Favourites : June 2012

Monday, 16 July 2012


So after a bit of a negative 'Empties' post I figured it would be best to post my favourites as soon as possible with a more positive note! I now make lists throughout the month of products I am loving so it's a lot easier come the start of the next month to get these posts together - Check me out being Miss Organised!

This was kindly sent to me to try a couple of months ago, but back then I was on a bit of an anti straighten/curling mission with my hair. After I had that break I gradually started to introduce heat back onto my hair ensuring that whenever I did, I used this for my heat protectant. The smell alone of this product is amazing, but I think thats the case with most of their products (I reviewed their intensive care treatment here) so I instantly loved it. In regards to protecting my hair, I have found that my hair is less dry after straigtening than before, which may have something to do with this product, well I like to think that anyway!

As I have been straightening and curling my hair again I figured I would invest in this wonder product that everyone swears by. I use it once a week on my hair to give it a little bit of a treat after all the styling throughout the week. It smells lovely and leaves my hair feeling really soft after using, it also makes it less tangled when I get out of the shower which is a bonus!

I got this in one of my Glossyboxes earlier in the year, I cant remember which month. I love coconut as it always reminds me of holidays! I've been loving this body wash, it lathers really well with both a body polisher and exfoliating gloves. The scent lingers on my skin for a bit after washing but not all day. It's not that expensive really at just under a fiver so I would be tempted to buy another bottle when this one runs out!

I loooove this MSF, after giving my No 7 highlighter a bit of rest I decided to pay a bit of attention to my other highlighters instead. It gives the perfect highlight on your cheeks and I always get asked what I am wearing to give me a pretty glow. I still have so much of this MSF left, it's going to last me ages.

I bought this because it was hyped up, not going to lie, that was why I bought it. You cant really see in the photo but I have already used a lot of this up.. Could this be the first nail polish I properly use up? Due to the wide brush and the fact it dries so quickly it was my go to shade. Being such a simple colour too meant I could jazz it up if I wanted with numurous glitter shades as well!

Vivo Blush in Peaches and Cream.
This is a re discovered fave. I hadnt used this blush in quite literally months. Then I saw it sat there in my draw going unloved, so figured I would start using it again and I am glad I did, it is lovely! Such a pretty peach colour perfect for everyday and such a bargain at only a fiver!

What were you loving in June? If you have done a favourites post, link it in the comments so I can have a read!

On a side note... It's my birthday tomorrow.. 24 years old! Eek!
Much Love