Chillaxing and Relaxing.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012


Let me introduce you to my completely chilled evening. Clean bed sheets, Diary sorting, Magazine readng and nail painting. I've needed to do this for a while. In the run up to Christmas, like everyone else I am always busy, stressed and counting down the days till the 25th & 26th, the two days when it is perfectly acceptable to do absoluteley nothing apart from eat, drink and watch tv. Aesthetic magazine popped through my letterbox yesterday - Thank you  Michelle - So I got stuck in this evening and had a good read from cover to cover. Seriously if you havent heard of this magazine, then where have you been? Under a rock? Filled to the brim with gorgeous photos and great articles from fellow blogging girlies. What's not to love?
Recently I have become a nightmare with double booking myself, which has really annoyed me a tad! I have a filofax but hardly use it, and never think of tapping in appointments into my phone. When Charli was down we found these cute 2013 leather diaries in TKMAXX. We decided to buy eachother them as small Christmas gifts and I now vow to use t to keep my life on track. I've spent my evening jotting in birthdays, special dates like my wedding and honeymoon, plus any plans I have already made for the beinging of 2013. 2013 will be the year I am organised!
Dont you just love my bedding. Everyone is going crazy for Christmas themed bedding at the moment but I prefer a bit of luxury. This particular set is from the Kylie Minogue at home range at Palmers. I love the sequin details, who doesnt love a bit of sparkle at the time of the year - or any time of the year to be honest. It's so soft and smooth - yes I know that sounds weird but one side of the set is a satin where the other is cotton, givng you that expensive luxe look without feeling like you're sleeping in pimp sheets! haha The only downside with this range is that you have to buy the pillow cases seperately, You know its a bit of  posh set if you have to do that dont you! Did you know that the rectangular shaped pillowcases are called 'Housewife pillowcases' - Fact of the day.

Do you ever feel like you need an evening just to chill and do basically nothing? Im not off to paint my nails and snuggle up beneath my sequined sheets!

Much Love