Review : Boots Soltan Beautiful Bronze Self-Tan Back Applicator

Monday, 13 August 2012


There are girls out there that love to be tanned all the time, I am one of them... however I am lazy. Fake tanning for me seems like so much effort, so I only really do it if there is some kind of special occassion like a birthday night out, wedding or some sort of fancy gathering going on. Other than that I stick to my natural colour. I am not  really pale, but I do feel a bit ghostly if I have to get my legs out without any colour on them!

One main reason as to why I dont tan that often is those hard to reach places..basically..your back. Everytime I fake tan I either tan as much as I can reach and just leave a big gap, remembering not to wear anything that will show off a big white patch. Or I ask someone to help me out. Usually that someone is Tom or one of my sisters, all of whom dislike having to do it for me (even if they dont tell me this, I can just tell!) So when I saw this Soltan Beautiful Bronze Self-Tan back applicator I knew I had to get it to give it a whirl.
It's basically a long plastic stick which bends slightly, with a small tanning mitt on the end! It retails for £3.99 which I feel is a pretty reasonable price, in the box you do recieve a additional mitt for the end. However for those than tan on a regular basis, there is no need to worry you can buy replacement tanning mitts in packs of 3. The back applicator promises streak free, natural looking tan with no mess. I was going to put this to the test.

Having a wedding to attend last friday I took my tanning supplies out and got to work. Firstly using a regular tanning mitt to apply all the easy to reach places. Then it was time to give the Self-Tan Back applicator a go. Now, There arent really any instructions avaliable telling you how to use it, but I mean, come on its simple ennough right? I put some self tan on the small mitt and started to apply. I wont lie... this was hard. Im not the least co-ordinated person, but having such a small surface span to work with did prove quite difficult. The tan kinda stayed in one section, then with rubbing/sweeping movements I attempted to spread it over my back. Did it do what I wanted it to do? Well no not really, it just made a big mess, The plastic parts of the applicator just removed the tan from my skin, meaning that if I wasnt paying attention to what I was doing I would have had a very streaky back.

It really wasnt working for me, so I decided to take my regular tanning mitt and pop it on the end of the self tan back applicator, to see if this would help the situation more as it would have a bigger surface span. Well it did. By doing this I was able to evenly (well from what I could see anyway) apply the tan to the hard to reach places on my back. The Soltan Beautiful Bronze Self Tan back applicator is a good idea, but it just doesnt work because of the tiny pad on the end. Ok its ok-ish at putting the self tan on your back if you cant reach, but to blend it evenly into the skin. Nah, its rubbish!

Basically if you can find someone to fake tan your back for you, just do that, They may moan that they have to do it, but it will be saving you a couple of quid. I wouldnt say that this applicator was worth it and there isnt that much point purchasing it really! So if you were thinking of giving it a go... just don't. ha!

Much Love


  1. Oh goody, about time they bought something like this out! I've never seen one before lol.
    I hate having a white patches after tanning too.

    Thanks for sharing, will definitely be picking this up next time I'm out shopping :)

    Laura xx

  2. lol I've been looking for a product like this for quite some time, usually I just put a tanning mitt over a wide hair brush to reach my back. If it's only £4 I may just have a wee go at this myself and see

  3. What a good idea! I normally have to leave a huge square of my back! I think I need one of these in my life! x

  4. Oh how annoy that this is naff! Sounded too good to be true!

  5. Charlotte Bradley14 August 2012 at 13:07

    such a shame that its crap! its a pretty cool idea

  6. Oh such a shame! I wish it was better, my bf is still my back tanner then.

  7. Awh such a shame, was so hopeful when I saw the post. Be really cool if someone could make something that worked

    Ellie | Misseblog xo

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