Favourites : May 2012.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012


I used to do these posts quite a lot and then I just stopped. I decided I would start doing them again as I know we are all nosey and like to see what others are loving each month! I know I do! I also think that in a way its helpful because you can see which products out of all of the ones you own are getting more attention.. meaning you can make more of an effort to try and use the other items that get neglected. Make sense? - Well it does in my head!

I got this from Buyapowa A few months ago now managing to snap it up about £9 cheaper than the retail price I think, I've used it every day since. The Elixir smells devine! I love it. Nothing worse than using a product in your hair daily and hating the scent! I use this on damp hair just before I brush it through. It ensures that my hair stays soft and the ends less dry. Whether its actually doing anything good to my hair deep down, I'm not sure but it does make my split ends a lot less apparent! So its a winner in my books!

I've heard mixed reviews on this brand and its products, however I love this particular spray. I'll be honest when I first got it I didnt like it, but in an attempt to clear out multiple drawers of products I started using it again & fell in love. As I have previously mentioned in other posts, I havent been blow drying my hair too often, but when I did I made sure I used this product. It adds a little bit of 'grit' to my hair (not literally but you get what I mean right?) so provides a little bit more volume to my hair than if I didnt use it at all. Dont get me wrong, it doesnt produce miracles and give you massively voluminous hair, but for the £4.99 price tag I cant complain. It gives me a little something extra!

3. Loreal Nude Magique BB Cream
I picked this up on a cheeky splurge in boots a few weeks ago now, and have used it pretty much everyday since (hence making it in the faves) When we were having that nice weather I didnt want to wear foundation so I decided to finally give a BB cream a go. I really like it. Surprisingly gives me pretty good coverage and lasts on my skin. I am actually wearing it in the photo in this post if you fancy seeing what it looks like! Oh and for reference I bought it in 'Light' (I wear shade 02 in Jemma Kidd, Fresco in ELDW and shade 52 Vanilla in bourjois HM)

4. No 7 Vital Enlightening Highlight powder.
I'll be honest... pretty much used this everyday since i bought it back in January. Its a lovely highlighter, my mac soft and gentle has gone neglected! If you want to read my thoughts on it you can do so here! Slightly annoyed its now half the price I bloody paid for it back at the begining of the year!

5. Stila Convertable color in Petunia
I looooove this product! I've been using it in my routine a lot since I first got it...well after I'd photographed it of course (blogger problems) It just gives the nicest flush to the cheeks and its fab that it can double up as a lip colour too. I love it and I think more people should have it in their collections! Read my full review here

So there you a go, a little selection of products that captured my eye throughout the month of May. I am going to be making notes throughout the month so I can get back with doing these monthly faves! So you have plenty more to look forward to! :-)

Much Love