Review : Sally Hansen Mega Shine Top Coat.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012


After my Seche vite went all gloopy and I ruined it further by stupidly adding nail varnish remover to it to try and bring it back to life (Seriously it works with other polishes!) I decided to admit defeat and purchase a new top coat. There are so many avaliable, but the words 'Mega Shine' caught my eye!

Now usually I cant keep the same colour on my nails for 10 days, but to put the claims of 'Keep manicures beautiful up to 10 days' I decided to see how long I could stick with the same colour for reviewing purposes!
I admit, this topcoat does give a nice shine to your nails and drys quickly. For me it took slightly longer than 60 seconds, maybe about 90. This could of course be because I applied it little too thickly perhaps. I will have to remember to make my application a bit thinner in the future to test the 60 second theory out.  As for keeping my nails beautiful for up to 10 days... well after about 2 days the nail polish began to wear away at the ends of my nails. Now of course, I work at a computer all day so tapping away at the keyboard isnt going to help really. However I never had this problem with Seche Vite, in fact my manicures stayed 'looking beautiful' for about 5 days, rather than the 2 or 3 (if im lucky) Sally Hansen Mega Shine gave me.

Another thing that is a bit annoying with this top coat is the packaging. The bottle is silver, therefore I cant actually see how much I have left in there. At the moment I dont need to worry as its still fairly new. But when it gets further down the line and I've used up a fair bit, it will be a problem. I like to know when I am running low so I can pop out and get a back up ready, unfortunately that isnt going to happen with this product and I will just have to guess!

I dont usually like to give negative reviews but I figured I would share my thoughts incase some of you were drawn in by the claims to keep your nails looking fab for a long period of time. The Mega Shine claims are true though, it does provide a good shiny top coat just a shame it doesnt keep my nails looking fresh for longer. I have to say I think I will have to return to my trusty SV, even though it pains me to spend so much on a top coat!

What's your fave top coat. Maybe you can recommend me one that is good and doesnt break the bank!

Much love