Do you clean your hair brushes?

Saturday, 24 November 2012


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We all know it's important to clean our makeup brushes on a regular basis, but do you ever think about cleaning your hair brushes? Think about the number of times you use your hair brush. If you arent regularly cleaning it then you should be!
It's pretty grim but a lot of my hair does fall out when I brush it! It will only take a few brushes without removing the hair that will lead to the bristles getting clogged up, therefore effecting the perfomance of the brush - so to speak! It may sound a bit OCD, But after I have styled my hair in the mornings, I try and make an effort to remove as many as these strands of hair left in the bristles as I can, to avoid some major clogging! I usually just pull these out using my hands, or run a smaller comb across the bristles of the brush, so the hair gets caught and I can remove it easily.
 It's not just hair that is in the bristles though, Just think, You use your brushes before and after styling. We all use multiple products on our hair on a daily basis, residue can also build up within the bristles depending what you use! After each time more and more product residue is in your hairbrush... and then you go use it on freshly washed, clean hair the following morning adding old product into your nice clean hair!

It's not just the fact you want to avoid added unnecessary product into your hair after each wash. Just like makeup brushes, if you take care of your hair brush and clean it on a regular basis it will last longer!
  Once a week I will toddle off to the bathroom and give my hair brushes a good clean.  It's really quick and simple. If you are one for routine, just do it when you do your makeup brushes!

Simply remove the hair in the brushes with the comb method I mentioned before (Alternatively you could purchase something like this or this to use!).

Run the brushes under the warm water for a bit, soaking the bristles. Taking a shampoo, or even a hand wash,  evenly distribute it on the brush and then work it into the bristles until it creates a nice foam.

Once you have done that thoroughly enough,  rinse the brushes with warm water again and then set on a towel to dry.

That is it! Lovely fresh clean hair brushes for you to use. Trust my your hair will love you for it.
So do you clean your hair brushes? If not, I hope you will now!

Much love