Hair : Schwarzkopf Color BrillIance Silhouette competition entry.

Thursday, 2 August 2012


The sideswept curl hair-do. More elegant than a simple pony, much more polished than informal cascading curls, no wonder it is a popular favourite on the red carpet. Such a gorgeous style that suits all hair colours and lengths, a style that looks effortless but glam. Of course, this would be my 'do' of choice if I ever had the chance to walk the red carpet..or a wedding... ;-)

Immediate PR have provided me with 3 products from the Schwarzkopf Colour Brilliance range to re-create an iconic red carpet look. The range of salon-professional products are designed to provide you with style, hold, shine and of course protect your colour treated tresses. We all want to have gorgeous healthy hair, you just try to point me in the direction of a girl who doesn't! Being someone who regularly uses dye on my hair these are a welcome addition to my bathroom.

So, if you haven't gathered already, I chose to recreate the sideswept curls style. Its something that I feel you don't need to be an expert to do on yourself. There's nothing worse than browsing magazines, or online..seeing a style you like, and then feeling a bit rubbish when you realise there's no way you could re-create that look on yourself. Never fear girls. This is a easy peasy style that you can recreate to feel like the ultimate celeb next time you have a fancy do!

What you will need....

Schwarzkopf Color Brilliance Mousse | Schwarzkopf Color Brilliance Hairspray | Schwarzkopf Color Brilliance Extreme Gloss Spray

Tongs - Enrapture Totem Styler Pictured. | Tail Comb | Kirby Grips | Pretty hair pins.

The first thing I need to tell you is that this works best on 2nd day hair. When creating an updo, especially when involving curls/waves it's best not to do it when you have just washed your hair. Yes you've made it all silky and soft with your conditioner and hair masque. However your style will last longer and hold better (with the added help of these products of course) if your hair has a bit of dirt in it! Gross I know but its true! So the day before you want to debut your celebrity hair you need to wash, condition.. towel dry and then apply your color brilliance mousse. Style however you wish.. sleep on it... use some dry shampoo in the morning if you need to but do not wash it.


So you've got your 'dirty' hair ;-p, now you need to spray some heat protectant through it. Grab your hair tongs and curl it all. Your curls don't need to be neat, they don't need to all be the same size or going in the same direction. Just go for it. Don't worry if some come out as tight ringlets and some as loose curls. It doesn't matter. Once you have curled it all, give it a quick spritz using the color brillance hairspray. Not too much though, just enough to give that extra little bit of hold as next, we need to run our fingers through the curls to loosen them up a bit.

After admiring yourself in the mirror and realising how amazing your hair looks already (I joke!), decide which shoulder you want your hair to rest on and pull it to the side. Take some kirby grips and secure it at the back. When using kirby grips, fix them in a cross style in opposite directions, rather than side by side going in the same direction (I hope this makes sense I should have taken a photo really!) By doing so you are creating a much better hold and the kirby grips are less likely to slip out of your hair as they are stuck on top one another.


The next step is to create some volume. On the side that the curls fall, take your tail comb and backcomb your hair at the roots a little. I know backcombing is not brilliant for your hair, but as long as you don't do it all the time, you wont damage your hair that much. It's okay for special occasions! ;-)  You don't want to go overboard, just a little bit of lift so your hair isn't totally flat to your head!

At this point you should have some of the front sections of your hair still loose. Take some more kirby grips and mess around with the curls a bit, holding them back, until you are happy with the position to create the desired look. When I pulled my hair back, I pulled the strands back but pushed them up slightly to create a bit more volume. Then just like I did at the back of my head, secured the kirby grips in a cross to hold into place.

Once you are happy with how your hair looks. Take the colour brilliance hairspray and give your hair the once over. You want this style to last all night, but please refrain from going a bit hairspray crazy! It does give you great hold but unfortunately the downside to any hairspray is that it makes your hair look dull after using. This is where the color brilliance extreme gloss spray comes in. Spritz this gem of a product evenly 30cm away from your head, in short bursts all over your barnet.  For a final touch take your pretty kirby grips, or flowers - whichever you want to use and place them randomly throughout your curls. It adds that something extra to your red carpet style!

You then have your completed look..
 Oh god, look at those frown lines from concentrating so much on my hair!

So there you have it, the finished look! As you can see it looks really pretty and elegant. It is such an easy celebrity inspired look to do. Honestly anyone could do it! I'ts a hairstyle that would be perfect for a red carpet event, a wedding, a prom, any fancy occasion this would be a great updo to have. I have been really impressed with the Schwarzkopf products and will be doing some seperate indepth reviews on them individually in the near future!

Much Love