Project Samples : Update #1

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

I figured it was time to do a little update on how my little 'Project Samples' challenge was going (Read about it here) I admit I could have used up a lot more samples in the time between writting that post and now. I'll be honest, I keep forgetting to use them up and my attention has been more on my full sized items I want to finish. However I have used a few of the sachets as you can see above, which I am pleased about. I would imagine if I hadnt set myself this little challenge then these sachets would still be sat in a draw, not seeing the light of day!

Obviously with them being small samples I cant give them massive reviews but I'll give you my quick thoughts on each of them.

Ojon damage reverse restorative Shampoo.
You get a fair bit of shampoo in each sachet. Enough for me to use one sachet per shower (I shampoo my hair twice and then condition.) The scent didnt wow me. I didnt find these lathered up as much as I would like but they did the job. Obviously I only used them a couple of times so cant comment on whether any repairing happened to my hair!

 Loreal Elvive Full restore replenishing masque.
I really liked this! At first I wasnt sure there would be enough in the sachet to cover all my hair but there was - Just. It left my hair feeling so soft and smooth and looking much healthier after one wash. I was really impressed and may pick this up in a full sized tub in the near future!

Niva Pure and Natural body lotion
I used these samples on my legs, I just had enough to use one sachet per leg. The scent wasnt too overpowering and the lotion sank into my skin relatively quickly. I think I would purchase this, however I have so many lotions I need to use up, I wont need to buy any for a while!

L'Occitane Volumising Conditioner.
I really did not like this. It made my hair feel so dry and horrible. I like thick conditioners and this was very thin in consistancy and just reminded me of a very cheap conditioner. As for volumising.. I saw no difference.

Thierry Mugler 'Alien' Shower Gel.
You got a lot in this sample, it was filled right up to the top. I used it with a body polisher and it lathered up really well. The scent was true to the perfume and lingered on my skin. I think it would be a great addition to have if you wear the perfume often and want the scent to linger all day.

So there you go, my thoughts on some of these samples. I admit it felt quite nice to use these up. I know they dont take up lots of space like my full sized items, that are taking over everywhere but it still was felt good to actually finish something up! Is anyone else doing this little challenge? I know Charli is. (Check out her post here) Hopefully I will use up some showergels and more body lotion samples next.

Much love