The Oracle Challenge : A festival outfit (or three) for £100.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

With the last few festivals approaching rapidly, it's a given that those attending will be putting together their outfits for the weekends. Let's all be honest, we do take our time to plan what we are going to wear to a festival - Well I think most girls do. Its like an unofficial fashion show, you could take fancydress outfits, strategically plan what you are going to wear each day, or if you are like me. Attempt to pack light by taking a few key items with you.

I, along with some other local bloggers were asked to take park in The Oracle's £100 festival challenge to put together a look with the gift voucher provided. I decided to try and get my moneys worth and put together more than one look. Thanks to the sales that are still around I was able to pick up a fair few items to create 3 different outfits. All three of these outfits are based around a key item of clothing. This being a denim shirt. These have been really popular in recent months and I know a lot of people own one or more so I figured it would be a good item to style.

Day 1 : Travelling to the festival/Getting settled in.
Jeans (£35) - Miss Selfridge
Denim Shirt (£25)  - Zara
Converse look a likes (£7.00) - New Look

Outfit total cost : £67.00

I know jeans are a no go at festivals most of the time, but for the first day before the bands start I think they are okay to wear. You are only going to be travelling to your destination, setting up your camp and then spending the evening around the food stalls/campsite/funfair (they had this at V) You don't necessarily need to be thinking about being practical. I decided to hop on the double denim trend here, pairing the shirt with the jeans. Not everyones cup of tea, but thanks to the distinctive difference in colour between the two denim items I think this look works well. I just chucked on a trusty straw trilby and some converse look a likes to finish the look.

Day 2 : First Official festival day! 
Denim Shirt (£25) - Zara
Vest Top (£2.99) - New Look
Leggings (£5.99) - H&M
Straw Trilby (£2.00) - New Look 
Wellies - 'Models' own 

Outfit total : £35.98

Now, we are in the UK. The weather is unpredictable so for this look I went for something quite suitable for our 'summer' days. A simple leggings and long vest combo with the denim shirt. I find leggings a nicer alternative to trousers or jeans as they are much more lightweight, so if the sun does come out you don't feel as though you are baking hot! The long vest is a given. It's simple and if you're feeling creative you could customise it with neon paints to get into the festival mood! The denim shirt comes to the rescue if it's a bit colder than anticipated. Perfect to throw on over your outfit to act as a lightweight jacket. Even if you don't wear it during the day you will be thankful you have it with you come the evening. I admit Ive gone to a festival and its completely forgotten that it does get colder in the evening, so you will need some kind of cover up! The Straw hat is a given because not everyone wakes up with perfect hair after sleeping in a tent! This look can be worn with either your converse look a likeys or wellies. Depending if the weather has been kind to you! Obviously you can make this look your own with accessories, jewellery, face paint, glitter! This is just a base outfit for you to then adapt in your own way!


Day 3 : Last Festival day
Playsuit (£10) - Republic
Denim Shirt - (£35) - Zara
Wellies - 'Models' Own.
 Sunglasses - 'Models' Own

Outfit total £45.00

This look is something that I would wear if the weather is kind to us on the day but during the previous night it chucked it down - hence the wellies! I don't know anyone who doesn't own wellies if they are going to a  festival. I already had these so they weren't included in my 'budget'. I know playsuits may not be the most practical of items of clothing to wear to a festivals (hiya portaloos) but I thought this one looked cute and at a bargain £10 it had to be mine! This is quite a typical festival look with the wellies/trilby and some kind of patterned playsuit or dress. I just need a paper cup in one hand and a burger in the other to complete the look!


Day 4 : Going home. 

This is a little of a jokey outfit, an afterthought of mine when taking my outfit photos. On your very last day travelling home.. lets be honest. You don't care what you look like. So this would be me, in the car en route home. And yes I'd probably walk around the services like this too to pick up the obligatory fast food on the go meal.  Leggings or jeans from 2 days ago, big socks, a vest top, minging dirty hair in a topknot and most probably sporting one of Tom's hoodys

So there you have it my 3 festival looks all bought with £100! How do you think I did with this challenge? Total spend was £87.98. Not bad!

Much Love


  1. I LOVE THIS POST! As if you got three outfits for £100, I need to go shopping with you! You look lush LM, really like the playsuit. Miss you! xxxx

  2. love the straw trilby, and i need to get myself a denim shirt :)


  3. Katharine from kathykins.com22 August 2012 at 21:41

    Lovely outfits! I especially love your playsuit - so pretty! This challenge was so fun to do :) xx

  4. These are really good choices! Having never been to a festival, I can't say whether they are practical but they look like they would be!? ;) xx

  5. You did so well Leanne! Great post and I love all of these outfits x

  6. Well done with the challenge! I love the straw trilby. x

  7. I love this post, all your outfits are great and I love how you altered the challenge to showcase a variety of outfits using one key piece! I really like what you chose, I wish I was going to some festivals this year!

  8. Love the looks you've put together!

  9. Sophie Blumenthal23 August 2012 at 21:27

    The Oracle challenge, hmmm you must live close to me ahah i',m 15/20 mins from Reading ahaha :) Lovely post, Sophierosehearts x

  10. I can't believe you got 3 outfits for under £100. You look so good as well. Well done! I love my denim shirts!


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