for your wedding day? 

Much love

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