Caudalie Vinosource S.O.S Thirst Quenching serum - £29.00
I'm sure a lot of you reading this will have heard of this product thanks to Glossybox. This is where I first discovered it. I got a sample in one of the boxes a while ago, I didnt use the sample straight away but I started to suffer with really horrible dryness around my nose. I tried various moisturisers but nothing was working for me so I then picked the little tube out of my samples box and decided to give it a try.

Well you will know where this is going because I have mentioned it before but I fell in love with it. To start, it cleared up any dryness I had on my face, especially around my nose. The  Caudalie Vinosource range specifically restores the moisture balance in your skin, therefore making it soft and supple. I love the packaging of the SOS Thirst quenching serum. Theres something more luxurious owning a beauty product in a glass container! I also love the fact that you can see how much of the product you have left! Drives me mad when I cant clearly see when I am running out of a product!

Consistency wise, it is very thin and quite runny! Thankfully you dont need to use too much for your whole face, meaning that it lasts a bit longer than you may think! (Which you'd hope for right? Considering the price of a full sized bottle!) Ive had my full sized bottle of the serum since May this year and I have got just under half of it left. (I use it on a daily basis.) I use this mainly in the mornings before I put on my make up. Its quite cooling, so it definitely wakes up my skin a little, which is needed most mornings as I drag myself out of bed for work! It sinks in so quickly, so even if I am in a bit of a rush I know that I can still whack a pump of this onto my face and it wouldnt effect my timings and I'll still get to work on time! This particular bottle was a competition win through Glossybox, however I love it so much its something I can considering re purchasing as I cant imagine my skincare routine without it. Maybe I will be able to find a more purse friendly dupe! I've seen such an improvement in my skin, no wonder a lot of other bloggers have raved about it!.

Have you tried this serum, what did you think?

If you like this serum but not the price. I've found a more purse friendly highstreet/Drugstore dupe. Click here to see how they compare. 

Much Love

L'oreal Elvive Full Restore mask £5.20 - Boots

Like every other girl who cares about her hair, I am constantly on a mission to get it in better condition. Years of heat styling and dying have had its effect on my long locks! Sometimes I do wish I could go back in time and a) never have had my hair cut above my shoulders b) never dyed it and c) kept heat styling to a minimum. Unfortunately I dont have a time machine, nor do I know anyone who can lend me one, therefore products from Boots will have to come to the rescue instead!

This product was actually brought to my attention thanks to my Project Samples Challenge (that I am still working my way through by the way, I'm just being a bit forgetful when it comes to using them!) It was one of the samples I had to use up and after one application of it I knew I needed to skip down to boots and pick myself up a tub!

Firstly I love the scent, it isnt too overpowering. I've used hair masks in the past that have been so strong that they have actually made me gag! Yes it's true! Gross! This one however is lovely. It's pretty thick in consistancy which I love. I hate conditioners/masks that are really watery! So it really feels like its giving my hair a good condition when Ive got this slathered all over my head! I usually leave it in for a few minutes (usually while I shave my legs!) Then rinse. As soon as I rinse it out I can instantly tell that my hair is a lot smoother and less tangled! If I decide to leave my hair dry naturally then my hair ends up being super soft after using this product. However if I do decide to use a hairdryer to help the drying process along, the heat does take away a bit of that softeness but still my hair feels lovely. Since using it I have also had a fair few comments saying how shiny and healthy my hair looks so it must be doing something right!
I really reccomend this hair mask if you feel like giving your locks a bit of TLC, My hair feels so much nicer since I started using it once or twice a week! Trust me, your hair will say thanks!

Much Love


Hair - Totem Styler (1-1-2)
Dress - c/o Sugarhill Boutique
Bag - Ted Baker
Wedges - ASOS.
Let's just take a moment to appreciate the cuteness that is the 'Foxy Dress' from Sugarhill Boutique. They recently launched their A/W 2012 collection which is full of beautiful pieces like this dress. I have my eye on a few other bits including this adorable Bunny Bow' playsuit - Seriously, more cute animal prints please! I love the cute collar detailing and the length, not too long or too short! (Often hard to master being as short as I am!) Burgundy shades are a colour I always associate with winter and is a colour which I feel suits me? My handbag goes really well with the outfit too I feel!  I wore this to the Radio 2 Live in Hyde Park, 1 day festival last weekend with my friend Hannah. Admittedly I was a little bit hot during the day when the sun was blaring down on us, but once it cooled down a bit I was fine!I am a big fan of peterpan collars (will this trend ever leave us?) so I just love the detailing on this dress, it has a concealed zip too which I was happy about. Too many dresses are ruined by having exposed zips. On some it looks okay but there are some pretty dresses that need a concealed zip! Take note people!

The lovely people at Sugarhill Boutique are offering you guys an item of your choice from their A/W selection! Aren't you lucky! I've decided to use the Rafflecopter widget to make this a fair giveaway (Hopefully it works!). There are some compulsory entries you must make and then there are some extras thrown in that you can do for more of a chance of winning!  :-)

The competition will run for 2 weeks, and I will announce the winner on the 3rd October!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck!

Much Love

We currently have so many different beauty box subscriptions around, its hard for most to just choose one to stick to. I know girls who are subscribed to multiple boxes, parting with their hard earned cash for 5 surprise samples per box..only to be that little bit dissaponted with the contents when it lands through your postbox. I know I was one of them. You'd have hit or miss months, wish you got the same box as someone else because their contents appeared to be 'better',  find some products didnt suit you, or even sometimes you already had a sample of that product stashed away in a drawer. At the end of the day it was pot luck and you got what you got, and that's what you signed up for basically! It was because of this reason I unsubscribed to which ever beauty box subscription I was part of at the time, telling myself I could spend my money more wisely elsewhere on something I knew I wanted, and therefore would know what I was getting. 

I'd heard about Latest in beauty a while ago, but never really looked much into them. I could see the appeal though, a variety of different themed boxes at  varying prices including the minitures or samples we all love..but the big difference being.. You would know what you were getting and you didnt have to pay a monthly subscription.

Being in wedding mode I seem to be drawn to anything wedding related, so when my friend emailed me about the Wedding Prep box Latest in beauty were offering I decided to check out its contents and see if it was worth a cheeky was. I quickly snapped it up (Thanks PP - Monopoly Money!) and waited patiently for its arrival! This is a first impressions post, I will probably get around to reviewing all it's contents eventually, but if there is something in particular you would like to see a review on do let me know. It will mean I could have some kind of order to the reviewing process!

Belleapierre Mineral Blush in Desert Rose (Full Size) £29.99
I was happy with this product, I had recieved sample sized  mineral powders in the past from this brand in other beauty boxes, so I knew the quality was great. Having a full size product excites me if I am honest! Its a beautiful natural peachy shade which will make a fab 'everyday' blush. Mineral powders last a long time too so this will be around for a while before I use it all up!

A lightly tinted moisturiser to even out skin tone and add radiance. It's a good size, and blends nicely into my skin (back of hand swatch test of course!) I dont know if it would be good for 'wedding prep' but definately an item that would come in handy for a honeymoon if you were going somwhere warm and you didnt want to wear too much makeup.

I'll be honest, I am kinda dissapointed in this. Im happy to get a full sized item and like I said the quality is good. It's just the colour that I am no so keen on. It is really pink and quite glittery when swatched. Its a shame its not a champagne colour, then it could make a pretty highlight.. but we shall see, I'll have a play around with it.


Richard Ward Tri -Active serum with Argan Oil (50ml) Estimate £13.50
Havent tried the product out yet but on first impressions, I'm a bit annoyed by the packaging. On the Latest in beauty website, in the image shown this product has a pump dispenser. The one in the box is in a bottle that I would usually associate with body lotions. I cant help but think I may waste a lot of prodct because it doesnt have a pump...we shall see. It's said it will smooth, shine and de-frizz.... 

Mirenesse Secret Weapon 24hr Mascara (3.6g) Estimate £22.00
Now that's an expensive travel sized mascara if my calculations are correct! (I could only find it in dollars!) Who isnt looking for a HG mascara? This particular one has a Polymer Microwrap formulation that creates tubes around each lash to lengthen, thicken and curl apparently! Cant wait to try it out.
Dr Bradi Intensive Treatment Mask (Full Size 16ml) £10.00
Ill be honest I dont usually use facemasks but this fabric one intreges me! I dont know if it will fit on my face though! A pamper evening is on the cards I think. I cant believe its £10 though! It best be good! Claims to target redness, dehydrations and loss of firming! ooh!

I dont wear eyelashes often because I find them fiddily! But Im glad I got these. I didnt realise I was getting two sets which was a nice surprise! I can understand why they are in the wedding prep box though. You could wear them on your hen do or even on the big day if they work for you! 

This is a tiny sample which wont last too long. It's said to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, intensively moisturise and improve elasticity. Not too sure on this. I wasnt when I ordered it, and Im not overly keen on the scent. I may have to pass this onto someone else! 

Melvita Fresh Micellar Water (35ml) £2.50
I am really excited to try this. Im yet to delve into the micellar water hype (we know everyone loves bioderma!) Pretty impressed with the cost of the travel sized sample as it wont break the bank and I wouldnt mind purchasing a small bottle again for travelling. - Would be good to take on your honeymoon!

So I paid £30 for the Latest in beauty wedding prep box and in total the products I recieved were worth £120.53, Pretty happy with that. Apart from the welda firming serum (Which i dont think I'll use) I am really happy with what I have got and look forward to trying them all out. I can see why this box is catered for brides. There are products in there for your hen do, to pamper yourself,  and of course use on the big day! This being said, theres nothing wrong with making this purchase yourself as a little treat! You dont have to be a bride!

Latest in Beauty currently have a Mother and Baby box (£20) for sale which includes 6 items, and their Editors picks box (£11.90) which contains 3 miniture Caudalie items.These are part of the Latest in Beauty collections. It's worth a look every so often, I know previously they did a 'Red Carpet' box and also an award winning box which included 20 award winning beauty products!

Have you tried Latest in Beauty, what did you think? I havent been asked to write this post or anything, I just think they are a company thats a bit 'under the radar' so to speak, and I wanted to share!

Much Love


Avon Nailwear Pro+ Lucky Penny - c/o My Mum!
Avon Nailwear Pro+ Golden Vision - c/o My Mum!

Having a Mum as an Avon rep does have it's perks, you get to see what products will be coming up in future brouchures and even give them a try before anyone else can. When she asked if I wanted to give the Avon Nailwear Pro+ nail varnishes in Lucky Penny and Golden Vision a try I wasnt going to say no!

These shades are two out four new season shades for the Nailwear Pro+ line. The nail enamel is fortified with acrylic gel which adds strength, plus makes the varnish last longer on your nails.
The above two photo's were taken after 3 thin coats. I've started to make sure I apply coats thinly when doing my nails. It means it doesnt take as long to dry (these dried really quickly!) I admit, you probably could get away with two coats if you apply them a little bit thicker. Im just impatient and want my nails done quickly! I love how shiny and metallic these shades are, I also love the names! Very apt!
They managed to last a good 5 days before obvious tip wear, (I do type on a computer everyday!) which I was really impressed with! They aren't the sort of shades I usually wear but it was nice to have a little bit of a change from the norm! I think I will definitely be keeping an eye on my Mums Avon rep magazine notifying her of new releases incase there are some other shades coming out in the range!

The Avon Nailwear Pro+ varnishes in Lucky Penny and Golden Vision will be able to purchase from  Avon Brochure number 15. There is a special introductory price, where they will be £3 each instead of the usual £6.

Much Love


Hair - Totem styler (1-1-2)
Dress - Vera Moda @ USC
Wedges - ASOS.
Tom and I have booked our honeymoon and also are thinking about going away in October somewhere warm. I love booking holidays late in the year because it means that summer items go into the sale so you save some pennies. I'm trying to be better at buying items of clothing that are versatile, whether it be for the different weather conditions or for items that would work in the day  or dressed up a bit for night! I had a browse online and came across this dress from Vera Moda avaliable at USC. I love that it is so lightweight and the pretty floral pattern. A bargain at £22! (Now down to £11! Grr!) The only downside is that it is empire cut so unfortunately I look a bit bigger than I really am/preggo from certain angles! :-(  I know our summer is a bit on and off and it is September now, but Its a great dress that i think could work well with tights and a jacket in Autumn/Winter and then some pretty sandals or wedges (like here) and a cardigan on holiday or next summer!

When I made my order I was having a bit of a 'be good with your cash' moment so I only got the dress, however there were other items that did catch my eye and I think I may make some cheeky purchases when I get paid, no harm in being organised for future holidays, I have to wait 2 more weeks though till pay day! (ah i hate 5 week months!) I always buy new shoes/sandals for holidays, and  I am hunting around for the perfect smart-ish flat sandal! I saw a couple on the site which caught my eye including this super bargainous pair. I am a flats kinda girl at heart but on occassions womens heels are a must depending where you are going, so I would throw a pair (or 2) in my suitcase for the nice meals out we will go on in the evenings!

As usual, I cant browse a website when making an order without eyeing up the womens bags. Oh how I want to buy a new bag at the moment, and there are so many nice ones on there from a variety of brands! Urgh! - You must restrain yourself Leanne! Honestly I think I use a bag for a month or so and then want a new one! What is wrong with me! I do think before I make any more purchases I  really need to have a bit of a bag clear out at some point.. I do have less now than I used to.. My collection used to be ridic!

Do you shop for holidays well in advance to take advantage of the sales? (If you dont, why not.. saves you pennies for spending money while you're away!)

Much Love

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Koala Shirt - Primark.
Leggings - H&M
Bag - Modalu
Flatforms - c/o Miss Ikon.
I decided rather than an ins and outs post today (as I dont really have that much to report) I would treat you to an outfit post! It does feel a bit strange veering away from my usual blog routine! But I snapped these pictures so I thought I would show you! When I saw this shirt in Primark I knew straight away I had to have it! I instagrammed a photo of it and someone asked if it was from Zara...noooo. Primark have done really well with immitating the Zara style shirts. I have had a look in Zara at the printed/studded shirts but I always felt that the material was really thin? - Just me? - and for a fraction of the price I decided to check out Primark instead, and I am glad I did! I did have to buy bigger than my normal size because primark sizing is so weird! Which means the arms look a bit big on  me which is tres annoying but hey! What can you do!
 I wore this outfit out last night when I went out for a comedy night with Tom and some of our friends. We manged to get a deal where we got the tickets and a meal for a bargainous price of £5 which included entry to the comedy show and a rib dinner. We had a really great night full of laughs (apart from the 2nd comedian.. oh I felt so bad for him but he was just....boring, he got a few polite quiet laughs but that was it - mainly from me!.). I even stayed out till half 1 in the morning - how un heard of of me! My head does feel a bit iffy this morning as I did consume 2 pitchers of cocktails and then continued on with archers & lemonades and vodka & cokes!

I decided to try out my new flatforms for the first time too. Now you  all know I am a shorty and you'll more often than not find me in flats rather than heels, so flatforms were a great go between! At first I wasnt sure on them, but after seeing them crop up on blogs I slowly warmed to them (doesnt this happen with all of us? We dont like something then so many people own it that your mind changes!) So when I was contacted asking if I would like to choose a pair of shoes from Miss Ikon I new what I was going to go for. Admittedly they take some getting used to when walking, It was so bizarre to have that height but my feet not be in pain (I felt quite pleased with myself in town where I saw a number of girls walking along bare foot heels in hand!) They do feel a bit clunky to walk in but I think thats just because I am not used to them.

Going back to the Zara-esque shirts, I found an Ebay seller that actually stocks a lot of Zara style items. They have some some military jackets, Printed animal shirts, Floral bomber Jackets and some studded ones too. All really cheap! Just have a browse, I've added so many items to my basket! They are based in China, so if you are impatient maybe it wont be your thing!

I am off to Hyde Park this afternoon for Radio 2's Live in HP. Should be a good day as the weather is pretty nice!

Much Love


Bee Lovely Handwash £12.00 - Neals Yard Remedies 

Neals Yard have relaunched their 'Bee Lovely' campaign which aims to highlight the decline of the bee's around the world who do their bit for nature as pollinators (or pollen takers if you would prefer!) I had previously signed their facebook petition, to ban deadly neonic pesticides. (find it here. How adorable is the little bee illustration that will move up and and up the more signatures they get!) So when I was asked if I wanted to try out a product from the Bee Lovely range I was happy to. The Product I was sent is the Neals Yard Remedies Bee Lovely Hand Wash.

Now it's not often you see bloggers talk about hand wash on their blogs but the Neals Yard Remedies Bee Lovely definitely deserves a mention.. firstly.. OH MY GOD the scent. It smells of orange Jelly! Like, orange jelly before you have even melted it to make jelly! (Oh yum. I could eat it but we know it wouldnt taste very good!) Honestly before I even started to test out and use the handwash I quite literally sat there  smelling it for ages. It is divine! The best thing is the scent lasts on your hands. Something that always seals the deal for me when it comes to hand washes, I dont like the scent to fade quickly!
Unlike some other hand washes I have used in the past, my hands feel soft and moisturised after each use. There's no need for added hand cream, (which sometimes is a bit annoying if I am using one that doesnt sink in quickly!) After continued use I have actually noticed an approvement in the dryness of my hands which is always a plus! It lathers really well so you only need to use a little bit each time. Meaning that the Bee Lovely hand wash will last me a while! - Yay!

There are other products in the Neals Yard Remedies Bee Lovely compaign which I am tempted to try out. These include Hand Cream, Bath & Shower wash, Body Lotion and a multi purpose balm. The Hand wash retails at £12.00 5% off which will go towards charity or a good cause. This is the case for all products within the Bee Lovely range.

Have you tried anything from the range? What did you think?

Much Love