Outfit : Holding onto Summer with pretty florals!

Monday, 10 September 2012


Hair - Totem styler (1-1-2)
Dress - Vera Moda @ USC
Wedges - ASOS.
Tom and I have booked our honeymoon and also are thinking about going away in October somewhere warm. I love booking holidays late in the year because it means that summer items go into the sale so you save some pennies. I'm trying to be better at buying items of clothing that are versatile, whether it be for the different weather conditions or for items that would work in the day  or dressed up a bit for night! I had a browse online and came across this dress from Vera Moda avaliable at USC. I love that it is so lightweight and the pretty floral pattern. A bargain at £22! (Now down to £11! Grr!) The only downside is that it is empire cut so unfortunately I look a bit bigger than I really am/preggo from certain angles! :-(  I know our summer is a bit on and off and it is September now, but Its a great dress that i think could work well with tights and a jacket in Autumn/Winter and then some pretty sandals or wedges (like here) and a cardigan on holiday or next summer!

When I made my order I was having a bit of a 'be good with your cash' moment so I only got the dress, however there were other items that did catch my eye and I think I may make some cheeky purchases when I get paid, no harm in being organised for future holidays, I have to wait 2 more weeks though till pay day! (ah i hate 5 week months!) I always buy new shoes/sandals for holidays, and  I am hunting around for the perfect smart-ish flat sandal! I saw a couple on the site which caught my eye including this super bargainous pair. I am a flats kinda girl at heart but on occassions womens heels are a must depending where you are going, so I would throw a pair (or 2) in my suitcase for the nice meals out we will go on in the evenings!

As usual, I cant browse a website when making an order without eyeing up the womens bags. Oh how I want to buy a new bag at the moment, and there are so many nice ones on there from a variety of brands! Urgh! - You must restrain yourself Leanne! Honestly I think I use a bag for a month or so and then want a new one! What is wrong with me! I do think before I make any more purchases I  really need to have a bit of a bag clear out at some point.. I do have less now than I used to.. My collection used to be ridic!

Do you shop for holidays well in advance to take advantage of the sales? (If you dont, why not.. saves you pennies for spending money while you're away!)

Much Love

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  1. I love this dress and your hair looks lovely :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  2. This dress is so pretty!

  3. Absolutely love this dress on you, you look so pretty Mrs! xx

  4. I love the shoes! :) x


  5. you look gorgeous in this outfit!! you might not think its flattering but it is! happy holiday hunting! We've still not booked out honeymoon!

  6. Ah thankyou! I just think its one of those dresses that if they get a bit of a gust of wind under them and from the wrong angle its not so flattering! x

  7. Thanks! An ASOS bargain a while back! x

  8. Thank you! x

  9. Its lovely isnt it! x

  10. Aw thank you. I was clearly having a good hair day! :-) x


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