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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Every so often I have a wardrobe crisis. Well not a crisis, but I'm sure Im not the only one to have those moments when you just want to do a huge overhaul of the clothes you own and sort of start fresh. That's how I am feeling at the moment with my work wardrobe. I'll be honest, my work is pretty laid back in regards to what I can wear, I can go in looking casual every day if I want. My boss doesnt mind (well nothing ever gets said!) However, I kinda feel as though I need to create my self a 'work wardrobe' You know those few key pieces that are worn for work and not social occassions. I want to start keeping things seperate.

I really like how blouses and shirts can be worn dressed up or down. So if I am having a day when I am feeling super smart and sophisticated, I can just throw on a blouse with a black skirt or trousers and feel really smart. Then for the days where I feel a bit more casual (Aka : Cant be bothered) a pair of skinny jeans and ballet flats combined with a nice blouse or shirt will do fine.


These are the more work appropriate monochrome blouses that have caught my eye. All of which I feel would work well with both my 'feeling smart' or 'feeling causal' work days. I especially love the middle one, the bib details are so cute! 


This are the more fun shirts that have caught my eye. I am really loving these animal print style shirts at the moment. They are just so cute! I particularly love the swan one in the middle! These kind of shirts would be best for my 'casual' days. However I could see myself not limiting these ones to work wear only! I'd want to wear them all the time! 

If you are thinking of making a purchase on ASOS, I do have a discount code for 10% and free next day delivery. Basically, pretend it's your birthday and use the code  JULBDAY2012 (Valid till 31st July.)

I am now off to check my bank balance and see if I can treat myself to one of these shirts :-)

Much Love


  1. I love my swan print shirt, and have just put the racoons and the squirrels on my wishlist!:)

  2. literally addicted to blouses at the moment!

    thanks for the code :) xo

  3. Alyssa Longobucco19 July 2012 at 16:01

    I was so late to the game discovering ASOS but now I'm obsessed. The blouses you chose are so cute--love the raccoon one!

    -AlyssaThe Glossy Life

  4. Squirrel and racoon print blouses?! I need them! So cuute :)

  5. Those animal printed blouses are soo cute! I saw the swan print one on there last week and really liked it, but I think I like that squirrel print one even more! 

    Sam x

  6. kayleigh sarris20 July 2012 at 10:09

    Love the racoon print shirt! <3

    Thanks for the code too :-)

    Kayleigh x


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