A bargain from Zara

Monday, 30 July 2012


Firstly I am really sorry there was no ins and outs post yesterday, I was just so busy! Back on track next week I promise! :-) Nothing much that is exciting has happened in the past week anyway aprart from the Olympics starting!! Anyways.. I am really loving statement necklaces at the moment. When I saw this one hanging up all by itself in Zara a few weeks ago, I knew I needed to have it.. even better when I got to the till and found out it was only £3.99 instead of £15.99! My mum thinks is horrible but I love it!

When the Zara sale went live the a few weeks ago I wasnt too fussed. There were a couple of things that caught my eye but nothing that I really needed. (Sensible Leanne!) I sometimes think its best to shop when the hype of the sale has died down a bit. Not only do items get reduced down in price even further, there may be some gems hiding away in there waiting for you to find them. I've noticed there are still a few  bits and bobs avaliable in stores in the sale, bit it really is down to the last little dreggs now, well done to you if you manage to find something amazing still lurking around!. I do admit though that sale shopping is so much easier online rather than in store You dont get hot and bothered or annoyed at how untidy the shop has got! If its avaliable you can order it within a few clicks, and if you know which day it goes live you can stay up till 1 minute past midnight to be there first grabbing the bargains! Ahh isnt online shopping just the best!

Much Love
Denim Shirt - c/o Republic.
Dress - Primark
Trainers - New Look
Bag - c/o Republic.

Now some of you may, or may not know I am currently blogging for Republic on their 'Wear it your way' blog in addition to my regular weekly spot on their 'The Edit' blog. Above is the outfit that features on todays post. I thought I would feature it here too as its basically what I wore to the Bloggers Picnic at the weekend. Admittedly what I wore last Saturday were the same kind of items but from different brands, and the dress was white not navy but hey.. I dont have any posed photos of myself rocking that outfit so these will have to do! Its basically the same outfit honest!.. oh and I had a different bag in London... Okay its completely different. Whateves.

I have two denim shirts in my wardrobe and god I love them. I find myself throwing them over everything, pairing them with everything.. I just love them! Its a lighter alternative to my trusty denim jacket and folds up to put in a bag if the sun really decides to shine (like it has for the past few days) and I want to get my tan on!

I'm getting the hang of this posing for photos malarky, I do feel a bit bad for my mum who takes the photos though. I do bark orders at her! Sorry Mum! 

Much love


Project Samples : Update #2

Wednesday, 25 July 2012


I cant believe I am already doing a second update on my Project Samples challenge but I have used up another batch, so I figured I would share my thoughts! At least this shows that I am heading in the right direction with using all these up! Seriously if you have a stash of sachets and minitures lying around, get on it and do this challenge too. It's great to see the pile of samples decrease! They may be small but it feels like such an achievement!

I recieved this in a Glossybox a while back and just put it to the side. I used it as a shower gel, it lasted a good few showers! It worked best with a body polisher as it ensured that the product really lathered up well. The scent was pleasant. Not too overpowering which was good. It lingered on my skin for a little bit too which was a plus.

Tresemme Split Remedy Shampoo and Conditioner.
After only using a sachet I cant really comment on what benefits I got from using these two products, however they did lather quite well and smelt nice which is always a plus. The conditioner was thick - which I like! I would be quite interested to buy them full sized just to see if the claims to help split ends were true.

At first I wasnt too sure on this product but as I started to use it each morning I noticed that any dryness on my face was gradually reducing. I suffer from dry patches around one side of my nose which is really annoying. However after using this on a regular basis the dryness has gone! The full size bottle of this is about £30 quid which is a lot of money for me. Luckily for me I won a giveaway from Glossybox a while back and got a full sized bottle! If I hadnt have won that I think I still would have considered buying it full sized as it was the first product I have used to really help the problem area around my nose.

Nars Multi Protect Primer. 
This was a really lightweight primer that to be honest I kept forgetting I had but I've finally used it up. I think the fact that i easily forgot I had it shows that it didnt wow me that much. Yes it made my skin more even/smoother for makeup application but I didnt see that much of a difference when I used it compared to when I didnt. I doubt I'll be buying this full size.

Like every other blogger I got this as a freebie with Glamour magazine. Everyone raved about this product so I was excited to give it a try. I can say after using it up  I dont know what the fuss is about. I really didnt see a difference in the staying power of my makeup or my pores! I guess what works for others may not work for you. I think I may be one of the very few that has finished a sample of this product and not decided to buy it full sized!

I think I am doing pretty well with this challenge dont you? Are any of you doing this too? I'd love to see your posts so link them in the comments!

If you want to see what I finished in my first update you can have a read here

Much Love
Shirt - c/o Glamorous UK
Jeans - Miss Selfridge
Bag - Ted Baker.
Sometimes.. Okay a lot of the time I really cant be bothered to faff around with making sure I look all 'put together' with my outfits whether it be for work, meeting friends or even just chilling at home. Chances are a lot of the time I've written my blog posts sat in a pair of Toms trackies and one of his hoodies (Wanna see an outfit post of that? ;-p). We cant be glam all the time. However I always think a oversized shirt of some sort plus skinny jeans and some ballet flats is the lazy but chic way of going about things when you cant really be that bothered to make an effort but you want to look a bit nice.

I wore this to work last Friday. Now as you may have noticed from a few instagram pics my work isnt very strict with what I can wear. Pretty much I can wear whatever I like, which is handy sometimes when I really want to wear something new it means I dont have to wait till the weekend when I am being social. But on the otherhand sometimes I do wish I had some kind of uniform as it makes work clothes and social clothes seperate - anyone else like this? This is a topic I touched on in last Thursdays post.

This shirt was sent to me from Glamorous. On me it does look slightly oversized, to be honest I could have got the size down from this but I like the look how it looks, It's also handy for covering up any food babies! I really love the cut out detail on the collar, I swear my Mum is planning on swiping this shirt from me because as soon as I showed her it she wanted to know where it was from and continued to tell me that she liked it. I did get some of the guys at work trying to be funny by saying 'Err they forgot to finish off your top' remarks but clearly they just arent with the times girls!

There's a fair few things I have my eye on from Glamorous at the moment. I may have to make some cheeky purchases when Payday rolls around on Friday! :-)

Much Love
Every so often I have a wardrobe crisis. Well not a crisis, but I'm sure Im not the only one to have those moments when you just want to do a huge overhaul of the clothes you own and sort of start fresh. That's how I am feeling at the moment with my work wardrobe. I'll be honest, my work is pretty laid back in regards to what I can wear, I can go in looking casual every day if I want. My boss doesnt mind (well nothing ever gets said!) However, I kinda feel as though I need to create my self a 'work wardrobe' You know those few key pieces that are worn for work and not social occassions. I want to start keeping things seperate.

I really like how blouses and shirts can be worn dressed up or down. So if I am having a day when I am feeling super smart and sophisticated, I can just throw on a blouse with a black skirt or trousers and feel really smart. Then for the days where I feel a bit more casual (Aka : Cant be bothered) a pair of skinny jeans and ballet flats combined with a nice blouse or shirt will do fine.


These are the more work appropriate monochrome blouses that have caught my eye. All of which I feel would work well with both my 'feeling smart' or 'feeling causal' work days. I especially love the middle one, the bib details are so cute! 


This are the more fun shirts that have caught my eye. I am really loving these animal print style shirts at the moment. They are just so cute! I particularly love the swan one in the middle! These kind of shirts would be best for my 'casual' days. However I could see myself not limiting these ones to work wear only! I'd want to wear them all the time! 

If you are thinking of making a purchase on ASOS, I do have a discount code for 10% and free next day delivery. Basically, pretend it's your birthday and use the code  JULBDAY2012 (Valid till 31st July.)

I am now off to check my bank balance and see if I can treat myself to one of these shirts :-)

Much Love

Outfit : Lace and Leather.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Jacket - Miss Selfridge
Dress - c/o Shelikes.com
Boots - New Look.

This is a typical 'Leanne' outfit. On the days when I really dont know what to wear I usually opt for some kind of dress or tunic, tights, ankle boots and then my trusty Stud jacket. I have to apologise for my hair in the above photos, it's not looking it's best but this was after a full day at work!

The dress was sent to me by Shelikes I was really impressed with the quality of it. In the past I have purchased dresses similar to this style and they have always felt very thin and cheap, this one however feels much nicer. The best thing was that  the underskirt layer of it isnt actually seethrough which is a bonus! I've had other dresses where I have actually questioned whether there was any point having something else under neath the lace detail, It's always a bit of a downer when you realise people can see just how high you've pulled up your tights to try and suck your tum in a bit! haha.

Like I said, as always I paired it with my go to jacket. Everyone always asks where it is from and I have found one similar in Zara which I have linked above, however the price tag isnt cheap! Mine is from Miss Selfridge and if you dont want to shell out for the Zara one then I suggest picking up a plain black on from MS and then DIY the studs yourself. Easy Peasy! 

Also thank you to those of that that wished me a happy birthday! :-) 
Have you shopped at SheLikes before?

Much Love

Favourites : June 2012

Monday, 16 July 2012


So after a bit of a negative 'Empties' post I figured it would be best to post my favourites as soon as possible with a more positive note! I now make lists throughout the month of products I am loving so it's a lot easier come the start of the next month to get these posts together - Check me out being Miss Organised!

This was kindly sent to me to try a couple of months ago, but back then I was on a bit of an anti straighten/curling mission with my hair. After I had that break I gradually started to introduce heat back onto my hair ensuring that whenever I did, I used this for my heat protectant. The smell alone of this product is amazing, but I think thats the case with most of their products (I reviewed their intensive care treatment here) so I instantly loved it. In regards to protecting my hair, I have found that my hair is less dry after straigtening than before, which may have something to do with this product, well I like to think that anyway!

As I have been straightening and curling my hair again I figured I would invest in this wonder product that everyone swears by. I use it once a week on my hair to give it a little bit of a treat after all the styling throughout the week. It smells lovely and leaves my hair feeling really soft after using, it also makes it less tangled when I get out of the shower which is a bonus!

I got this in one of my Glossyboxes earlier in the year, I cant remember which month. I love coconut as it always reminds me of holidays! I've been loving this body wash, it lathers really well with both a body polisher and exfoliating gloves. The scent lingers on my skin for a bit after washing but not all day. It's not that expensive really at just under a fiver so I would be tempted to buy another bottle when this one runs out!

I loooove this MSF, after giving my No 7 highlighter a bit of rest I decided to pay a bit of attention to my other highlighters instead. It gives the perfect highlight on your cheeks and I always get asked what I am wearing to give me a pretty glow. I still have so much of this MSF left, it's going to last me ages.

I bought this because it was hyped up, not going to lie, that was why I bought it. You cant really see in the photo but I have already used a lot of this up.. Could this be the first nail polish I properly use up? Due to the wide brush and the fact it dries so quickly it was my go to shade. Being such a simple colour too meant I could jazz it up if I wanted with numurous glitter shades as well!

Vivo Blush in Peaches and Cream.
This is a re discovered fave. I hadnt used this blush in quite literally months. Then I saw it sat there in my draw going unloved, so figured I would start using it again and I am glad I did, it is lovely! Such a pretty peach colour perfect for everyday and such a bargain at only a fiver!

What were you loving in June? If you have done a favourites post, link it in the comments so I can have a read!

On a side note... It's my birthday tomorrow.. 24 years old! Eek!
Much Love

Project Samples : Update #1

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

I figured it was time to do a little update on how my little 'Project Samples' challenge was going (Read about it here) I admit I could have used up a lot more samples in the time between writting that post and now. I'll be honest, I keep forgetting to use them up and my attention has been more on my full sized items I want to finish. However I have used a few of the sachets as you can see above, which I am pleased about. I would imagine if I hadnt set myself this little challenge then these sachets would still be sat in a draw, not seeing the light of day!

Obviously with them being small samples I cant give them massive reviews but I'll give you my quick thoughts on each of them.

Ojon damage reverse restorative Shampoo.
You get a fair bit of shampoo in each sachet. Enough for me to use one sachet per shower (I shampoo my hair twice and then condition.) The scent didnt wow me. I didnt find these lathered up as much as I would like but they did the job. Obviously I only used them a couple of times so cant comment on whether any repairing happened to my hair!

 Loreal Elvive Full restore replenishing masque.
I really liked this! At first I wasnt sure there would be enough in the sachet to cover all my hair but there was - Just. It left my hair feeling so soft and smooth and looking much healthier after one wash. I was really impressed and may pick this up in a full sized tub in the near future!

Niva Pure and Natural body lotion
I used these samples on my legs, I just had enough to use one sachet per leg. The scent wasnt too overpowering and the lotion sank into my skin relatively quickly. I think I would purchase this, however I have so many lotions I need to use up, I wont need to buy any for a while!

L'Occitane Volumising Conditioner.
I really did not like this. It made my hair feel so dry and horrible. I like thick conditioners and this was very thin in consistancy and just reminded me of a very cheap conditioner. As for volumising.. I saw no difference.

Thierry Mugler 'Alien' Shower Gel.
You got a lot in this sample, it was filled right up to the top. I used it with a body polisher and it lathered up really well. The scent was true to the perfume and lingered on my skin. I think it would be a great addition to have if you wear the perfume often and want the scent to linger all day.

So there you go, my thoughts on some of these samples. I admit it felt quite nice to use these up. I know they dont take up lots of space like my full sized items, that are taking over everywhere but it still was felt good to actually finish something up! Is anyone else doing this little challenge? I know Charli is. (Check out her post here) Hopefully I will use up some showergels and more body lotion samples next.

Much love


Empties : June 2012

Monday, 9 July 2012


Empties posts/videos are a big hit at the moment. About a year ago I tempted a 'project bathroom' mission and i did okay.. for about two months and then the whole plan fizzled out a bit! However, doing an empties post is a great way to track what you are using up without feeling pressured to use up a certain number of products each month. Although I see some posts/videos and do think to myself 'Bloody hell, how have they used up all that stuff in one month?!' Anyone else think this when they see them?
 It's a great way to share with others some quick thoughts on what you thought of the products and if you would repurchase. So lets get started with what I used up in June shall we?

No word of a lie this is probably my 5th or 6th bottle. I've repurchased it so many times that I have actually lost track! Its a fab little eyemakeup remover that removes even the most stubborn of mascaras. I probably will repurchase (although I am tempted to try out Bioderma), slightly gutted to see its gone up to £3.99 from about £3 though! Every penny counts when you are saving for a wedding dontcha know! ;-) 

Big and Beautiful Voumising Shampoo & Conditioner 
Honestly, I couldnt wait to finish these up (to be honest there's a little bit left in each tube but I really couldnt use them anymore!). I really hated them! I had picked them up in the reduced section of Superdrug.. now I know why they were there! Neither of them did anything for my hair in terms of volume they just made my hair feel so gross and dry. :-( Wouldnt repurchase.

Percy and Reed Moisturising conditioner 
I got this free with a magazine a while ago, maybe it was Glamour? I cant remember! Anyways I love it. Smells lovely! (Reminds me of that baby smell, dont know why!) It left my hair feeling really conditioned and soft, it was just lovely. I am quite tempted to purchase this alongside the shampoo and see they can work wonders on my hair! I was really impressed, only downside is that it's pretty pricey £16 for a 250ml bottle. My purse says 'ouch'  

I'm sorry Aussie, I really wanted to love this, but it didnt give me any volume at all!  Do hair products 'go off'? I admit I had this in my drawer for quite a while before I started using it, so maybe that effected it? I dont know. I'm glad it's all used up though & wont repurchase. Now I am on the hunt for a good volumising mousse. If you have any suggestions please leave a comment! 

These were given to me by Robyn after she used a couple and they didnt agree with her skin. I found they are okay to quickly wipe away some makeup before getting into your proper skin care regime. However I didnt use them much on  and around my eyes as it stung a bit. For me they are a bit pricey for what I use them for. I dont use face wipes to completely remove my makeup, just a quick swipe and then onto my C&P! I'd rather just buy some cheaper ones which do a better job and dont sting me! Wouldnt repurchase these.

So there you have it, my June Empties.. I apologise that it has come across as a bit of a moany/this is a rubbish product kinda post! But hey, thats one main feature of these types of posts, discussing if you would repurchase and your thoughts! I'd love to be able to include some makeup items in these posts.. I am currently on a mission to try and use up some foundation, I think my JK foundation is nearing its end so maybe that will appear in next months post! 

Much Love


Birthday Lust list.

Thursday, 5 July 2012


Silver Blazer - Dorothy Perkins
Chiffon Sequin shorts - Matalan
Denim Shirt - Warehouse
 Floral High Tops - River Island.
Tan  boots - New Look

Just a few fashion related items I am lusting after at the moment. It's my birthday in less than 2 weeks so I thought I would put together a little post - Who knows, Tom might actually look at this and get me some of the things I am lusting after. I admit, as I am on a saving mission now there isnt that much that I am craving. I used to want something new on a weekly basis but now I am thinking more about the final outcome of an  amazing wedding and it just brings me back to reality! Anyways... I love this blazer from DP, its a gorgeous colour, I dont think I have even see any where else stock one like this. The shorts from Matalan are so cute. I would def wear these out with tom for a meal with a black top and blazer. They are similar to a pair I saw in the River Island sale, which were out of stock really quickly! I have been after a denim shirt for a while and when I saw this one I instantly fell in love.. bonus being it's only £20 in their sale! 

I instagramed a photo of the high tops from River Island a few weeks ago and fell in love. They are still avaliable online and I want them.. They arent those hidden wedge kind - I dont want a heeled trainer! I want to be able to walk! haha. They'd just be good to chuck on when I am having a dress down day. The boots from New look are on most peoples want lists i think. Thankfully having tiny feet means that a size 3 is still instock online. I have the black version that were brought out last year so I know they are comfortable! And I dont own any Tan boots!

Bare Minerals Get Started Kit - Debenhams
OPI New York Ballet mini Collection - ASOS
Enrapture Totem Styler - Boots
S Factor Body Boost - Feel Unique

After my Bare minerals makeover, I have been lusting after the get started kit. I nearly bought it after my makeover! I was so impressed with the products and feel that the starter kits that they do are great value for money. Even if I didnt get a set as a gift for my birthday, I'm sure I will purchase a set in the near future!
I have realised I own a lot of nail varnish and never finish one. So now I am only looking at the mini versions, currently loving this set by OPI, perfect shades!  I am still lusting after the totem styler! Ever since I found that seller on ebay that had them at a bargain price I have thought about getting one! Most people who own one have said they are brilliant so I need one in my life! And finally the body boost spray. I used to have this and loved the smell and what it did to my hair! I think the S factor range is really great and want to try a load more products!

Much Love

I'm quite picky when it comes to bags, clutch bags in particular. Now Im not one to go on nights out everyweek but there are the special occassions where a smaller bag is required, and on those occassions I will favour a clutch!  I dont own that many (due to the fact im pretty picky I guess!) but when I found this little gem I knew I had to share it with you.

For ages I had been looking for a decent sized neutral clutch bag, that could be used at various occassions. I came across many envelope style clutches and oversized ones but none of them really grabbed my attention, or I just felt that the price the shops were asking for were a just a little bit too much for what I would actually be getting.  I was browsing H&M as you do when you make a detour on the way to the gym and came across this little gem among the make up/wash bags. As soon as I saw it I knew it would be mine. Neutral (tick), Large-ish (tick) Pretty cut out pattern (Bonus tick) Then I looked at the price.. £4.99.. Bargain! It's lined (obviously as its real purpose is to hold toiletries and be prepared for any spillages) Rather roomy. I can easily fit a small purse, phone, a few bits of makeup for touch ups and even.. a pair of flipflops for my tired feet! :-)

So there you have it guys! If you're hunting for something particular, think outside the box and look elsewhere in the shop. You might find what you are looking for! :-)

Much Love

I am a bit behind with this post so firstly I apologise! A few weeks ago I was invited along to the launch of the newly refurbished beauty hall at Debenhams in The Oracle, Reading. Along with some of the current brands getting fancy counter makeovers, two new brands were introduced to the hall ; Urban Decay and Bare Minerals. We were greated with champagne and various counters had some sweet treats for us all to indulge in. We were left to mingle our way around the department, swatching products at any given opportunity and chatting with the lovely girls working there. The Dior counter had brought in their national makeup artist Dominik Sacchetti to give customers makeover's while Hannah (Dior Counter manager) talked the crowd through how to achieve each look while Dominik got to work.


After having a bit of a mooch around the counters, I headed over to the sparkly new Bare Minerals counter to meet with Satty the lovely girl working on the counter. Bare Minerals is a brand I had always been intrigued about but had never tried out their products. The thought of using mineral powder to conceal and then as a foundation baffled me. Would I really achieve the look I like without my beloved heavy coverage liquid foundations? Satty and I had a little chat about the event first, she was so friendly (counter girls arent scary!) We then set about getting to business. First we dicussed my skin type so that she could use the correct products on my face to prime it before we set to work to make me beautiful! 

She used the Prime Time Brightening foundation primer and the BareVitamins Eye Re-ver-upper on me. Unfortunately at the time of the event a lovely little blemish decided to make an appearrance on my chin, Satty used the BareMinerals Blemish Remedy on it, this nifty little product reduced the redness of said spot and also prevents further breakouts, bonus! Once I had been colour matched (light FYI) She proceeded with using the appriate products for my transformation! Using the BareMinerals concealer in shade 'Bisque' She concealed that pesky blemish on my chin as well as any redness around my nose and dark circles under my eyes. You really didnt need a lot of product to do this. Meaning the 2g pots of product would last you such a long time! The coverage was really good. I was actually pretty shocked. Like I said before I never thought you could get it with mineral powders. Following this Satty used the Original SPF15 Foundation in 'Light' all over my skin. Literally taking the smallest amount of powder, swirling it around in the lid of the pot, then buffing it into my skin. As I had explained to her my bewilderment at the fact a powder could provide good coverage, she only did half of my face so I could see the difference.. well I could definately see a difference! I couldnt believe the coverage. There and then it got me thinking... 'Jeeze! I need to get some of this!'  As a final step for my base she applied the BareMinerals blush in 'Lovely' and a combination of the Mineral Veil and Flawless Radiance to finish my base. 


For my eyes, we decided to just go wild and do a look that I wasnt used to even though I was drawn by some of their neutral/gold shades! Satty wanted to introduce me to their new collection of eyeshadows from the 'READY' Collection. Unlike the original collection of BareMinerals products that are mainly loose powder based, the products in this range are in pan form.. Meaning they are more suitable for getting made up on the go! No powder spillages here! The eyeshadows come in either Quads or Duos. We decided to go for a very dramatic smokey eye - (something I havent been able to achieve myself without it resulting in looking like I'd been punched in the face) So I was looking froward to seeing it done properly by Satty. The Eyeshadow duo used was called 'The Last Call'' and featured two blue shades "On The Rocks" (Electric Blue) and "Shaken Not Stirred" (Dark Navy Blue with shimmer). For a base she used the Prime Time Primer Shadow. These can be used on their own for a wash of colour over the lid or under other shadows to make them more intense. 'On The Rocks' it was applied all over my eyelid, this is a very bright colour, so in order to make the look into a smokey eye, Satty simply too the darker shade of 'Shaken not stirred' and used it on the outter corner of my eye and around the socket, blending the two shades together on the edges. Resulting in a beautiful dark, dramatic smokey eye. Using the Weather everything Liner Sealer mixed with a black mineral eyeshadow, Satty lined my upper eyelid with a subtle flick and then finished off with a couple of coats the Flawless Definition Mascara.


Ha how serious do I look in that last picture! As you can see it is a very edgy smokey eye, perfect for a night out! I really loved it, and I dont look like I've been punched in the face! Always a winner in my books when going for a dramatic smokey eye! It's much better than what I could have done. Overall my experience with the Bare Minerals counter at Debenhams in the Oracle, Reading was great. The whole evening was fun in fact. At the time I hadnt been paid so couldnt pick any of the products Satty used on me, even though I was really tempted to get the Get Started Complexion kit! - I've now added quite a few items to my birthday wishlist! If you live in the area or are visiting Reading any time soon, I advice you to go and have a mooch around and check out the counters. I spoke to a lot of the girls and they were all lovely!

Much Love