Gym Playlist #1

Monday, 8 October 2012


Now as you all know I have been trying to get back on track with going to the gym on a regular basis, lets just ignore the little slips I have had due to being tired and ill. But apart from those little hiccups I am trying to become a bit of a regular down my gym.

I personally find that having a good playlist to listen to while in the gym will help your workout tremendously! For me, listening to music while on the crosstrainer or bike really gets me going and most of the time if I listen to music while working out, I will probably spend a little longer in the gym than normal! I have a Zen player stashed away somewhere but rather than trying to find it I have just made a playlist  on my S2, I think this is something you can do on all android phones, I can create and name different playlists on my music app, so obviously this playlist is called 'Workout'

I usually will listen to a lot of cheesey pop music while in the gym. A lot of the time I just search the UK top 40 singles chart and pick a selection of songs from it to add to my playlist. However, I have found that the best types of music to listen to are remix'. Dance music, or something with a really good beat gets me going. I know Tom prefers to listen to more heavier rock music when he is in the gym! Everyone is different. Remix wise I just go onto Youtube and search out different remixes of the songs I like to listen to. The best thing about remixes is that they are usually a little bit longer than the originial songs, therefore if you dont watch your timer and just keep going listening to your music you will probably end up working out for longer than you realised!

One youtuber who always has good remixes and who I am loving at the moment is Reidiculous Remix. I basically have every remix he has uploaded on my workout playlist! Of course there are some songs that he hasnt done a remix of, in which case I usually just search for the song on youtube and just add the word 'remix' to the end! I usually go for the videos that have had the most views because in my head that means that the remix is a goodun'

So yeah.. this was a little insight to what is on my Gym playlist. I was thinking of making this into a little series, so every now and again I may mention someone who has some good workout music or just share with the some songs that are on my playlist. Let me know in the comments if you would like me to keep up with this sort of post and of course share your favourite gym songs!

Much Love


  1. Great post Leanne, never thought about remixes. I always listen to David Guetta without fail, but you do get a bit sick of it! xxx

  2. Great post. Cos I usually do classes they have music already however I download the songs they use to listen to in the gym. I usually steal the names from here =)

  3. I love listening to my music when I am running -- lets me escape! Love remixes too, espically the Ellie Golding ones x

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