Latest in Beauty : Wedding Prep Box, First Impressions.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

We currently have so many different beauty box subscriptions around, its hard for most to just choose one to stick to. I know girls who are subscribed to multiple boxes, parting with their hard earned cash for 5 surprise samples per box..only to be that little bit dissaponted with the contents when it lands through your postbox. I know I was one of them. You'd have hit or miss months, wish you got the same box as someone else because their contents appeared to be 'better',  find some products didnt suit you, or even sometimes you already had a sample of that product stashed away in a drawer. At the end of the day it was pot luck and you got what you got, and that's what you signed up for basically! It was because of this reason I unsubscribed to which ever beauty box subscription I was part of at the time, telling myself I could spend my money more wisely elsewhere on something I knew I wanted, and therefore would know what I was getting. 

I'd heard about Latest in beauty a while ago, but never really looked much into them. I could see the appeal though, a variety of different themed boxes at  varying prices including the minitures or samples we all love..but the big difference being.. You would know what you were getting and you didnt have to pay a monthly subscription.

Being in wedding mode I seem to be drawn to anything wedding related, so when my friend emailed me about the Wedding Prep box Latest in beauty were offering I decided to check out its contents and see if it was worth a cheeky was. I quickly snapped it up (Thanks PP - Monopoly Money!) and waited patiently for its arrival! This is a first impressions post, I will probably get around to reviewing all it's contents eventually, but if there is something in particular you would like to see a review on do let me know. It will mean I could have some kind of order to the reviewing process!

Belleapierre Mineral Blush in Desert Rose (Full Size) £29.99
I was happy with this product, I had recieved sample sized  mineral powders in the past from this brand in other beauty boxes, so I knew the quality was great. Having a full size product excites me if I am honest! Its a beautiful natural peachy shade which will make a fab 'everyday' blush. Mineral powders last a long time too so this will be around for a while before I use it all up!

A lightly tinted moisturiser to even out skin tone and add radiance. It's a good size, and blends nicely into my skin (back of hand swatch test of course!) I dont know if it would be good for 'wedding prep' but definately an item that would come in handy for a honeymoon if you were going somwhere warm and you didnt want to wear too much makeup.

I'll be honest, I am kinda dissapointed in this. Im happy to get a full sized item and like I said the quality is good. It's just the colour that I am no so keen on. It is really pink and quite glittery when swatched. Its a shame its not a champagne colour, then it could make a pretty highlight.. but we shall see, I'll have a play around with it.


Richard Ward Tri -Active serum with Argan Oil (50ml) Estimate £13.50
Havent tried the product out yet but on first impressions, I'm a bit annoyed by the packaging. On the Latest in beauty website, in the image shown this product has a pump dispenser. The one in the box is in a bottle that I would usually associate with body lotions. I cant help but think I may waste a lot of prodct because it doesnt have a pump...we shall see. It's said it will smooth, shine and de-frizz.... 

Mirenesse Secret Weapon 24hr Mascara (3.6g) Estimate £22.00
Now that's an expensive travel sized mascara if my calculations are correct! (I could only find it in dollars!) Who isnt looking for a HG mascara? This particular one has a Polymer Microwrap formulation that creates tubes around each lash to lengthen, thicken and curl apparently! Cant wait to try it out.
Dr Bradi Intensive Treatment Mask (Full Size 16ml) £10.00
Ill be honest I dont usually use facemasks but this fabric one intreges me! I dont know if it will fit on my face though! A pamper evening is on the cards I think. I cant believe its £10 though! It best be good! Claims to target redness, dehydrations and loss of firming! ooh!

I dont wear eyelashes often because I find them fiddily! But Im glad I got these. I didnt realise I was getting two sets which was a nice surprise! I can understand why they are in the wedding prep box though. You could wear them on your hen do or even on the big day if they work for you! 

This is a tiny sample which wont last too long. It's said to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, intensively moisturise and improve elasticity. Not too sure on this. I wasnt when I ordered it, and Im not overly keen on the scent. I may have to pass this onto someone else! 

Melvita Fresh Micellar Water (35ml) £2.50
I am really excited to try this. Im yet to delve into the micellar water hype (we know everyone loves bioderma!) Pretty impressed with the cost of the travel sized sample as it wont break the bank and I wouldnt mind purchasing a small bottle again for travelling. - Would be good to take on your honeymoon!

So I paid £30 for the Latest in beauty wedding prep box and in total the products I recieved were worth £120.53, Pretty happy with that. Apart from the welda firming serum (Which i dont think I'll use) I am really happy with what I have got and look forward to trying them all out. I can see why this box is catered for brides. There are products in there for your hen do, to pamper yourself,  and of course use on the big day! This being said, theres nothing wrong with making this purchase yourself as a little treat! You dont have to be a bride!

Latest in Beauty currently have a Mother and Baby box (£20) for sale which includes 6 items, and their Editors picks box (£11.90) which contains 3 miniture Caudalie items.These are part of the Latest in Beauty collections. It's worth a look every so often, I know previously they did a 'Red Carpet' box and also an award winning box which included 20 award winning beauty products!

Have you tried Latest in Beauty, what did you think? I havent been asked to write this post or anything, I just think they are a company thats a bit 'under the radar' so to speak, and I wanted to share!

Much Love