Chillaxing and Relaxing.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012


Let me introduce you to my completely chilled evening. Clean bed sheets, Diary sorting, Magazine readng and nail painting. I've needed to do this for a while. In the run up to Christmas, like everyone else I am always busy, stressed and counting down the days till the 25th & 26th, the two days when it is perfectly acceptable to do absoluteley nothing apart from eat, drink and watch tv. Aesthetic magazine popped through my letterbox yesterday - Thank you  Michelle - So I got stuck in this evening and had a good read from cover to cover. Seriously if you havent heard of this magazine, then where have you been? Under a rock? Filled to the brim with gorgeous photos and great articles from fellow blogging girlies. What's not to love?
Recently I have become a nightmare with double booking myself, which has really annoyed me a tad! I have a filofax but hardly use it, and never think of tapping in appointments into my phone. When Charli was down we found these cute 2013 leather diaries in TKMAXX. We decided to buy eachother them as small Christmas gifts and I now vow to use t to keep my life on track. I've spent my evening jotting in birthdays, special dates like my wedding and honeymoon, plus any plans I have already made for the beinging of 2013. 2013 will be the year I am organised!
Dont you just love my bedding. Everyone is going crazy for Christmas themed bedding at the moment but I prefer a bit of luxury. This particular set is from the Kylie Minogue at home range at Palmers. I love the sequin details, who doesnt love a bit of sparkle at the time of the year - or any time of the year to be honest. It's so soft and smooth - yes I know that sounds weird but one side of the set is a satin where the other is cotton, givng you that expensive luxe look without feeling like you're sleeping in pimp sheets! haha The only downside with this range is that you have to buy the pillow cases seperately, You know its a bit of  posh set if you have to do that dont you! Did you know that the rectangular shaped pillowcases are called 'Housewife pillowcases' - Fact of the day.

Do you ever feel like you need an evening just to chill and do basically nothing? Im not off to paint my nails and snuggle up beneath my sequined sheets!

Much Love

The Body Shop Camomile Gentle Eye Make-up Remover - £8.00
 As you all know (Because I clearly don't go on about it enough) I have been on the hunt for a good eye makeup remover ever since Botanics decided to mess about with theirs. I tried the Simple kind to eyes remover but it just didnt cut it, so I decided to shop around a bit. I remembered years ago I used the waterproof version of this Body Shop Camomile makeup remover and I thought it was  AMAZING. So I hopped along to The Body Shop and picked up a bottle.

Reatailing for £8.00 for 250ml,  I dont think it is that bad. I know this is going to last me ages., which is a plus!  The things I look for in a good eye make up remover are that it removes all traces of makeup, doesnt smudge it all around my face and it doesnt sting my eyes. Well this particular one ticks all the boxes.

I simply take a cotton pad and soak it in solution then hold it over my eye for a few seconds. I prefer to do it this way, because I feel it gives the solution time to dissolve the makeup on my eyes. I wear liquid eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara pretty much every single day, so there's a lot of product it needs to come off. I find that doing this for a few seconds then sweeping the cotton pad across my eye removes the majority of my eye make up in the first go. I do have to be careful not to soak the cotton pad too much though, or else it does go in my eye. It doesnt sting, but it just feels uncomfortable and leaves my eyes a little red afterwards! If Ive gone for an everyday neutral eye then this should get all the eye makeup off, however if Ive gone for a bit of a darker look. I sometimes have to repeat the process again.

So if you are on the hunt for a new eye makeup remover, then I would highly suggest that you give this one a try. I dont think you can get it in a travel size bottle so you will have to just go all out and buy the 250ml! (Unless you have a friend who will kindly decant some of theirs for you to try!) But in my opinion it is worth the purchase and I think I've found my new favourite eye makeup remover!

 If you fancy making a purchase at The Body shop, use the code 14322 (Valid till 19th Dec) to recieve 40% off all orders over a fiver. RESULT.

Much love


Whether it be Sequins, studs or embellishments I'm sure you are all searching for the perfect party dress at the moment. I know I am. It's always a bit of a struggle for me because I am so fussy! I always worry that I will turn up in the same outfit as someone else at a social event! (Although I don't need to worry too much when it comes to my work Christmas do... there only 2 other females that work with me the rest are all male!)  

For as long as I can remember I have always wanted a full on, OTT sparkly sequin dress. (I still dont own one, I need to rectify this!) Some may think its tacky, I think that paired with the right accessories they can look classy! I love the different colours of sequins used on this one, the added bonus is that it has the beautiful cowl back detail which makes a change from a regular shift dress!  Id pair it with some killer heels, blazer and oversized clutch! 

When it is a social event, sometimes I like to go all out. Have a pamper and slap on some fake tan, though I will be honest, there are times when I'm lazy and can only be bothered to fake tan! *slaps wrist* That is why dresses like the sheer sleeve studded one are perfect for those situations, when we are feeling a little bit lazy! Its quicker and easier to just tan our legs! It gives you more time to P-A-R-T-Y! ha! I do like the sheer sleeves as its the perfect party dress for someone who isnt a fan of the top of their arms, in my case the tops of my arms are a really weird shape and I suffer a bit with keratosis pilaris, so if I am having a day when Im not the biggest fan of my arms, this would be the type of dress I would go for! 

Maybe you will be attending your other halves Christmas work do and you want to make a good impression and not show up looking like a discoball. That is why I have picked the embellished number. I actually think it could work really well as a dress to wear to a wedding reception too - as long as the colour isn't the same as the bridesmaids! A very classic, flattering shape, I love the little details from the tie around the waist to the different sized beads on the top half. 

Whatever style dress you choose for your Christmas party, just make sure you have a good night and aren't nursing to big a hangover the following morning! :-)

Much Love

Project Samples #4

Wednesday, 12 December 2012


Another installment into this little series! It was actually Gillian that reminded me that I was due a update post on how my sample testing was going, as she has started the little challenge herself. She has made a video reviewing her first lot of samples so if you would like to hear her thoughts check out her video here. If anyone else is getting involved with 'Project Samples' do let me know or link me to your video/posts in the comments. I would love to see how you are getting on! 

I actually used this up ages ago and I've had it floating around my 'used up' box waiting for it to be put into this post. I have done a review on this particular miscellar water here if you havent seen already. But to sum it all up, I was impressed with this product, being the first Micellar water I have tried I cant compare it to the others on the market, but I did like using it on my skin.. 

I was always loyal to Boots Botanics, then they decided to go and re brand/change the formula.. WHY? The product now doesn't work so well removing my eye makeup so I have decided to try something else! I picked up this miniature to give it a go and see if it was any good. It doesn't irritate my eyes and does remove my makeup easily. So no problems there, however what I didn't like, it that it smears it all around my eyes. This bugs me, and is something I didn't get with my previous love from Botanics. It is affordable and easily available from Boots or Superdrug so this is a possible re purchase. 

I got this in a little Elizabeth Arden set I picked up in TKmaxx, I am really not a fan of  the scent, however as a moisturiser it worked really well. I just used it before applying my makeup, Its a slightly thick consistency but sank in relatively quickly into my skin. I didnt see a massive improvement in my skin compared to other moisturising products I have used  so I dont think I would be purchasing it full sized. It is also quite pricey, so  unless I am completely wow'ed by a product I am not willing to part with a lot of cash for it! 

I really love this moisturiser and I am annoyed that I didn't start using it up sooner! It is also a big deal if I finish a hand cream because this NEVER happens! The scent is lovely, I cant describe scents, but I like it! ha! Its quite a thick hand cream but sinks in relatively quickly, and the scent lingers for a while which I love! I'm recently looking into using more sulphate or paraben free products and this hand cream doesn't contain either so that's a big bonus. It's £9.00 so is something I would consider re purchasing... if I didn't have a huge collection hand creams to get through! 

I think for the next installment of this series I am going to make a start on the multiple sachets I have lying around. I do get a little put off with sachets because they are 'one use' products and sometimes you cant get a good idea on how they work for you. However I will try my best to try them out as the little bag is getting full of them and it needs to be emptied! 

To read my previous posts on 'Project Samples' click on the following #1, #2 & #3

Much Love


I want to get back into the swing with documenting my empties. I am not sure if I ill make it a monthly thing, but just like my project samples series, as and when I have a decent amount of products to show you I will whack a post sharing my thoughts. These are a couple of things I have recently finished. 

I don't know anyone who hasn't used this hair treatment. Before I had my hair cut and all those awful split ends taken away I was using this deep treatment to try and restore my locks a bit. It has the generic Aussie scent which I do really like, it made my hair really soft after use, however I am trying to get a bit more savvy with my haircare and try and use paraben/Sulphate free products so I am on the hunt for a new deep conditioner that fits the bill. If you know of any do let me know. 

I got these in a package from KMI Brands when I won their blog of the month award. Great timing really, I am going down the more natural hair care route now, so they fit right in. I wasn't a massive fan of the shampoo scent (I really dislike cinnamon) but that aside, as a duo they worked really well on my hair in regards to colour protection. It did take some time getting used to the lack of lathering up the shampoo produced, but still without that, my hair felt really clean and conditioned after using the two together. I will definitely be picking some more of these up. I'm really intreged as to how the volumising mousse from the range holds up. That will be next on my list to try. 

In the past I have raved about this particular product and I have announced multiple times that I will always repurchase.... Not anymore. Unfortunately the brand had a be of a revamp and in the process seem to have changed the formula for the product. I dont feel that it works as well at removing my eye makeup as it did before. I'll be honest there were a few times where I was tempted to just chuck this bottle in the bin. But I stuck with it so I didnt waste any product. I wont be buying this again so I am now on the hunt for a new eye makeup remover! I have just bought a bottle of The Body Shop Camomile remover so we shall see how that goes! 

Victorias Secret Sexy Little things Nior Bath & Shower Cream. (no link but you may be able to get it in their new store in London?) 
I got this bath/shower cream at the beginning of the year when I made a quick stop in Dubai. It came in a set with the body lotion and body spritz and out of the 3 this is the only one I have finished so far! I'm terrible for buying sets and never finishing the products in them. I love love love the scent of this, so I am a bit sad that I wont be able to repurchase when I  finish everything up. I used it as a shower gel, it lathered well with one of those shower poofy things. (there's probably a proper name) and the scent lasted on my skin, especially on the days when I remembered to use the body lotion after showering too! :-) 

I am quite sad to have finished this perfume as I do love it a lot, and I feel it is quite a 'wintery' scent. Luckily I do have another bottle on standby to use which is one of those refillable ones too. (Although I have no idea what to do to refill - Am i being silly?)  I know this particular fragrance is a bit of a favourite amoung bloggers. It has a very distinctive scent, I was at a blogger meet up once and Faye from The Bohemian Collective just burst out with 'Someones wearing Alien perfume!' haha 

Much Love

Face Lace 'Fleurty' £13.29

How I wish I could just tell you that I am a dab hand with a liquid liner pen to create this look.... but that would be a lie. This eleborate design on my face is actually Face lace by Phyllis Cohen. I had seen this product featured on the Daily Mail and demonstrated by the lovely sam of Pixiwoo in one of her videos. So when I got the email notifying me of the Masquerade theme for one of the nights on the hen weekend, I knew I had to incorprate face lace into my look. After browsing the site I settled with the style 'Fleurty' I loved the design, it isnt a mask but still gives the same sort of effect. Phyllis Cohen has actually designed a few face lace styles which are masks that go directly across your eyes, however I felt this may irritate me a little so opted for this style instead.

Delivery for these were really quick, which I was really pleased about as I only ordered them 4 days before I was due to go away on the hen weekend! They come in a cute sturdy box. To be honest this does seem a bit of a waste of packaging seeing as the designs come on a sheet of paper. However I guess it is a bit of a luxe product so I can understand why it turns up like this rather than in a little plastic wallet! Inside the box there are some clear instructions on how to apply the face lace correctly. To be honest its the easiest 'make up' I have ever applied, the only stuggle I had was making sure they were evenly placed! They are quite easy to peel off again if you dont fully press down on it when you are positioning the design on your face. You just have to be patient!

So how did they last? Well I will be honest with you, I struggled a little with the top designs peeling off slightly around the edges. Now bare in mind I was in a large house with the heating turned right up, plus a naked man had entered the room to pour my Rekorderlig and raspberry sours.. I was going to get a bit  hot & flustered! They were also placed over my eyebrow bone, being a contoured area I wasnt working with a flat surface, which may have caused the edges to peel away slightly. I wasnt too bothered as I think people were more interested in the Butlers bottom to be honest! I do think that those were the reasons behind it peeling away though, the designs which were placed on my cheeks didnt budge! They were on a flatter surface and well, I will be honest, I didnt get sweaty cheeks like my brow bone/forehead! I admit, for the price you pay for a one use design you wouldnt expect it to peel off. But like I said maybe if I hadnt got so warm they would have lasted better.

I would really recommend these if you have a fancy party to go to or some kind of fancy dress do. They are a one use product which you may not be keen on, but the reaction from my peers and overall look of the face lace I think it's totally worth it. You may be feeling a bit like 'Oh no its fine, I'll try something similar with my liquid liner'.. Just dont (unless you are some kind of amazing artist and have a brilliant eyeliner) The benefits of using face lace are that it is quick and easy to apply. Doesnt budge (aside from the slight peeling on the edges nothing moves at all) it doesnt smudge! No one wants to spend ages on a design and then look in a mirror halfway through the evening to find a big black smudge down their face! You also have the plus that you know that both sides will be completely symetrical as long as you line them up as evenly as you can! What's not to love?!

What do you think of Face Lace? Is it something you would buy to be a bit quirky and different at a party?

Much Love

Rediscovering Beauty faves

Saturday, 1 December 2012


We are all guilty of it, just look at the makeup collection posts and videos we all create. We cant help buying more makeup than necessary! Another neutrals palette... pink lipstick...cheek highlighter. They are my downfall. I see something new and sparkly and 'need' it, even though I probably have something that does just the job stashed away among my collection. With that being said I have recently made more of an effort to dig around my products and rediscover some gems that had been forgotten in the back of a draw/in a box rather than rushing off to Boots to pick up the newest 'must have product' Lets pretend I didn't get the Kate moss 107 lipstick okay. These are just a couple of products which have slowly made their way back into my current makeup routine each morning. 

The Body Shop shimmer cubes (Palette 06) are the cutest, most perfect mini neutral eye shadows a girl could need. I got these ages ago for an Easter present from my Gran and they are still going strong. Admittedly the lightest shade (which for months was my go to 'sweep of colour' over the lid) has a considerably large dip in it. The others though, look as though they have hardly been touched. Each shadow has 4g worth of product which last you ages and for £16 isnt bad at all. You've got two lighter shades which are perfect for a day time look, then you can layer up the darker shadows for a more smokey night time eye. Very versatile! I think with it not being in a typical palette style packaging it is easy to forget about when shoved to the back of a draw. But this now sits proudly at the front of all my makeup ready to be used on a daily basis again! 

With it's gorgeous packaging you are probably wondering how I could forget this beautiful Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte lipstick in Nude Beige, but it is easily done. I am a bit of a lipstick hoarder (Who remembers my buy less but wear more post?) With the amount I have its easy to forget about gems like this one. When I first bought this lipstick last year it was the only shade I wore for weeks... then another new lippy came along and this one went back in the draw.  This is much pinker than the name suggests however looks lovely with a simple winged eyeliner and contoured cheeks. I have been loving it for the days when I want simple face makeup but that little bit extra on the lips. 

You know I like my cheek highlighters. (My goal is to hit pan at some point on at least one of the fair few I have collected over the years!) The Nars Multiple in Copacabana was a purchase I desperately wanted because back in the day when I was addicted to Lorraine's (The Current Custom) videos and she always used this multiple! Just like the YSL lipstick, it was used a lot when I first had my hands on it, and then it got made redundant when something new and shiny came along. The great thing about the Nars multiple as as the name suggests you can use it for different areas of your face. (Cheeks, lips and eyes) Now I'm not Courtney Stodden so I don't favor a frosted lip, but I would use this across my lid for a slight shimmer paired with a dash of liner and lashings of mascara! Who doesnt love a product you can use more than one way! 

I hope you liked this post, its always nice to look over your collection of products and revisit/rediscover some beauty gems that you favoured in the past. If you decide to do a post similar to this, do let me know so I can have a read! 

Much Love