New arm candy : Marc B Knightsbridge Bag!

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

 Knightsbridge Bag - C/O Marc B

You all know that I am a bit of an 'old lady' and prefer a cosy night in with a takeaway and a dvd opposed to a night on the town getting trollied and nursing a killer hangover the next day. However there are the few occassions when I do go on nights out, and just like my day to day handbag. I usually take a bag that I can cram more in, than the general night out essentials. This Marc B bag is perfect for this role. My (well I should now say old) going out back was also a Marc B handbag.. I cant remember the name of it, I know it began with an M... Monte Carlo perhaps? (I did instagram a photo of it) Anyway that bag served me well, I think I bought it in 2008 so it was time for an upgrade!

Both bags have the obvious similarities, size wise, colour and the chain strap are all alike. However there is one main difference. There are a lot of compartments and much more room in the Knightsbridge Marc B bag which I LOVE! Finally I have found a bag that will house my flips flops/comfy flats without making the bag look an odd shape! - Yes that is how prepared I can be at times, flat shoes ready for a quick change after a night in heels (it probably helps that I have small size 3 feet so they actually fit in this bag!) Multiple zipped compartments are handy in a going out bag - It means there is less of a chance of items falling out if you remember to zip them back up. I have a habit of not taking a purse when I go out, and just chuck my bank card and id into the bag and then once I've taken some money out I just throw that in there. So the zipped compartments are very handy.I should probably invest in a small purse really!


The Marc B Knightsbridge bag retails at £45, which personally, if it lasts as long as my previous Marc B bag did then I think it is well worth the money. This particular style, like most bags from the brand, do come in other colours. I really like the maroon coloured version. It's just a bit different the classic black most people carry around. I admit though it wouldnt be a 'goes with everything' bag! But I am Leanne, and I do love my handbags so another Knightsbridge in a different colour to add to the collection isnt anything new really!
If quilted bags arent the real thing (maybe you are fortunate to own a classic Chanel, or are saving for one) The brand do stock other style handbags such as totes, grab bags, purses and shoppers. There really is something for everyone whatever your preference! 

Do you own any bags from Marc B?

Much Love


  1. Aaaah, so pretty! I had a Marc B purse when I was around 15 and it lasted me years before I just got a new one! xo

  2. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who takes flats on nights out - it just makes the whole thing so much more bearable! I get laughed at a lot when they flop out on the bar though when I'm trying to find my purse.
    This bag is lovely and you know it's going to last a long time as, aside from quality, the quilted style has endured the test of time for so long already!

    Elise x

  3. I love how deceptively big those Marc B bags are, this one is very 'chanel' - love it! x

  4. Hey Leanne, that bag is gorgeous!
    And loving your blog - so glad to have found another Berkshire Blogger! I'm based in Newbury. Following you now :-)

    Vanessa x


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