A bargain from Zara

Monday, 30 July 2012


Firstly I am really sorry there was no ins and outs post yesterday, I was just so busy! Back on track next week I promise! :-) Nothing much that is exciting has happened in the past week anyway aprart from the Olympics starting!! Anyways.. I am really loving statement necklaces at the moment. When I saw this one hanging up all by itself in Zara a few weeks ago, I knew I needed to have it.. even better when I got to the till and found out it was only £3.99 instead of £15.99! My mum thinks is horrible but I love it!

When the Zara sale went live the a few weeks ago I wasnt too fussed. There were a couple of things that caught my eye but nothing that I really needed. (Sensible Leanne!) I sometimes think its best to shop when the hype of the sale has died down a bit. Not only do items get reduced down in price even further, there may be some gems hiding away in there waiting for you to find them. I've noticed there are still a few  bits and bobs avaliable in stores in the sale, bit it really is down to the last little dreggs now, well done to you if you manage to find something amazing still lurking around!. I do admit though that sale shopping is so much easier online rather than in store You dont get hot and bothered or annoyed at how untidy the shop has got! If its avaliable you can order it within a few clicks, and if you know which day it goes live you can stay up till 1 minute past midnight to be there first grabbing the bargains! Ahh isnt online shopping just the best!

Much Love