July 2012 Magazine Freebies.

Saturday, 2 June 2012


I know I'm not the only one... I browse the newsagents shelves at all the magazines, taking my time deciding on which publication to purchase.. and then I see a freebie... A product that I need would like to try and I am sold..... This happened this week, Well Yesterday to be exact! Everyone loves a freebie lets be honest here and magazines seem to be pairing up with a lot more brands recently that I like the look of. Last month I picked up 'Red' magazine purely because of the Freebie (Travel sized Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish with cloth) I did read the magazine too and found it enjoyable.

This month Glamour have come up trumps again with their collab with Benefit. This time around you can pick up a mini porefessional, mini That Girl Primer or a Mini bad girl mascara. I picked up porefessional... even though my friend on the Benefit counter had already given me a free sample of it! I know quite a few girls have gone all out and purchased the magazine 3 times in order to get each of the freebies they had on offer. I was sensiable and only got one! As the magazine retails at £2 it doesnt add up to too much if you buy all three so its justified!

I also discovered that Marie Claire were giving away a free Ciate nail paint with their July issue. I am a big fan of their polishes, I think the little bow on the bottle seals the deal for me. I picked up the lilac shade they had to offer which is called ' Purple Sorbet'. In the bottle it looks similar to Barry M's Berry Ice cream (which I am a huge fan of) I havent used it yet, but going by my other polishes I have from the brand I highly recommend you pick one (or all) the shades up. Theres a nude/pale pink shade, a bright pink and this one I have here. Marie Claire retails at £3.70 so as these polishes usually retail at £9 you are making a decent saving! If you want to place an order online at Ciate, then use the code MARIE25  for 25% off your order(valid till the end of July)

Finally another magazine freebie which I think is a pretty good one this month! If you buy InStyle magazine you can either get 2 pencil Eyeliners or a Mascara from The Body Shop. I got the one which gave away the Big and Curvy mascara. I havent tried it yet, but have heard really good things about this mascara so once my current one runs out I will try it out! The magazine costs £3.80 (I think - I cant find my copy to check) the big and Curvy mascara retails at £10 so you are making a bit of a saving there!

These are just a few of the great freebies on offer this month. Some others that are avaliable this month are...

Jemma Kidd eyeliner or Mascara with RED MAGAZINE.
Free Riess tank top with ELLE MAGAZINE.
Rituals Body scrub or lotion with EASY LIVING MAGAZINE
Opi Nail polish with WEDDING MAGAZINE
Also from the 8th July I think TATLER MAGAZINE are offering essie polishes!

So next time you are in your local WHSmiths or local newsagents have a look around at all the magazine freebies, there's lots of good ones this month!

Much love


  1. Sadiebutterflywing2 June 2012 at 15:01

    Thanks for the code, i think i'll order some of the Ciate polish.

    Sadie x


  2. There are some cracking freebies around this month :) I picked up the Porefessional and Bad Gal mascara samples and I got the nude shade with Marie Claire - not really as much of a nude colour as it first looked though :( I posted about it the other day and you can see it's actually kind of a dusky lilac colour :s amazing formula etc though!

  3. teacakeandmake3 June 2012 at 16:27

    I am totally going to have to get some of those magazines this month, some awesome freebies around! I already have the mini Porefessional, but I also want to get the That Gal freebie with Glamour too. Would be amazing if Tatler are doing free Essie polishes, and I'm totally going to check out the Ciate shades in my local mag stockists on my lunch hour on Wed!

  4. I adore Benefit's Pore-fessional! It's a beauty essential for me! Must say, i'm sold on the nail polish, it looks such a lovely colour.

    love, harrie x


  5. Ooh I love the pore-fessional.. it's so good! The polish looks lovely for summer too xxx

  6.  No problem! x

  7.  The formula for Ciate polishes is amazing! x

  8.  Ah I hope you picked up some good freebies on your lunch hour! x

  9.  The polish is such a lovely colour! x

  10. It's a gorgeous shade! x 


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