Outfit : Cutouts and Polkadots.

Monday, 23 July 2012

Shirt - c/o Glamorous UK
Jeans - Miss Selfridge
Bag - Ted Baker.
Sometimes.. Okay a lot of the time I really cant be bothered to faff around with making sure I look all 'put together' with my outfits whether it be for work, meeting friends or even just chilling at home. Chances are a lot of the time I've written my blog posts sat in a pair of Toms trackies and one of his hoodies (Wanna see an outfit post of that? ;-p). We cant be glam all the time. However I always think a oversized shirt of some sort plus skinny jeans and some ballet flats is the lazy but chic way of going about things when you cant really be that bothered to make an effort but you want to look a bit nice.

I wore this to work last Friday. Now as you may have noticed from a few instagram pics my work isnt very strict with what I can wear. Pretty much I can wear whatever I like, which is handy sometimes when I really want to wear something new it means I dont have to wait till the weekend when I am being social. But on the otherhand sometimes I do wish I had some kind of uniform as it makes work clothes and social clothes seperate - anyone else like this? This is a topic I touched on in last Thursdays post.

This shirt was sent to me from Glamorous. On me it does look slightly oversized, to be honest I could have got the size down from this but I like the look how it looks, It's also handy for covering up any food babies! I really love the cut out detail on the collar, I swear my Mum is planning on swiping this shirt from me because as soon as I showed her it she wanted to know where it was from and continued to tell me that she liked it. I did get some of the guys at work trying to be funny by saying 'Err they forgot to finish off your top' remarks but clearly they just arent with the times girls!

There's a fair few things I have my eye on from Glamorous at the moment. I may have to make some cheeky purchases when Payday rolls around on Friday! :-)

Much Love