Nails : High end for the big day?

Friday, 1 June 2012


Following my post on the search for the prefect manicure for my wedding day I figured why not treat myself. Afterall it's the one special day in your life where you are allowed to treat yourself a little aren't you. As I am still undecided whether I want to go down the french manicure route or the nude nail route (well I have plenty of time to decide) I figured I would start having a browse for my higher end nail varnishes that could be contenders for my big day!

When I think high end, I automatically think of Harrods. The creme de la creme of department stores! Whilst having a browse, there were a lot of products which I mentally put on the wedding gift list my wishlist. But my main focus was to look at what nail polishes they had to offer. I was specifically looking for pretty nude or pink shades. I found that all the brands stocked online had what I was looking for, which means it when it comes down to it, It will be a nightmare to settle on a shade! 

I don't think I have ever paid more than £8 for a nail varnish, so looking at these polishes that were more high end was alien for me but its nice to have a browse! (lets play 'put everything in the basket and wish your bank account would allow you to press the checkout button') Being that these would be for my big day I don't mind the higher price tags. 
OPI(£11), Lancome (£12) and Laura Mercier (£13) are on the lower end of the price scale. I have used OPI before, Lancome and Laura Mercier are both brands that have a good reputation so I'm sure their nail polishes are no exception. Being that they are a little bit more in my price range they are high contenders.
On the other end of the spectrum if I REALLY wanted to treat myself, we have D&G (£18), YSL(£18) & Tom Ford (£25).  I admit I haven't really delved into these brands much in the past, but just like the other brands, they all have other products that are popular with beauty bloggers so I'm sure the quality is great. 

Have you tried any of these nail varnish brands? I'm quite tempted to pick up a Laura Mercier one to try out, now that I've had my big tax rebate transferred into my bank account! :-) What shade to go for though? I do like the pale pink one! 

Would you treat yourself to some high end makeup items for your wedding day? 

Much love

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