Project Samples : Update #3

Monday, 15 October 2012


Woah, I bet you all thought I had forgotten about this little series I had running on my blog. I didnt forget, I just didnt use the samples up as regularly as I did when I first started! I'll be honest, it has moved on from sachets (even though I do have a few sachets still to get through) and more onto using up minitures that I have floating about, hence why it has taken a little longer than before! I still class minitures as samples. If I want to try something new, I try to get a miniture or travel size first to have a little play with before parting with the cash for full sized - unless there arent any avaliable so I just go for it with full size and take my chances!

So I have a few products to share with you that I have finished, So I will get on with my mini reviews!
I got this shower gel in a Glossybox a while ago I think. It smells so lovely and lathered really well using one of those shower/bath scrunchie things (I know you all know what I mean) It is a bit of a luxury purchase for a shower gel/bath soak at £20.00 but would be something nice to have if you want to treat yourself and have a bit of a pamper no and again.
Again another sample that I received in a Glossybox some time ago! If I am honest I didnt really see much of a difference in regards to firming, however it was a really nice body lotion to use after the shower. It wasnt sticky and sunk in relatively quickly compaired to other brands I have tried. It's quite expensive and I didnt see that much of an effect so I dont think this would be something I would pick up for myself full sized.
A lot of people sing praises for this facial exfoliator, so I thought I would pick up a miniture size of it to try out,  I can see why it gets so much praise. The scent is nice, not too overpowering. The granuals in the scrub itsself arent too harsh on your skin, gently exfoliating the dead skin away.  It did leave my skin feeling really soft and looking a lot more radiant. I could see myself picking up a full sized tube of this on my next trip to boots!
Batiste Dry Tropical shampoo.
I know I wouldnt call this a sample really, but its a miniture can of dry shampoo and some of you may not have tried it! (although I think everyone has tried Batiste!) I love the scent of this particular version. It reminds me of holidays! Works well as a dry shampoo, just hate the white residue you get especially when you have dark hair! - yes I know you can get some specifically for dark hair!
Yes, this miniture will feature in this post! I got this as a gift when I purchased some items from Estee Lauder a while ago. Being a big fan of the foundation I had high hopes for the concealer. I have to say I was impressed. The coverage and staying power of it was amazing. It lived up to the hype its sister (the foundation) gets in the blogging world/life in general! Only downside is that I am a fan of the collection concealer which is a fraction of the price and works just as well, so I have to say I wont be buying a full sized concealer!
The opposite end to the concealer, made sense to give this a go too! At first I wasnt too impressed with this mascara, its a volumising and lifting one.. so it claims.. When it is first opened and really wet I found it gave me spider lashes which I really dont like, and didnt really do what it said on the tin. However once the air got to it a bit and it dried out slightly... I loved it! Created great volumised long lashes. Why is it that some mascaras are better when they dry out a bit (should I know this as a beauty blogger? Answers on a postcard!) I would be tempted to purchase this full sized. Just in my head doesnt make sense that I would have to put up with crap lashes for a bit before I get the desired effect!
So there you go, I know a few other bloggers decided to take on this challenge so I would love to see your posts if you have done any. Link them in the comments. ;-)

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  1. I love the apricot scrub too! I should try something like this to try new products!


  2. The mascara/concealer duo sounds great. I find that I hate some mascaras for a week or so and then love them! x


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