Bridesmaid Duties..

Wednesday, 28 November 2012


So if you follow me in instagram then you will know that over the weekend I was away doing bridemaid duties at my frien Sarah's hen do. It was all planned by her sisters and kept a complete surprise to Sarah, she didnt know where she was going or what was in store. It was great letting her know bit by bit the sort of things she would get up to. 16 of us headed across to the Isle of Wight to a small town called Shanklin, where we stayed in a huge 7 bedroom house. I havent shared too many photos here with you as I wasnt too sure how the girls would feel having their faces plastered on my blog! However as a little run down this is what we got up to...

 On the friday we visited a local pub before heading to the house. To get the party atmosphere going we made Sarah down a smirnoff ice through a snorkle - Standard. Later that evening it was a little bit like a PJ party, chilling out in our PJ's and onsies, downing the alcoholic beverages and playing games. ("Is it a penis?") The following morning - surprisingly all of us feeling daper and no hangover in sight) we split into two groups. One group went Kayaking and Coasteering while the others went on a tour of Osborne House. Again just like the previous evening, alcohol was flowing and we all went out for a nice meal, complete with dare cards. Being a bit 'out of the way' we stayed in a local pub till closing then headed back to the house to carry the party on, where we played twister, penis related games and just had a good laugh. The last person went to bed at 5am... I was in bed at 4am. HARDCORE.

At this point with us all feeling a bit sleep deprived we had a pamper day on Sunday, Annabelle our beautician came in to give mini treatments. I opted for a head massage, while others went for manicures and such. With a selection of wedding themed dvds to hand, we slapped on some face masks and relaxed in the huge living room! (no photo's of facemasks, I dont want to scare you all) Sunday evening was the biggie. A catered meal and Masquerade themed night was planned. We all dressed up in our LBD's mine was a lace boob tube number I like to call my 'kim Kardashian' dress from Chi Chi. Tight around the boobs and gives me some hips! haha! With the masquerade theme to mind I decided to try out Face Lace - review post to come on these. Everyone thought it looked great and I loved how well it worked alongside the lace on my dress. The surprise of the night was the lovely Simon, Our Butler in the Buff. This was a surprise to us all. No one apart from Sarahs sister's knew he was coming. As you can imagine, there were shrieks and giggles when he came in the room to serve us drinks. I dont think Ive ever seen so many people with cameras pointing at a bum before....

It's got me really excited for Sarah and Danny's wedding in January! I cant wait to be a bridesmaid for them - Even though im the odd one out as a brunette! ;-)

p.s I have left out a close up photo of the Butlers bare bum cheeks, However if I get enough requests for it I may add it for your viewing pleasure! ;-)
Much Love


I do like coats, probably as much as handbags. I am always on the look out for a nice coat or jacket whether its the winter or summer. I cant get enough of them! This year I have got myself new 'everyday' winter jacket, but sometimes there are occassions where you need to make a bit more of an effort and your standard Parka or trustee (faux) leather just wont cut it.You can withstand the cold air for fashion girls! Next have always been one of the first places I look if I am searching for something a little bit smarter. I am also always swayed by the fact you can order items online and not have to pay straight away (they invoice you. You receive the item, try it on & you want to keep it, you pay the invoice. If it isnt for you, you can return it and you dont have to worry about chasing to get a refund) 


The above jackets are all something that would be suitable for christmas parties, drinks after work or nice meals out for friends. The fitted styles are flattering on all shapes and instantly smarten up an outfit. This season I have been drawn to prints and textures. I like to keep my outfits quite simple but then have one key item that is a bit more jazzy. Take the floral jersey for example, bang on the winter floral trend and will instantly add a burst of colour to a simple LBD with heels. The Brocade jacket is a little bit more 'night out' worthy. I would actually wear it, just as Next have styled it on their website! Such a chic outfit!


Fit & Flare Coat |   Black fur collar coat

I do admit though, sometimes we cant all brave the cold in a jacket and we do need something a little bit warmer to keep us toasty and stylish in the colder months. I always think a nice tailored coat looks so sophisticated and 'grown up' (Ha look at me saying Grown up, I'm 24!) Anyways, I love the shape of the fit & flare coat, it does exactly as the name suggests and just looks lovely! The leopard fur collar coat is equally as nice, Im not brave enough for a full on leopard coat yet, so the collar detailing is a nice subtle touch to ease me into the trend! I dont think you can ever have too many coats in your wardrobe. I mean, when you are out and about in the colder months, people see your coat more than the clothes underneath. Therefore it makes perfect sense to have a variety of them in your life!

Much Love

Do you clean your hair brushes?

Saturday, 24 November 2012


Large round brush (BUY) | Denman Tangle Tamer (BUY) (REVIEW) | Denman Backcomb brush (BUY)

We all know it's important to clean our makeup brushes on a regular basis, but do you ever think about cleaning your hair brushes? Think about the number of times you use your hair brush. If you arent regularly cleaning it then you should be!
It's pretty grim but a lot of my hair does fall out when I brush it! It will only take a few brushes without removing the hair that will lead to the bristles getting clogged up, therefore effecting the perfomance of the brush - so to speak! It may sound a bit OCD, But after I have styled my hair in the mornings, I try and make an effort to remove as many as these strands of hair left in the bristles as I can, to avoid some major clogging! I usually just pull these out using my hands, or run a smaller comb across the bristles of the brush, so the hair gets caught and I can remove it easily.
 It's not just hair that is in the bristles though, Just think, You use your brushes before and after styling. We all use multiple products on our hair on a daily basis, residue can also build up within the bristles depending what you use! After each time more and more product residue is in your hairbrush... and then you go use it on freshly washed, clean hair the following morning adding old product into your nice clean hair!

It's not just the fact you want to avoid added unnecessary product into your hair after each wash. Just like makeup brushes, if you take care of your hair brush and clean it on a regular basis it will last longer!
  Once a week I will toddle off to the bathroom and give my hair brushes a good clean.  It's really quick and simple. If you are one for routine, just do it when you do your makeup brushes!

Simply remove the hair in the brushes with the comb method I mentioned before (Alternatively you could purchase something like this or this to use!).

Run the brushes under the warm water for a bit, soaking the bristles. Taking a shampoo, or even a hand wash,  evenly distribute it on the brush and then work it into the bristles until it creates a nice foam.

Once you have done that thoroughly enough,  rinse the brushes with warm water again and then set on a towel to dry.

That is it! Lovely fresh clean hair brushes for you to use. Trust my your hair will love you for it.
So do you clean your hair brushes? If not, I hope you will now!

Much love

 Knightsbridge Bag - C/O Marc B

You all know that I am a bit of an 'old lady' and prefer a cosy night in with a takeaway and a dvd opposed to a night on the town getting trollied and nursing a killer hangover the next day. However there are the few occassions when I do go on nights out, and just like my day to day handbag. I usually take a bag that I can cram more in, than the general night out essentials. This Marc B bag is perfect for this role. My (well I should now say old) going out back was also a Marc B handbag.. I cant remember the name of it, I know it began with an M... Monte Carlo perhaps? (I did instagram a photo of it) Anyway that bag served me well, I think I bought it in 2008 so it was time for an upgrade!

Both bags have the obvious similarities, size wise, colour and the chain strap are all alike. However there is one main difference. There are a lot of compartments and much more room in the Knightsbridge Marc B bag which I LOVE! Finally I have found a bag that will house my flips flops/comfy flats without making the bag look an odd shape! - Yes that is how prepared I can be at times, flat shoes ready for a quick change after a night in heels (it probably helps that I have small size 3 feet so they actually fit in this bag!) Multiple zipped compartments are handy in a going out bag - It means there is less of a chance of items falling out if you remember to zip them back up. I have a habit of not taking a purse when I go out, and just chuck my bank card and id into the bag and then once I've taken some money out I just throw that in there. So the zipped compartments are very handy.I should probably invest in a small purse really!


The Marc B Knightsbridge bag retails at £45, which personally, if it lasts as long as my previous Marc B bag did then I think it is well worth the money. This particular style, like most bags from the brand, do come in other colours. I really like the maroon coloured version. It's just a bit different the classic black most people carry around. I admit though it wouldnt be a 'goes with everything' bag! But I am Leanne, and I do love my handbags so another Knightsbridge in a different colour to add to the collection isnt anything new really!
If quilted bags arent the real thing (maybe you are fortunate to own a classic Chanel, or are saving for one) The brand do stock other style handbags such as totes, grab bags, purses and shoppers. There really is something for everyone whatever your preference! 

Do you own any bags from Marc B?

Much Love

Melvita Rose Micellar Water £15.00 200ml (travel sized pictured) - John Lewis

Remember a while ago I blogged about the Latest in Beauty wedding prep box? Well I've had a chance to try out the products and I figured I would start the reviews rolling! First up we have the Melvita fresh Micellar water. If you remember I was really excited to try this as I hadnt dipped my toes in Micellar water hype and this sample size was a great little product to edge me in! 

This sample size did last me quite a decent amount of time, which in my books is a great start. Being a 35ml travel size bottle it gives me high hopes for getting my monies worth if I were to purchase the bigger size avaliable. I only need to take a few drops to a cotton wool pad and sweep it all over my face for a quick cleanse. I do admit that on the nights when I am just too tired to go into a full cleansing routine this product has come up trumps with makeup removal. It is perfect to remove the majority of your makeup off before bed, better than going to sleep with a face covered in products!

I usually use face wipes for the first stages of cleansing before getting into the nitty gritty using my cream or foam cleanser of choice, however these have taken a back seat when using the Melvita Micellar water. I found it a lot more gentle on my skin and refreshing. There was no tightness after using it either which as a nice plus point! Like I said previously the water sucessfully removes a lot of my makeup, prepping my face ready for a proper cleanse! With the exception of Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish I cant dive striaight in with a cleanser unless I've removed some of my makeup off first. Anyone else like this?

I'm not usually a fan of rose scented products so I was a bit wary of this before I tried the Melvita Micellar water, however I was pleasantly surprised, I didnt find it over powering at all. This being said, it has made me consider other ways in which I could use the product. Yes it is a great little makeup remover but also could be use as a nice face spritz in the warmer months - or if you are fortunate enough to be jetting off somewhere for some winter sun - you lucky things! I would simply decant it into a spray bottle and use it as and when for a bit of a freshen, being a water based product it would be perfect for this use. It's only if you're rubbing a cotton wool pad on your face with the product on that your makeup would be removed!

Have you tried Melvita Micellar water? Maybe you have a similar product you would reccomend? Let me know in the comments!

Much Love

Outfit : Grey hues.

Saturday, 17 November 2012


Jacket c/o Warehouse
Mary Portas Scarf c/o The Oracle.
Jeans - New Look
Jumper - H & M.
Bag - Zara 
Shoes - Primark

Ohh look and outfit post, it has been a while hasnt it! Really need to get back into the swing of posing, this was the only decent picture out of about 50! I would like to get back into doing more of these, but the winter just makes it so hard! I just love coming home from work when it is DARK! Roll on the summer is what I say! Todays outfit has a bit of a grey theme! This jacket is the newest addition to my ever growing collection. Rather than going for the standard black, I opted for grey, I just feel its bit softer and personally feels a lot more wintery! - Does that even make sense? This outfit is pretty much a 'go to' one when I am heading to footbal on a Saturday, I must wrap up warm or else I will freeze! Surprisingly a lightweight jumper and fitted jacket like this do keep me really warm, while I am screaming down at the pitch! - Yes I am a football hooligan ;-)  I admit though, I will probably take my BearPaw boots with me to keep my feet warm while at the stadium!

Later on this evening I am heading to The Oracle in Reading with some other bloggers, It's their Christmas spectacular where they have a fireworks display and turn on their Christmas lights! I'm really looking forward to it, Some of the other girls I havent seen for a while so it will be nice to have a catch up. I will be racing to get there after the match though, hopefully traffic wont be too bad!

I hope you are all having a good weekend!
Much Love

Basic Shopper - £19.99

So you all know what I am like. Handbags are my thing, I love them, and maybe just one day I will own a designer one! I buy handbags like they are going out of fashion... I'll go shopping, the first words that will come out of Toms or a friend or families mouth will be 'Did you buy a handbag?' I just cant help it, I love bags too much. Some people have their shoes. I have my bags!

I'd been after a nice classic tote/shopper bag for a while. I dont actually own THAT many black bags, in fact I think I only have a couple?! That being said I was on the hunt. I came across the Mari Tote in Accessorize that I did actually want for the longest time, but for some reason I just never got around to purchasing it! Then que me wondering around Zara having a mooch at the handbags, because lets face it they do have a great selection! Quite literally I spied this bag from across the room and made a beeline for it, hoping to god it wasnt one of the more pricey versions of the arm candy Zara stock, and too much relief it wasnt, it was an absolute bargain....

£20! Well not exactly... £19.99 to be truthfull. How amazing! This is the Zara Basic Shopper bag. While instore I did look at the Office city bag, that a few people have purchased recently (and compared it to the Executive tote by Chanel), however it just looked massive against my small/short body, and the different compartments in it were too similar to the style of my Modalu Pippa handbag, so I decided against it! This basic shopper also comes in a light cream colour too but it really didnt look as chic and classic in my opinion. It has the grab handles and a longer strap. Unfortunately the longer strap isnt detachable. But I feel is a welcome addition because there have been many a time when I've filled my bag with so much stuff, it is a relief to throw it over your shoulder/across your body instead of hanging on the crook of your arm. Inside it is lined with a really lovely deep burgandy material. The colour actually matches my KG Humbug purse (Currently in the sale) so it looks like i am super coordinated now!  My laptop does fit into it. I think its a 17" one, so pretty big, however I would be weary of the grab handles if I was carrying it and ensure I used the longer strap if it was that heavy, you know just in case.  I think it is a really smart looking bag, quite sophisticated and in my opinion looks more expensive than it actually was. I know Zara handbags are always a big hit with bloggers. Especially the ones from their basic range. Could this be the new Blogger 'IT' bag? Who knows?

Much love


Cable Knit Jumper - c/o AX Paris
Slipper Boots - Accessorize
Duvet Set - Homebase (in the sale!)
You may have noticed that I have had a little bit of a mini break from blogging. Well I say that, I just didnt blog for about 2 weeks, but thats ages in the blogging world when you are used to posting regularly! After our Barcelona trip I had a few wedding related things to do so I really just havent had time to sit at my laptop and blog. I've also been ill the past week or so, so blogging hasnt been top priority! My google reader has 1000+ posts to read and there are a fair few videos in my youtube subscription box to watch, a mammoth catch up session is needed! Blogging is also a bit of a struggle at the moment because of the lighting. I know all bloggers say the same every year, but its true! Taking photographs without natural light is a nightmare, I dont have the funds do go buy some fancy pants lighting either, so weekends will be my photo taking days - if I dont have any other plans of course!

With the wedding madness that is surrounding me at the moment (my own and one of my friends who I am bridesmaid for) its nice to just take some time to chill. Recently Tom signed up to Netflix so I have been taking the opportunity in the evenings to watch a couple of movies & TV shows. There's nothing better than snuggling up in a cosy jumper, leggings and slipper boots and watching a film. This jumper has been my go to ' lay about the house' jumper. It's a pale pink oversized cable knit one from AX Paris. Every A/W I go crazy for knitwear especially when its oversized - so snuggly! It's been the perfect jumper to throw on in the evenings when I felt a bit blah, keeping me nice and warm while I chill on my bed surrounded by cushions with a hot choc in hand!

Hope everyone is well. I feel a bit out of the loop being away from my little blog for 2 weeks!

Much Love