Review : Ray Ban Glasses @ Pretavoir

Monday, 22 October 2012


Ray Ban 5246 - Pretavoir

I'm sure most of you are aware that I am a glasses wearer - I mean you see me wearing them from time to time on here/instagram dont you, so you should be aware! I do hate having my eyes tested and picking out glasses though. Noone wants to go through the process of having air blown into their eyes, lights pointed directly into them and be forced 'not to blink' when having a photograph taken? But its something I have to do.. I then get told I'm going even more blind (ok a bit extreme..but my eyes are getting worse) and then have to spend half an hour (or sometimes longer) trying on multiple frames in store, when really I'd rather be shopping for clothes or makeup, lets be honest we'd all prefer the process to be a bit quicker and easier.

I't had never even crossed my mind to purchase my glasses online, less hassle than facing the town center on a busy saturday morning and also allowing me to justify in a cheeky online shop in some of my fave shops online. So when Pretavoir contacted me asking if I would like to review some frames from their website, I thought, why not?

I admit, at first I was tempted to treat myself to something designer, there's a variety of brands avaliable ; Tom Ford sunglasses & Chanel sunglasses to name a few. (I was really tempted with the Chanel to be honest, those bows on the arms are so cute) But I resisted the urge and gave myself a talking to. 'Be sensible, your prescription has changed, you need new frames for day to day wear as your current ones are falling off your face/scratched to pieces!' After browsing the site and looking for some frames that were a similar shape and size to the current ones I owned, I decided on some Ray Ban glasses (model 5246).


A few days later they arrived. Speedy delivery! They came wrapped in black tissue paper inside the box which I thought was a nice little touch, it felt like I was opening a present! Inside of course was a classic black Ray Ban lens case, inside housed my beautiful new frames and a cleaning cloth.
 A nice added addition was a seperate cleaning kit. (These are provided free of chargewhen you purchase certain frames) Such a handy little kit. I dont know why it is, but I seem to create smudges on my lenses all the time so this is a nice welcome addition that is now housed in my handbag ready for any emergency clean ups! The frames fit me perfectly. I think it did help that I purposely looked for styles that were similar dimensions and shape to the frames I had previously owned. I do think that if you wanted to go for a brand new shape or style, it would be better to go in store. Pretavoir do have a store in Glasgow if you happen to live nearby!

I've never considered prescription sunglasses before, however seeing the price of the frames on this website it may be something I would consider when Spring or summer rolls around. I know they would be a good thing to have if I ever decide to learn to drive! The amount of times I am in the passenger side of Toms car and I cant see because of the sun, so god knows how he could see! Being so impressed with these frames I would be tempted to go for some classic Ray bans.

Much love