Review : Loreal Elvive Full Restore hair treatment mask

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

L'oreal Elvive Full Restore mask £5.20 - Boots

Like every other girl who cares about her hair, I am constantly on a mission to get it in better condition. Years of heat styling and dying have had its effect on my long locks! Sometimes I do wish I could go back in time and a) never have had my hair cut above my shoulders b) never dyed it and c) kept heat styling to a minimum. Unfortunately I dont have a time machine, nor do I know anyone who can lend me one, therefore products from Boots will have to come to the rescue instead!

This product was actually brought to my attention thanks to my Project Samples Challenge (that I am still working my way through by the way, I'm just being a bit forgetful when it comes to using them!) It was one of the samples I had to use up and after one application of it I knew I needed to skip down to boots and pick myself up a tub!

Firstly I love the scent, it isnt too overpowering. I've used hair masks in the past that have been so strong that they have actually made me gag! Yes it's true! Gross! This one however is lovely. It's pretty thick in consistancy which I love. I hate conditioners/masks that are really watery! So it really feels like its giving my hair a good condition when Ive got this slathered all over my head! I usually leave it in for a few minutes (usually while I shave my legs!) Then rinse. As soon as I rinse it out I can instantly tell that my hair is a lot smoother and less tangled! If I decide to leave my hair dry naturally then my hair ends up being super soft after using this product. However if I do decide to use a hairdryer to help the drying process along, the heat does take away a bit of that softeness but still my hair feels lovely. Since using it I have also had a fair few comments saying how shiny and healthy my hair looks so it must be doing something right!
I really reccomend this hair mask if you feel like giving your locks a bit of TLC, My hair feels so much nicer since I started using it once or twice a week! Trust me, your hair will say thanks!

Much Love


  1. ooh sounds great, i am looking for a hair mask! x

  2. Sounds great!! Im in love with hair masks. I use them every week and honestly they are a blessing

  3. i used this about a year ago, and you have reminded me just how good it is! i honestly need to repurchase it! i'm one of them people that always searches for something better, but this is definitely one of my favourite hair masks, i haven't found better :)

  4. Spoilt for choice on which hair mask to buy but seeing as you've rated this one and it's not expensive I'll give it a go. :) I hope 2for2 on haircare at Boots is still on...x


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