Outfit : Playsuits and Jackets

Thursday, 30 August 2012


Playsuit c/o Republic
Jacket  - Miss Selfridge (They now have this exact one in stock but with long sleeves! Go go go)
Tights - Primark?
Hair styled with totem styler (1-1-1) then brushed out. 

Just another outfit of the day for you (what an original blog post title!), This is what I wore to work yesterday. You've probably seen this particular outfit crop up on my instagram feed quite a few times. That is because it is a safe option to just chuck on when I am running a bit late for work! - Don't we all have those 'Go to' outfits for work? (unless you have a uniform of course!)
I am happy to say that MS have brought out this jacket again for A/W. However this years style has long sleeves - which I think part of me would like as it means no cold arms when its nearer the end of the year! I've linked it above if anyone is interested. Its £69 which is about £20 more than I payed for mine. Damn these price increases...but then again they have used more fabric and time to create the longer sleeves on this one!

Did anyone watch the paralympics opening ceremony last night? I did! I'm so excited! Tom and I are going along to it on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th next week! We are watching the Equestrian, Swimming, Athletics, Shooting & Wheelchair basketball. We also got an all day pass for the Excel on the Tuesday. So I think that means that if there are any spare seats going for Wheelchair table tennis or some other event that is going on, we will be allowed to pop in and watch! - Not sure if that will happen though as Ive heard all the tickets have sold out? First time ever in paralympics history! wooo! I was thinking about filming some of it. Not proper vlogging or anything but if I filmed some bits and put them all together would you be interested to see that? I might give it a go if its something people would be interested in! Let me know in the comments!

Another little bit of rambling for you.. I was thinking about opening up some sidebar space for ads. Now you all know I do my Few to follow posts on a Friday so I wouldn't specifically say this 'space' would be to advertise blogs because i love doing my friday posts and don't want to stop those. (however if you really wanted to pimp out your blog  on the sidebar then that's up to you and you can contact me if you wish) I was thinking more along the lines as space for your independent shops you may have alongside your blog. A lot of the time I see sidebar ads for blogs and not so often for the shops I know some bloggers have on the side.
If anyone is interested please drop me an email to discuss! (Rates would be super cheap, like £3 for the month for bloggers shops)

Much love