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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

With it being my birthday next month I'm starting to have a look around for ideas for birthday treats!  Earlier this year my sister got a Pandora bracelet for her birthday and my Mum received one as a leaving present from work. I'm now wondering if I should jump on the pandora bandwagon too. I do love that you can opt for a simple sterling silver style bracelet or if you're not into dainty looking jewellery you can opt for the leather braided versions. I personally think I prefer the leather braided ones!


What I am pleased about it the variety of charms available, all of which can vary from a reasonable £15 all the way up to £720! Now I wouldn't be one to ask for a £720 charm however I do like a few of the more lower priced charms. As I am not a massive jewellery wearer anyway, I don't think I would like to completely fill my bracelet with charms. Less is more in my eyes. So I would love to have a few choice charms on my bracelet that really mean something. I wouldn't necessarily want to get all the charms at once but that's the beauty of the Pandora brand, you can build up your collection as and when it suits you.

Above are just a few of the many Pandora charms available at House of Fraser. Admittedly I would like to receive some sort of heart or love inspired charm from Tom! The rose and hexagon charms were simply because I like how they look and finally, I'm sure everyone is aware of my love of handbags, so the bag charm was very fitting and a complete must have!

 Pandora are famous for their charm bracelets and stacking rings, but was anyone else aware they do earrings, necklaces and watches? I wasn't! I think these could be great gift ideas for someone who is already a big fan of the brand, and perhaps their bracelet is quite full of charms already! Maybe you are a fan of the brand and already own a charm bracelet? If so what charms do you have on it, do they have a purpose behind them? Let me know in the comments. :-)

Much Love

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  1. I've got a silver bracelet with the rose charm above, a heart, a silver ball with tiny emerald butterflies, a dangling stiletto and a garnet charm.  I'm happy with how mine is now - all of the charms I've got mean something to me and I don't think I'd want it completely full x

  2. I love my Pandora bracelet. I was awarded Employee of the year at my works Christmas party and was given gift voucher, I bought myself a silver Pandora bracelet with that. I then said I only wanted charms that mean something. So far I have one charm which has little red hearts on it and was my fifth yr anniversary present off Spencer. I have hinted to him that I would like a blue charm for my 'something blue' for the wedding x

  3. TattooedTeaLady15 June 2012 at 17:21

    These three bracelets look much more my style than the ever-popular charm bracelets from Pandora! xo

  4. Pandora is my absolute obsession right now i've nearly filled my silver bracelet...had to take my charms off my leather one cos it was getting too weighty and wearing away! Lovely post xx


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