How to : Ladybird Nail Art Tutorial.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012


When I get bored, I play around with nail art. It's something I have only recently got into but I really enjoy it. I'm always trying to think of new designs to do. You may have already seen me post about this ladybird nail art on Instagram But I thought I would do a quick and easy nail art tutorial for you. Really this design is so simple to do! This post is also featured over at Republics The Edit blog today! 


1. Paint all your nails with a red nail polish shade of your choice

2. Take a black nail polish and add the 'head' of the ladybug and the line down the middle. I just used the brush from the nail varnish for the 'head' and then used a kirby grip to do the line down the body.

3. Using the same kirby grip add the spots on either side. They dont have to be even in number or size. Just do whatever you can fit on your nail.

4. Finish off by adding two white dots at the end of your nail for eyes. Then go over with a top coat and you are done!

See it really is that simple, and doesn't take that long to do at all! I hope you enjoyed this quick step by step ladybird nail art tutorial and that it was easy to follow!


Much Love