Empties : June 2012

Monday, 9 July 2012


Empties posts/videos are a big hit at the moment. About a year ago I tempted a 'project bathroom' mission and i did okay.. for about two months and then the whole plan fizzled out a bit! However, doing an empties post is a great way to track what you are using up without feeling pressured to use up a certain number of products each month. Although I see some posts/videos and do think to myself 'Bloody hell, how have they used up all that stuff in one month?!' Anyone else think this when they see them?
 It's a great way to share with others some quick thoughts on what you thought of the products and if you would repurchase. So lets get started with what I used up in June shall we?

No word of a lie this is probably my 5th or 6th bottle. I've repurchased it so many times that I have actually lost track! Its a fab little eyemakeup remover that removes even the most stubborn of mascaras. I probably will repurchase (although I am tempted to try out Bioderma), slightly gutted to see its gone up to £3.99 from about £3 though! Every penny counts when you are saving for a wedding dontcha know! ;-) 

Big and Beautiful Voumising Shampoo & Conditioner 
Honestly, I couldnt wait to finish these up (to be honest there's a little bit left in each tube but I really couldnt use them anymore!). I really hated them! I had picked them up in the reduced section of Superdrug.. now I know why they were there! Neither of them did anything for my hair in terms of volume they just made my hair feel so gross and dry. :-( Wouldnt repurchase.

Percy and Reed Moisturising conditioner 
I got this free with a magazine a while ago, maybe it was Glamour? I cant remember! Anyways I love it. Smells lovely! (Reminds me of that baby smell, dont know why!) It left my hair feeling really conditioned and soft, it was just lovely. I am quite tempted to purchase this alongside the shampoo and see they can work wonders on my hair! I was really impressed, only downside is that it's pretty pricey £16 for a 250ml bottle. My purse says 'ouch'  

I'm sorry Aussie, I really wanted to love this, but it didnt give me any volume at all!  Do hair products 'go off'? I admit I had this in my drawer for quite a while before I started using it, so maybe that effected it? I dont know. I'm glad it's all used up though & wont repurchase. Now I am on the hunt for a good volumising mousse. If you have any suggestions please leave a comment! 

These were given to me by Robyn after she used a couple and they didnt agree with her skin. I found they are okay to quickly wipe away some makeup before getting into your proper skin care regime. However I didnt use them much on  and around my eyes as it stung a bit. For me they are a bit pricey for what I use them for. I dont use face wipes to completely remove my makeup, just a quick swipe and then onto my C&P! I'd rather just buy some cheaper ones which do a better job and dont sting me! Wouldnt repurchase these.

So there you have it, my June Empties.. I apologise that it has come across as a bit of a moany/this is a rubbish product kinda post! But hey, thats one main feature of these types of posts, discussing if you would repurchase and your thoughts! I'd love to be able to include some makeup items in these posts.. I am currently on a mission to try and use up some foundation, I think my JK foundation is nearing its end so maybe that will appear in next months post! 

Much Love