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Thursday, 7 June 2012


Pink &Rose Gold clutch : Aldo | Ted Baker Alum Bag : John Lewis |  Grey Marl  Tshirt : River Island.

Currently lusting over these three items. I say lusting... I have to admit right now that one of these three has been purchased... Of course it was the cheapest one too! The T-shirt is currently on its way to me! I spotted it at the weekend but unfortunately they didnt have the size I wanted in my local store. I bought it a lot bigger than I would normally wear so it was a looser/longer fit on me so can be worn with leggings. It reminds me of somethig Barbara would wear tbh! I did get the white version which I love. I always feel a bit Lauren Conrad-esque in tops like this plus leggings or skinnies! 

You will know from previous posts that I really wanted a bag from Zara but unfortunately it sold out online and isnt in my local store (Is anything ever going to  available in my local store?!?!) So yesterday there I was on the hunt for a new bag to lust over. I know we all love a bit of rose gold here and there so this clutch immediately caught my eye! I love that its pretty neutral so could go with a variety of outfits and be suitable for many different occassions.

On the other end of the spectrum is this bag from Ted Baker. While searching for handbags I actually came across this one in a tan colour and instantly fell in love.. unfortunately it was released July last year so now it isnt stocked anywhere ( sad face) When I saw the pink version online I kinda fell in love with that one too. Theres a smaller version of this bag online and the colour looks more blush than pastel pink which is what I would prefer.. Thats one thing that annoys me about shopping online, something may look a certain colour on the website and then you get it and its completely different! So annoying! It retails at £199 so I would have to be 100% certain I wanted it before handing over the cash! But it appears to be the perfect size for me and the slouchy leather is something I love!! If anyone has seen this in person, let me know if it's nice or not!! 

On a side note, where has summer gone? I woke up this morning and I thought we were back in February or something! Flip flops are being replaced with boots, bare legs replaced with tights. WHATS GOING ON! Bring back the summer please! :-) Tonight I am off to my local-ish Debenhams for their launch night. They recently had a refurb so it will be nice to have a mooch around. They have added some new counters in their beauty department so I will def be checking those out! 

Much Love


  1. Oooo that Ted Baker bag is a beauty!

  2. SparklyFlamingo7 June 2012 at 17:57

    I love the Ted Baker lovely! x

  3. That bag is to die for!


  4. ahh they are all so gorgeous.  I especially love the handbags
    Carissa xx
    Vanilla Crush Blog

  5. where you looking for that top when I saw you in there saturday?! brought myself the blue scarf print t-shirt just £13 :)

  6. The small Aldo bag looks so lovely, I love the t-shirt, need a trip to my local RI. x

  7.  It's lovely isnt it! x

  8.  It's lush! x

  9.  They are both lovely! x

  10.  Resisting temptation... x

  11.  Ha yes I was! They didnt have it in the size I wanted it! :-) x

  12.  Theres some nice basic bits in RI at the moment! x


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