Outfit : Laughter, Cocktails and Koalas.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Koala Shirt - Primark.
Leggings - H&M
Bag - Modalu
Flatforms - c/o Miss Ikon.
I decided rather than an ins and outs post today (as I dont really have that much to report) I would treat you to an outfit post! It does feel a bit strange veering away from my usual blog routine! But I snapped these pictures so I thought I would show you! When I saw this shirt in Primark I knew straight away I had to have it! I instagrammed a photo of it and someone asked if it was from Zara...noooo. Primark have done really well with immitating the Zara style shirts. I have had a look in Zara at the printed/studded shirts but I always felt that the material was really thin? - Just me? - and for a fraction of the price I decided to check out Primark instead, and I am glad I did! I did have to buy bigger than my normal size because primark sizing is so weird! Which means the arms look a bit big on  me which is tres annoying but hey! What can you do!
 I wore this outfit out last night when I went out for a comedy night with Tom and some of our friends. We manged to get a deal where we got the tickets and a meal for a bargainous price of £5 which included entry to the comedy show and a rib dinner. We had a really great night full of laughs (apart from the 2nd comedian.. oh I felt so bad for him but he was just....boring, he got a few polite quiet laughs but that was it - mainly from me!.). I even stayed out till half 1 in the morning - how un heard of of me! My head does feel a bit iffy this morning as I did consume 2 pitchers of cocktails and then continued on with archers & lemonades and vodka & cokes!

I decided to try out my new flatforms for the first time too. Now you  all know I am a shorty and you'll more often than not find me in flats rather than heels, so flatforms were a great go between! At first I wasnt sure on them, but after seeing them crop up on blogs I slowly warmed to them (doesnt this happen with all of us? We dont like something then so many people own it that your mind changes!) So when I was contacted asking if I would like to choose a pair of shoes from Miss Ikon I new what I was going to go for. Admittedly they take some getting used to when walking, It was so bizarre to have that height but my feet not be in pain (I felt quite pleased with myself in town where I saw a number of girls walking along bare foot heels in hand!) They do feel a bit clunky to walk in but I think thats just because I am not used to them.

Going back to the Zara-esque shirts, I found an Ebay seller that actually stocks a lot of Zara style items. They have some some military jackets, Printed animal shirts, Floral bomber Jackets and some studded ones too. All really cheap! Just have a browse, I've added so many items to my basket! They are based in China, so if you are impatient maybe it wont be your thing!

I am off to Hyde Park this afternoon for Radio 2's Live in HP. Should be a good day as the weather is pretty nice!

Much Love