Project Samples #4

Wednesday, 12 December 2012


Another installment into this little series! It was actually Gillian that reminded me that I was due a update post on how my sample testing was going, as she has started the little challenge herself. She has made a video reviewing her first lot of samples so if you would like to hear her thoughts check out her video here. If anyone else is getting involved with 'Project Samples' do let me know or link me to your video/posts in the comments. I would love to see how you are getting on! 

I actually used this up ages ago and I've had it floating around my 'used up' box waiting for it to be put into this post. I have done a review on this particular miscellar water here if you havent seen already. But to sum it all up, I was impressed with this product, being the first Micellar water I have tried I cant compare it to the others on the market, but I did like using it on my skin.. 

I was always loyal to Boots Botanics, then they decided to go and re brand/change the formula.. WHY? The product now doesn't work so well removing my eye makeup so I have decided to try something else! I picked up this miniature to give it a go and see if it was any good. It doesn't irritate my eyes and does remove my makeup easily. So no problems there, however what I didn't like, it that it smears it all around my eyes. This bugs me, and is something I didn't get with my previous love from Botanics. It is affordable and easily available from Boots or Superdrug so this is a possible re purchase. 

I got this in a little Elizabeth Arden set I picked up in TKmaxx, I am really not a fan of  the scent, however as a moisturiser it worked really well. I just used it before applying my makeup, Its a slightly thick consistency but sank in relatively quickly into my skin. I didnt see a massive improvement in my skin compared to other moisturising products I have used  so I dont think I would be purchasing it full sized. It is also quite pricey, so  unless I am completely wow'ed by a product I am not willing to part with a lot of cash for it! 

I really love this moisturiser and I am annoyed that I didn't start using it up sooner! It is also a big deal if I finish a hand cream because this NEVER happens! The scent is lovely, I cant describe scents, but I like it! ha! Its quite a thick hand cream but sinks in relatively quickly, and the scent lingers for a while which I love! I'm recently looking into using more sulphate or paraben free products and this hand cream doesn't contain either so that's a big bonus. It's £9.00 so is something I would consider re purchasing... if I didn't have a huge collection hand creams to get through! 

I think for the next installment of this series I am going to make a start on the multiple sachets I have lying around. I do get a little put off with sachets because they are 'one use' products and sometimes you cant get a good idea on how they work for you. However I will try my best to try them out as the little bag is getting full of them and it needs to be emptied! 

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Much Love


  1. haha glad Im not the only one that is angry with change of boots botanics. they no longer make some of my favourite products so now i am stuck trying to find replacements!

  2. I love using Crabtree & Evelyn hand creams too, they smell lovely and stop my being feeling so dry and horrible from the cold
    Daniella x

  3. I was really surprised I liked it! Smelt gorgeous! xx

  4. it's so frustrating isnt it. Although it gives me a chance to find new 'holy grail' products! xx


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