Outfit : Playsuits and Jackets

Thursday, 30 August 2012


Playsuit c/o Republic
Jacket  - Miss Selfridge (They now have this exact one in stock but with long sleeves! Go go go)
Tights - Primark?
Hair styled with totem styler (1-1-1) then brushed out. 

Just another outfit of the day for you (what an original blog post title!), This is what I wore to work yesterday. You've probably seen this particular outfit crop up on my instagram feed quite a few times. That is because it is a safe option to just chuck on when I am running a bit late for work! - Don't we all have those 'Go to' outfits for work? (unless you have a uniform of course!)
I am happy to say that MS have brought out this jacket again for A/W. However this years style has long sleeves - which I think part of me would like as it means no cold arms when its nearer the end of the year! I've linked it above if anyone is interested. Its £69 which is about £20 more than I payed for mine. Damn these price increases...but then again they have used more fabric and time to create the longer sleeves on this one!

Did anyone watch the paralympics opening ceremony last night? I did! I'm so excited! Tom and I are going along to it on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th next week! We are watching the Equestrian, Swimming, Athletics, Shooting & Wheelchair basketball. We also got an all day pass for the Excel on the Tuesday. So I think that means that if there are any spare seats going for Wheelchair table tennis or some other event that is going on, we will be allowed to pop in and watch! - Not sure if that will happen though as Ive heard all the tickets have sold out? First time ever in paralympics history! wooo! I was thinking about filming some of it. Not proper vlogging or anything but if I filmed some bits and put them all together would you be interested to see that? I might give it a go if its something people would be interested in! Let me know in the comments!

Another little bit of rambling for you.. I was thinking about opening up some sidebar space for ads. Now you all know I do my Few to follow posts on a Friday so I wouldn't specifically say this 'space' would be to advertise blogs because i love doing my friday posts and don't want to stop those. (however if you really wanted to pimp out your blog  on the sidebar then that's up to you and you can contact me if you wish) I was thinking more along the lines as space for your independent shops you may have alongside your blog. A lot of the time I see sidebar ads for blogs and not so often for the shops I know some bloggers have on the side.
If anyone is interested please drop me an email to discuss! (Rates would be super cheap, like £3 for the month for bloggers shops)

Much love

When I get bored, I play around with nail art. It's something I have only recently got into but I really enjoy it. I'm always trying to think of new designs to do. You may have already seen me post about this ladybird nail art on Instagram But I thought I would do a quick and easy nail art tutorial for you. Really this design is so simple to do! This post is also featured over at Republics The Edit blog today! 


1. Paint all your nails with a red nail polish shade of your choice

2. Take a black nail polish and add the 'head' of the ladybug and the line down the middle. I just used the brush from the nail varnish for the 'head' and then used a kirby grip to do the line down the body.

3. Using the same kirby grip add the spots on either side. They dont have to be even in number or size. Just do whatever you can fit on your nail.

4. Finish off by adding two white dots at the end of your nail for eyes. Then go over with a top coat and you are done!

See it really is that simple, and doesn't take that long to do at all! I hope you enjoyed this quick step by step ladybird nail art tutorial and that it was easy to follow!


Much Love

Urban Decay All Nighter Spray £19 - Debenhams

Setting sprays are a product that I think every beauty blogger either owns or has at least have tried out. I was a bit late to this party but I finally decided to give it a go and purchase the Urban Decal All Nighter setting spray after hearing a fair few people praise it.

I'm not a big sufferer of makeup dissapearing from my face during the day I never have to reapply my entire face or blot away any oil, however the idea that my makeup will stay relatively decent from when I first apply it to when I take it off at night and help avoid any product fading/rubbing off, obviously was appealing!As a lot of you are probably aware ( my IRL friends are anyway) I fill in/create my eyebrows using my HD brow kit. Now there have been occasions where Ive checked myself out in the mirror (not in that way!) and found that half of one eyebrow has worn away slightly not looking quite so prominant as the other! This is really annoying - especially when I havent got my brow kit to hand to top up my brow!

This is the main reason why I bought the Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray. I wanted to see if it would a) keep my eyebrows in place and b) Keep my makeup as a whole looking fresh and c) just see if it really was as good as everyone said it was.  I have to say I have been really impressed! I'll be honest and say that my makeup doesnt look EXACTLY like it did at 7:30am when I apply it (but I never expected it to), however it does keep it looking pretty good. I dont get home and look at myself in the mirror and think 'Argh I look like I have no makeup on!'  My eyebrows stay in place - the only times they fade is if I've had an itchy eyebrow and because I itched my eyebrow, it wore away! (That sounds a bit grim!). Overall I am glad I purchased it and I feel the price tag is really worth it. It seems to last forever. Ive had my bottle for about 2 months now and theres still loads left!

The product disperses evenly from the spray pump. Sometimes product can just shoot out quickly, which isn't what you want when directing this at your face. However the Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray comes out in a fine mist, meaning you can pump the product towards your face easily. It only takes 2 pumps to cover my entire face. I do 1 spray diganonally across my face and repeat in the opposite direction. Then one final spray directly in front of my face. This ensures that I have got all angles of my face covered and makeup wont vanish from areas that I may have missed.  It does feel a bit wet on your skin when you first spray, however this quickly sinks into the skin and then it doesnt feel as though you have added anything on top of your makeup. If you've ever gone a bit heavy handed on the powder this setting spray sorts that out for you and reduces the cakey-ness! 

Have you tried the Urban Decay All Nighter makeup setting spray?

Much Love
With the last few festivals approaching rapidly, it's a given that those attending will be putting together their outfits for the weekends. Let's all be honest, we do take our time to plan what we are going to wear to a festival - Well I think most girls do. Its like an unofficial fashion show, you could take fancydress outfits, strategically plan what you are going to wear each day, or if you are like me. Attempt to pack light by taking a few key items with you.

I, along with some other local bloggers were asked to take park in The Oracle's £100 festival challenge to put together a look with the gift voucher provided. I decided to try and get my moneys worth and put together more than one look. Thanks to the sales that are still around I was able to pick up a fair few items to create 3 different outfits. All three of these outfits are based around a key item of clothing. This being a denim shirt. These have been really popular in recent months and I know a lot of people own one or more so I figured it would be a good item to style.

Day 1 : Travelling to the festival/Getting settled in.
Jeans (£35) - Miss Selfridge
Denim Shirt (£25)  - Zara
Converse look a likes (£7.00) - New Look

Outfit total cost : £67.00

I know jeans are a no go at festivals most of the time, but for the first day before the bands start I think they are okay to wear. You are only going to be travelling to your destination, setting up your camp and then spending the evening around the food stalls/campsite/funfair (they had this at V) You don't necessarily need to be thinking about being practical. I decided to hop on the double denim trend here, pairing the shirt with the jeans. Not everyones cup of tea, but thanks to the distinctive difference in colour between the two denim items I think this look works well. I just chucked on a trusty straw trilby and some converse look a likes to finish the look.

Day 2 : First Official festival day! 
Denim Shirt (£25) - Zara
Vest Top (£2.99) - New Look
Leggings (£5.99) - H&M
Straw Trilby (£2.00) - New Look 
Wellies - 'Models' own 

Outfit total : £35.98

Now, we are in the UK. The weather is unpredictable so for this look I went for something quite suitable for our 'summer' days. A simple leggings and long vest combo with the denim shirt. I find leggings a nicer alternative to trousers or jeans as they are much more lightweight, so if the sun does come out you don't feel as though you are baking hot! The long vest is a given. It's simple and if you're feeling creative you could customise it with neon paints to get into the festival mood! The denim shirt comes to the rescue if it's a bit colder than anticipated. Perfect to throw on over your outfit to act as a lightweight jacket. Even if you don't wear it during the day you will be thankful you have it with you come the evening. I admit Ive gone to a festival and its completely forgotten that it does get colder in the evening, so you will need some kind of cover up! The Straw hat is a given because not everyone wakes up with perfect hair after sleeping in a tent! This look can be worn with either your converse look a likeys or wellies. Depending if the weather has been kind to you! Obviously you can make this look your own with accessories, jewellery, face paint, glitter! This is just a base outfit for you to then adapt in your own way!


Day 3 : Last Festival day
Playsuit (£10) - Republic
Denim Shirt - (£35) - Zara
Wellies - 'Models' Own.
 Sunglasses - 'Models' Own

Outfit total £45.00

This look is something that I would wear if the weather is kind to us on the day but during the previous night it chucked it down - hence the wellies! I don't know anyone who doesn't own wellies if they are going to a  festival. I already had these so they weren't included in my 'budget'. I know playsuits may not be the most practical of items of clothing to wear to a festivals (hiya portaloos) but I thought this one looked cute and at a bargain £10 it had to be mine! This is quite a typical festival look with the wellies/trilby and some kind of patterned playsuit or dress. I just need a paper cup in one hand and a burger in the other to complete the look!


Day 4 : Going home. 

This is a little of a jokey outfit, an afterthought of mine when taking my outfit photos. On your very last day travelling home.. lets be honest. You don't care what you look like. So this would be me, in the car en route home. And yes I'd probably walk around the services like this too to pick up the obligatory fast food on the go meal.  Leggings or jeans from 2 days ago, big socks, a vest top, minging dirty hair in a topknot and most probably sporting one of Tom's hoodys

So there you have it my 3 festival looks all bought with £100! How do you think I did with this challenge? Total spend was £87.98. Not bad!

Much Love
I saw this nail art technique a while ago on pinterest and made a mental note to try it out at some point. (Pinterest is such an amazing site to get nail art inspiration, if you havent signed up then you should right now!) I decided to give it a go a couple of weeks ago, and posted a photo of the finished result on Instagram. It was a big hit so thought I would share with you how I created marble nail art without the water mess.

You will need the following :

A white base colour 
2 or more colour polishes
A topcoat. 
Cotton Buds


First take your base colour and paint your nails. I did two coats of Essie Fiji.


Once dry take your coloured polishes and randomly dot the polish over the nail. You dont need to be neat, or have a set pattern, the dots can be overlapping, thick and gloopy. In fact the thicker the better.


The next step is to take your clingfilm and  simply place it over your nail. You then want to press lightly on top of this to make all the dots of colour merge together. This is what creates the marbled effect. Depending on whether you are happy with the look acheived, you can repeat this step if there is too much nail polish on your nail or you want it to be even more marbled. If you can try to keep the polish on your nail rather than on your fingers, however if you do this isnt a problem.
When you have removed your clingfilm, if you are quick enough you can clear up some of the mess around your nail if you do have any. I used a cotton bud to do this.  The barry M colours I used were quite watery meaning that it was quite easy to tidy up quickly. 


I then wait a minute or two just to ensure that the colours have dried slightly and apply a top coat. If the colours arent completely dry - dont worry, it may mean they merge more into one another when you apply the topcoat. Therefore you get an even better marbled effect. 

And there you have it! A pretty quick and easy Marble nail art tutorial! I apologise for the state of my cuticles in these photos! It was one of those, ah look at them! Moments once you've uploaded the photos to your laptop, but the lazy side of me couldnt be bothered to re photograph the nails. Sorry! Let me know if you give these a try in the comments!


Much Love


There are girls out there that love to be tanned all the time, I am one of them... however I am lazy. Fake tanning for me seems like so much effort, so I only really do it if there is some kind of special occassion like a birthday night out, wedding or some sort of fancy gathering going on. Other than that I stick to my natural colour. I am not  really pale, but I do feel a bit ghostly if I have to get my legs out without any colour on them!

One main reason as to why I dont tan that often is those hard to reach places..basically..your back. Everytime I fake tan I either tan as much as I can reach and just leave a big gap, remembering not to wear anything that will show off a big white patch. Or I ask someone to help me out. Usually that someone is Tom or one of my sisters, all of whom dislike having to do it for me (even if they dont tell me this, I can just tell!) So when I saw this Soltan Beautiful Bronze Self-Tan back applicator I knew I had to get it to give it a whirl.
It's basically a long plastic stick which bends slightly, with a small tanning mitt on the end! It retails for £3.99 which I feel is a pretty reasonable price, in the box you do recieve a additional mitt for the end. However for those than tan on a regular basis, there is no need to worry you can buy replacement tanning mitts in packs of 3. The back applicator promises streak free, natural looking tan with no mess. I was going to put this to the test.

Having a wedding to attend last friday I took my tanning supplies out and got to work. Firstly using a regular tanning mitt to apply all the easy to reach places. Then it was time to give the Self-Tan Back applicator a go. Now, There arent really any instructions avaliable telling you how to use it, but I mean, come on its simple ennough right? I put some self tan on the small mitt and started to apply. I wont lie... this was hard. Im not the least co-ordinated person, but having such a small surface span to work with did prove quite difficult. The tan kinda stayed in one section, then with rubbing/sweeping movements I attempted to spread it over my back. Did it do what I wanted it to do? Well no not really, it just made a big mess, The plastic parts of the applicator just removed the tan from my skin, meaning that if I wasnt paying attention to what I was doing I would have had a very streaky back.

It really wasnt working for me, so I decided to take my regular tanning mitt and pop it on the end of the self tan back applicator, to see if this would help the situation more as it would have a bigger surface span. Well it did. By doing this I was able to evenly (well from what I could see anyway) apply the tan to the hard to reach places on my back. The Soltan Beautiful Bronze Self Tan back applicator is a good idea, but it just doesnt work because of the tiny pad on the end. Ok its ok-ish at putting the self tan on your back if you cant reach, but to blend it evenly into the skin. Nah, its rubbish!

Basically if you can find someone to fake tan your back for you, just do that, They may moan that they have to do it, but it will be saving you a couple of quid. I wouldnt say that this applicator was worth it and there isnt that much point purchasing it really! So if you were thinking of giving it a go... just don't. ha!

Much Love

After my Seche vite went all gloopy and I ruined it further by stupidly adding nail varnish remover to it to try and bring it back to life (Seriously it works with other polishes!) I decided to admit defeat and purchase a new top coat. There are so many avaliable, but the words 'Mega Shine' caught my eye!

Now usually I cant keep the same colour on my nails for 10 days, but to put the claims of 'Keep manicures beautiful up to 10 days' I decided to see how long I could stick with the same colour for reviewing purposes!
I admit, this topcoat does give a nice shine to your nails and drys quickly. For me it took slightly longer than 60 seconds, maybe about 90. This could of course be because I applied it little too thickly perhaps. I will have to remember to make my application a bit thinner in the future to test the 60 second theory out.  As for keeping my nails beautiful for up to 10 days... well after about 2 days the nail polish began to wear away at the ends of my nails. Now of course, I work at a computer all day so tapping away at the keyboard isnt going to help really. However I never had this problem with Seche Vite, in fact my manicures stayed 'looking beautiful' for about 5 days, rather than the 2 or 3 (if im lucky) Sally Hansen Mega Shine gave me.

Another thing that is a bit annoying with this top coat is the packaging. The bottle is silver, therefore I cant actually see how much I have left in there. At the moment I dont need to worry as its still fairly new. But when it gets further down the line and I've used up a fair bit, it will be a problem. I like to know when I am running low so I can pop out and get a back up ready, unfortunately that isnt going to happen with this product and I will just have to guess!

I dont usually like to give negative reviews but I figured I would share my thoughts incase some of you were drawn in by the claims to keep your nails looking fab for a long period of time. The Mega Shine claims are true though, it does provide a good shiny top coat just a shame it doesnt keep my nails looking fresh for longer. I have to say I think I will have to return to my trusty SV, even though it pains me to spend so much on a top coat!

What's your fave top coat. Maybe you can recommend me one that is good and doesnt break the bank!

Much love

Outfit : Grey Marl & Leather

Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Stud Jacket - Miss Selfridge
Cross Dip hem tunic  - c/o Glamorous
Shoes - New Look

Yay another outfit post. What are your thoughts on me doing outfit posts, do you like, or shall I just stick to the beauty stuff? Answers on a postcard please!

These were some quick snaps before I headed out yesterday to a surprise get together shindig for one of my school friends. It had just started to rain, hence the not so smiley smiley photographs!

 Embracing my inner rock chick I paired this Grey cross dip hem vest tunic with my trusty faux leather (an obvious choice, I live in this jacket!) and some wedge shoes for a bit of height! Those of you that have been fortunate to have met me, know just how short I am. At a gigantic 4ft 11 means that sometimes certain items of clothing dont look the way they 'should' on me. This was the case with this tunic/top. As a vest, this came up way too long on me so I knew instantly a waist belt would add shape, shorten and add definition to the outfit. By whacking on the thin belt, hitching up the top half of the vest so it hung over the belt (still lining up with the bottom of the cross - I hope you've noticed, attention to detail and all that jazz!) it gave the tunic top a completely new look. It works best on me as a loose baggy dress rather than a vest top. The way I have styled it makes it shorter, therefore more flattering on my tiny frame. Therefore it looks as though I am wearing the tunic, not the tunic wearing me!

I shyed away from dip hems in the past but now with this tunic and another dip hem chiffon skirt (post to come if you want?) being recent additions to my wardrobe, I am slowly coming around to the idea that I can infact pull this style off even though I am a very short human being!  ;-)

Much Love

The sideswept curl hair-do. More elegant than a simple pony, much more polished than informal cascading curls, no wonder it is a popular favourite on the red carpet. Such a gorgeous style that suits all hair colours and lengths, a style that looks effortless but glam. Of course, this would be my 'do' of choice if I ever had the chance to walk the red carpet..or a wedding... ;-)

Immediate PR have provided me with 3 products from the Schwarzkopf Colour Brilliance range to re-create an iconic red carpet look. The range of salon-professional products are designed to provide you with style, hold, shine and of course protect your colour treated tresses. We all want to have gorgeous healthy hair, you just try to point me in the direction of a girl who doesn't! Being someone who regularly uses dye on my hair these are a welcome addition to my bathroom.

So, if you haven't gathered already, I chose to recreate the sideswept curls style. Its something that I feel you don't need to be an expert to do on yourself. There's nothing worse than browsing magazines, or online..seeing a style you like, and then feeling a bit rubbish when you realise there's no way you could re-create that look on yourself. Never fear girls. This is a easy peasy style that you can recreate to feel like the ultimate celeb next time you have a fancy do!

What you will need....

Schwarzkopf Color Brilliance Mousse | Schwarzkopf Color Brilliance Hairspray | Schwarzkopf Color Brilliance Extreme Gloss Spray

Tongs - Enrapture Totem Styler Pictured. | Tail Comb | Kirby Grips | Pretty hair pins.

The first thing I need to tell you is that this works best on 2nd day hair. When creating an updo, especially when involving curls/waves it's best not to do it when you have just washed your hair. Yes you've made it all silky and soft with your conditioner and hair masque. However your style will last longer and hold better (with the added help of these products of course) if your hair has a bit of dirt in it! Gross I know but its true! So the day before you want to debut your celebrity hair you need to wash, condition.. towel dry and then apply your color brilliance mousse. Style however you wish.. sleep on it... use some dry shampoo in the morning if you need to but do not wash it.


So you've got your 'dirty' hair ;-p, now you need to spray some heat protectant through it. Grab your hair tongs and curl it all. Your curls don't need to be neat, they don't need to all be the same size or going in the same direction. Just go for it. Don't worry if some come out as tight ringlets and some as loose curls. It doesn't matter. Once you have curled it all, give it a quick spritz using the color brillance hairspray. Not too much though, just enough to give that extra little bit of hold as next, we need to run our fingers through the curls to loosen them up a bit.

After admiring yourself in the mirror and realising how amazing your hair looks already (I joke!), decide which shoulder you want your hair to rest on and pull it to the side. Take some kirby grips and secure it at the back. When using kirby grips, fix them in a cross style in opposite directions, rather than side by side going in the same direction (I hope this makes sense I should have taken a photo really!) By doing so you are creating a much better hold and the kirby grips are less likely to slip out of your hair as they are stuck on top one another.


The next step is to create some volume. On the side that the curls fall, take your tail comb and backcomb your hair at the roots a little. I know backcombing is not brilliant for your hair, but as long as you don't do it all the time, you wont damage your hair that much. It's okay for special occasions! ;-)  You don't want to go overboard, just a little bit of lift so your hair isn't totally flat to your head!

At this point you should have some of the front sections of your hair still loose. Take some more kirby grips and mess around with the curls a bit, holding them back, until you are happy with the position to create the desired look. When I pulled my hair back, I pulled the strands back but pushed them up slightly to create a bit more volume. Then just like I did at the back of my head, secured the kirby grips in a cross to hold into place.

Once you are happy with how your hair looks. Take the colour brilliance hairspray and give your hair the once over. You want this style to last all night, but please refrain from going a bit hairspray crazy! It does give you great hold but unfortunately the downside to any hairspray is that it makes your hair look dull after using. This is where the color brilliance extreme gloss spray comes in. Spritz this gem of a product evenly 30cm away from your head, in short bursts all over your barnet.  For a final touch take your pretty kirby grips, or flowers - whichever you want to use and place them randomly throughout your curls. It adds that something extra to your red carpet style!

You then have your completed look..
 Oh god, look at those frown lines from concentrating so much on my hair!

So there you have it, the finished look! As you can see it looks really pretty and elegant. It is such an easy celebrity inspired look to do. Honestly anyone could do it! I'ts a hairstyle that would be perfect for a red carpet event, a wedding, a prom, any fancy occasion this would be a great updo to have. I have been really impressed with the Schwarzkopf products and will be doing some seperate indepth reviews on them individually in the near future!

Much Love

Favourites : July 2012

Wednesday, 1 August 2012


I actually can't believe I am doing my July Favourites post! Seems like only a couple of days ago I typed up my ones for June. How fast does this year want to go!? God it makes me think how much I need to organise for my wedding. Someone kick me up the bum will they and tell me to get organised!

Oh I love this palette. I go through phases of using this palette. Considering I wanted it for absolutely ages I dont know why I dont use it more often. However saying that, it was my go to palette during the whole of July. For work I would use Napal all over the eyelid. Then feeling a bit adventurous at the weekend I introduced the other darker colours for a soft smokey eye.I did drop it the other evening and smash the darkest shade. Fortunately it wasnt too much product that smashed so I still have a full-ish pan of eyeshadow left!

Stila convertable color in Petunia - Review here.
Again another product I go through phases with. Well, cream or powder blushers. This month I favoured a cream blush! I really love this product! If you want to know more about it then click the link above. I would be tempted to try out some of the other shades avaliable to be honest!

I got this when the No7 £5 off vouchers were knocking around. A lot of people have compared it to the Clarins one, but I havent used that so I dont know if its a good dupe or not if I am honest. This doesnt really have much of a colour payoff, but I do like to use it just to give a slight glossy look to my lips. Perfect for the days when I dont put that much effort into my makeup! - Yes I do do that sometimes!

17 Mirror Shine Lipstick - Belle.
Beehive was my favourite lipstick from this range for a loooong time. In fact it is the only lipstick I ever completely finished! Now that is saying something. However Belle is the shade I have been going for this month. It just gives me that little bit extra hint of colour without straying too far from my lips natural shade. I love the formulation of these lippies, they are just a dream to apply and look so glossy on your lips!

Caudalie SOS Thirst Quenching Moisture Serum.
I love this stuff! As mentioned in my Project Samples update #2 post, i had a sample of this from a glossybox and then won a full sized bottle too. I love this serum so much and my purse wont be happy but I think its a product I will continue to purchase. It really cleared up the dry patches I suffered with for ages around my nose. God I love it! I havent heard a bad thing said about this serum yet!

Do you have any of these products, what do you think of them?
If you have done a favourites of the month post ro video, please link it in the comments so I can see.

Much Love