Review : The Denman Tangle Tamer brush

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Having long hair means that there are times when it gets really knotty, and god it is annoying! Brushing your hair when wet with any old brush is really damaging, and as I have started my mission to give my hair that little bit of TLC and treat it better, I felt it was time to invest in a decent detangling brush.
I used other de tangling brands in the past  (Tangle Teezer I am looking at you) and even though it did work for me in regards to detangling, the shape just wasnt for me. When your hands are covered in product or wet in the shower, using a brush that  looks like a clam in your hand without a handle, usually means it ends up going flying across the room. The more times it happened, the more annoyed I got with it. So when I spotted the Denman Tangle Tamer brush in boots for a around the £6 mark I thought I would give it a go.

The Denman Tangle tamer brush is actually advertised as a hairbrush for children, but I say screw the rules, I'm 24 and I am going to use it because it is amazing! Unlike the Tangle Teezer the Tangle tamer has a handle. BIG PLUS. No more throwing my brush across my bedroom and nearly whacking Tom in the face. It's just so much more comfortable to use, I could never go back to using a brush without a handle now. The  nylon bristles of the Tangle tamer are much longer and flexible than the Tangle teezer which sports plastic bristles/teeth  which over time do curl at the end, making it less effective!. I have found that this brush glides through my hair with minimum effort, sometimes with the other brush I would have to atttack a particularly knotty area a few times before I could brush through with ease. Whether my hair is wet or dry, the Denman tangle tamer does what it is meant to do and detangles my hair without me flinching or getting annoyed at the impossible knots I have to untangle.

 I can totally understand why this is aimed at children though. When I was younger I had crazy long hair, Id sit on my parents bed for ages waiting for my mum to get through my mane with a rubbish little brush, while I just cried and told her to leave it half done! (I think anyone who had long hair as a child can relate!) At about the £6 mark its a lot more affordable than the tangle teezer and in my opinion a lot better. Some of you may feel that the Tangle Teezer is the bees knees, but for me the Denman Tangle Tamer gets the top spot.

(Also on a side note, I know Im trying to get my hair in good condition but this brush is also very good at a little gentle backcombing to create volume!)

Want to know how I clean this hair brush along with my others? Cleaning your hairbrushes is an important step in your beauty regime, which you shouldn't forget. Click here to see how I clean mine.

Much Love


  1. So my Tangle Teezer got lost in the post. Fate? Saw a Tangle Tamer at a shop today and bought in. My hair is in Heaven. Literally. I can see it weeping with joy at the gentle bristles. I've been singing its praises all evening so my mum is buying one for herself!
    My Beauty Junction

  2. This brush breaks your hair and damages it. Better yet, get The Wet Brush, £7 on Amazon.

    1. Seriously? I've heard that about tangle teezer but not about tangle tamer


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