Outfit : Lace and Leather.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Jacket - Miss Selfridge
Dress - c/o Shelikes.com
Boots - New Look.

This is a typical 'Leanne' outfit. On the days when I really dont know what to wear I usually opt for some kind of dress or tunic, tights, ankle boots and then my trusty Stud jacket. I have to apologise for my hair in the above photos, it's not looking it's best but this was after a full day at work!

The dress was sent to me by Shelikes I was really impressed with the quality of it. In the past I have purchased dresses similar to this style and they have always felt very thin and cheap, this one however feels much nicer. The best thing was that  the underskirt layer of it isnt actually seethrough which is a bonus! I've had other dresses where I have actually questioned whether there was any point having something else under neath the lace detail, It's always a bit of a downer when you realise people can see just how high you've pulled up your tights to try and suck your tum in a bit! haha.

Like I said, as always I paired it with my go to jacket. Everyone always asks where it is from and I have found one similar in Zara which I have linked above, however the price tag isnt cheap! Mine is from Miss Selfridge and if you dont want to shell out for the Zara one then I suggest picking up a plain black on from MS and then DIY the studs yourself. Easy Peasy! 

Also thank you to those of that that wished me a happy birthday! :-) 
Have you shopped at SheLikes before?

Much Love